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  1. Say that to Nicky and Hera. That's different, they're hybrids. The first of a new generation. Lee being Cylon would imply that Bill's wife is a thirteenth Cylon and in the fleet.
  2. Tigh hasn't changed much in the 40+ years of knowing Adama but Lee grew up from baby to adult. Cylons don't grow up, they're machines. Lee's past has been witnessed by his father who, as you said, is not Cylon. Tigh, Roslin, Romo, their entire past is not known by someone. Aside from her diagnosis we know nothing of Roslin's past, only her work and since Tigh is a Cylon we know that doesn't mean squat... Roslin, in many ways, is the least "human" character on the show. Cylon blood cured her? COMPATIBILITY! My money's on Roslin.
  3. How can Lee be a Cylon? Switched at birth? That would be lame.
  4. Ok then. But if, say, Cain is a Cylon then she is not dead... Dualla? My bad. What he actually said was "the final Cylon is in the fleet currently". A lot of people have suggested Ellen but personally I don't think it would work even if she were alive... two Cylons is lame. You've got to expect the final Cylon to be an even more dramatic surprise than the final 4. The biggest shocker would be Adm Adama with Baltar as close second followed by Roslin then Starbuck. According to what the producers have said in the past, the only one in that list that couls be a Cylon is Baltar. But he can't be, he's the "human" part of the show or so they say. Helo would be interesting. It would mean that the Cylon's theory of love=procreation is true.
  5. Ok then. But if, say, Cain is a Cylon then she is not dead... Dualla?
  6. Neither is Ellen Tigh and yet I read an interview saying that she might return in some shape or form. Anything is possible with the right number on a paycheck.
  7. I wouldn't risk my life for my beliefs or anyone else's. Beliefs are a personal matter and I respect other's beliefs even if they don't match with mine. I would risk my life only if my way of life is threatened, if my family is in danger. In other words, I would take a weapon and fight if my country was being invaded or if my government was too corrupted to provide my family with the basic necessities of North American life.
  8. I'm hoping for a Montreal vs. Calgary final! Preferably with a seventh game in Calgary because when the habs win the cup we'll have one heck of a riot on our hands here...
  9. I've noticed that all known Cylons have so far been the right hand of a major character except perhaps for a few exceptions. Anders - Starbuck Tori - Roslin Tigh - Adm Adama Six - Baltar Boomer/Athena - Tyrol/Helo Leoben - Starbuck Doral - None Deanna - Baltar Cavil - Ellen? Simon - None Tyrol - Cally/Nicky With that in mind, it would make Billy(-Roslin) a possible Cylon and also Romo Lampkin(-Lee Adama) Meh.
  10. The best way to eliminate child rapism is to eliminate childs. GAME OVER!
  11. Fallout managed it. As did Morrowind (Daggerfall). And System Shock 2 (Bioshock was intended as essentially a spiritual sequel) Plenty of games manage to get sequels many years later. *shrug* You forgot about this.
  12. No, not Dianna. The red-haired reporter that's always in the press conferences. She slept with Baltar in a bathroom in season 1.
  13. 1-Zarek 2-Ellen 3-Billy 4-Kat 5-That red-haired reporter chick 6-That sargent who cross-examined the admiral a while back 7-Dana Delaney 8-Crashdown 9-Cain! 10-Thorn
  14. I never liked BG1 too much. It's too slow and a lifetime passes between level ups. The story is pretty good but found myself entering cheat codes to get more powerful so the game would end faster. BG2 was much better in that regard. Actually, BG2 is better than BG1 in every single way.
  15. Well, friday I was hired by the school board as an administration tech which is basically a temp. The post has better pay with pretty much all the benefits one could possibly hope for. It's also much closer to our home with public transportation available. My only problem now is that I have 2 full time jobs. One that will call me when a posting comes up and the other that I'll need to quit when I get that call. It's very stressful.
  16. KOTOR1 Was finished... Better story Better locations Better pacing Better twist(s) Better End Boss Better companions Better game overall with less bugs.
  17. Darkstar One Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos
  18. My top 10 1- UFO Enemy Unknown(X-COM) 2- Final Fantasy VII 3- Deus Ex 4- Final Fantasy Tactics 5- God of War 2 6- God of War 7- Fallout 2 8- Neverwinter Nights + Hordes of the Underdark 9- Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos 10- Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss
  19. The Forbidden Kingdom I wasn't expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised. It is like a melange of LotR, Neverending Story and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Also quite funny. The biggest surprise was how good an actor Jackie Chan can be. He seemed very comfortable in his role(s) and showed good range with very nicely delivered lines. Plus the fights are awesome. 9/10 Juno Watched 15 minutes and I just couldn't stand it. I profoundly hate those types of "clever" dialogs because no one talks like that ALL the time. Real people may crack a smart joke or reply once in a while but in Juno they overdid it. It's too much and for me, it was unnearable. 2/10
  20. Cally can't be a Cylon because Galen is. Why do you think Tori "saved" Nikki the way she did? Because Nikki is another hybrid like Hera... Besides, the last Cylon is more and more obviously Roslin. The five can get sick. Anders was dying on New Caprica...
  21. Unexpected indeed. Wow. What an episode. That's three for three in outstandingness...
  22. I'm not dissing on Elrond but considering he had a mask on throughout the entire film, he could've been reading the line in post-production. He's a great actor,
  23. Hockey in Montreal is either great or horrible and last night was a total crap fest. I can't wait to hear what the analysts will say about this terrible turn of events. One of the best known and trusted sports analysts in the province was saying, before the game, that if Montreal scores first they would win 4-1 or 5-2...
  24. No thank you - I do not want to see them made. I do. But not right away, more like in 15 to 20 years and Lucas can write and produce if he wants but he needs to stay away from the director's chair. He is an outstanding producer and his writing is pretty good if he stays away from lovy dovy stuff... Id' like to see Eps 7, 8 and 9 directed by 3 different high profile directors. Like Spielberg, Del Toro and Ridley Scott for example. 3 different takes on the subject matter. That, or one big 12 hour film split in 3 for theaters. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Hilarious. Made me want to smoke weed again. Then my wife got angry at me... 7/10
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