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  1. Hello fellow Watchers, i recently had a nice trail of iron game with my spellblade character. And then there was this one fight where i overestimated my parties abilities and we got pretty much wiped. Just my MC managed to get away using an invisibility potion since he already used all his guile. Then when i tried to leave the area i couldn't. It didn't even tell me that i had to "gather my party". Just nothing, no reaction from the game at all. So i was wondering why i cannot leave my companions behind and if you guys would consider that an oversight or even a bug considering the game just doesn't react at all. Cheers, Dulak, your friendly rouge
  2. If the combat ends with you standing next to an enemy with smoke veil i'd call it a bug for sure. It really diminishes its use. I recently had this issue with my rouge character going solo to assasinate a specific target and trying to not kill any of the guards and my veil broke due to the combat ending and i had to use empower to get another veil right at the exit of the building.
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