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  1. I found a working link but somehow it can't be posted here so here's a preview: ''SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Horror writer Stephen King has criticized plans by a U.S. state to ban violent video games, saying such a move would be undemocratic and it was up to parents to monitor their children's entertainment.''
  2. Why do these things always come out of India?
  3. No, it's been stated the badguys here are Russians, not Nazis. Also Marion is back! Also, Thank-God-For-Beef is not playing Indy's son as it was rumoured, he plays a different character, a greaser by the name of Mutt Williams. Hmm. Mutt Williams eh? Perhaps Indy will inspire Mutt(another word for "dog", just like Indy is named after a dog...) much like the graverobber leader of Last Crusade inspired Indy?
  4. The pic of the skull seems to confirm the "aliens" rumor... They spoil their own film!
  5. Locations Freeburg * "good" people country Qhire ("former Durran") * "evil" country Oron (working title) * old ally of Freedor Castine (working title) * old ally of Freedor Stalvert * peaceful island nation Oblerion (working title) * (medevil story not too important) Cities/Provinces Baysteer * capital and seaport of Stalvert Dorbriar * Freedor province with the bribed guy Freeburg (working title) * capital freedor province Freeburg city (working title) * freedor capital city Freedland * province nearby Dorbriar, represneted by a "good guy" who spies on the "bad guy" in Dorbriar (several other locations to come) People final=won't change Jonns (final)* senator trying to convince senate of Khire's evils, minor province* near capital (*working title) Tierney (final)* Freentor province, friend of Jonns 2 unimportant senators * friends of Jonns Douglas * bribed guy from Dorbriar Valorin * Chancellor of Freedor Senate Venicent (final)* senior senator ignorant of Khire evils & against action against Khire Yasin II * king of freedor during Durran Wars* era (*working title) Captain Bulnir (final) * Khire officer working with Douglas Arnold * the elite scout/commando guy Cain * Arnold's son Other Arnold & Cains merchant ship is called the Ingold (final) Freedor is a "Monarchial Republic" king with a senate; senators are genrally the governors of provinces Dorbriar is no longer above suspision with all the Khire "merchants" & "immigrants" Douglas worried Anything else need to be known? I could supply a copy of the story so far, PM me. Also: I'll add a rough map that I just took 5 minutes in paint to make... Not sure what you want but there you go.
  6. The whole package of FF7 is better than the simple sum of it's parts. When one puts everything together and looks at the big picture, the achievement of the product, it's an astonishing game.
  7. I've been working for two hours now. In two hours... ... I'll still be working.
  8. Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story The first quarter is hilarious, then, for a spoof of biopics, it becomes one in the way it's done. Still comical though. 7/10 The Orphanage That was a really good movie. Very creepy and mysterious. The Others + Pan's Labyrinth. 9/10
  9. 5 weeks is better than 5 months... And BSG is back in 2 weeks so.
  10. You mean SWAT doesn't have chest plates in their vests for women? Those kinds of things?
  11. -Rock Band SE -Rogue Galaxy -Fallout 2
  12. Wow. Vern Troyer's career has really hit... the bottom.
  13. I don't want to be a party pooper but unless I'm mistaken, the birth of the Americas was 400 years ago... where Quebec city now lies.
  14. I still love FF7. I've had a game going on now for years. I continue it once in a while. The first time I played it I was completely obsessed with it and logged in well over 100 hours. My second playthrough I went all out on it. I used the game guide to find EVERYTHING, beat EVERYTHING and I reached lvl 99 for ALL the characters, yes, even Cait Sith and logged in 212 hours. NO game since has motivated me to finish it so completely. None whatsoever, on any platform. And I can't even tell you why. And the ending, as far as I know, is still at the top.
  15. It's interesting how his tombstone said 22/4/2004, which is the date of the crash. Anyway, didn't see that twist coming. Nice. Well since one of the crashes was a hoax it's possible his That, or We have a young baby girl and this episode was very touching.
  16. Still on Fallout 2. I restarted my game because for some reason, when I needed to give Vic his radio, the frakkin' thing had dissapeared from my inventory! Anyway it's all good. I remade a character with 10 Int + 10 Agi using the gifted trait and went to Navarro to find that Power Armor... along with a bunch of really sweet weapons from the military base. I think it's really awesome that a game allows a level 1 character to access end game locations and equipment. Klamath was a bit easy to clear though but thankfully the game is good enough that combat is not the only fun thing to do. I give 11/10. Would be 12/10 but the graphics are bleh.
  17. Interesting link... What I deduce from it is that there is a strong possibility that in the show, both "species", Humans and Cylons, can resurect somehow. With Cylons the means by which the resurection occurs is scientific, can be explained with science and reproduced with technology. But with Humans, the method is more in the divine, perhaps because they are not "artificial" like the Cylons and the reason why Humans do not resurect as easily as Cylons is that, in their heart, they lack faith? Also, the article in the link reminded me of one of Captain Picard's many great quotes: "After all, humans are organic machines(...)" This got me thinking about DNA, which is basically a program... Good stuff.
  18. A meh episode imho. I like Juliette but this was a bit boring compared to the juggernauts of the last few weeks. It's nice to see another facet of Ben's personality. Truly still a child...
  19. Who? The early hybrid version? No. The "Razor" in question. Dude, it's been ages since I saw season 3 or Razor. Do you really need to be cryptic? And if you mean Starbuck, I think you're wrong (from clues and hints in the series and by the writers). I meant the new girl from Razor. The cute asian looking lady that's cold as ice and dies at the end. Also, Starbuck is NOT a cylon, she's really been to Earth and she rejoins the fleet in season four. My wife guessed that Humans and Cylons will need to join forces in order to survive this "new" threat that is that Hybrid and his army of old Cylon models discovered in Razor. It's probably a pretty good guess.
  20. Who? The early hybrid version? No. The "Razor" in question.
  21. extended version? so another 2 hours of walking then? don't get me wrong, i liked the movies (the first time i watched them) trying to sit through them again was a bit of a yawn-fest though last movie i watched was Bubba Ho Tep (on the advice of my brother) Bruce Campbell as Elvis... I absolutely loathed Bubba Ho Tep. I love Bruce Campbell like any other geek but this was just total crap, even for a B-movie type thing. On the other hand, I went to see LotR:FotR 15 times in theaters...
  22. I found Sicko to be more about Health Insurance than Healthcare. He bashes on insurance companies a lot more than the governement. Until the last "chapter" where he mixes up his causes with the war in Irak. He lost the focus of his film at that point and my interest as well.
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