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  1. Parents should educate their children (and I'm sure MOST do a pretty good job) and schools are there to provide extra answers to the kids' questions, in the form of books or counselors and whatnot. Sex ed is not academics and school should only be for academics(math, history, language, geography, etc). But in the world we live in, schools have become daycares and babysitters while a lot of parents(not all of them thank God) just don't take the time to educate their kids properly, instead answering with a "don't they teach you that in school?" type of answer to their children's interrogations. As with religion, sex is a personal thing and it should only be tought mainly in the family. But schools need to be there as support. IMO
  2. Because some will take the opportunity to spread harmful misinformation and dogma. Cultural diversity is a good thing...
  3. Wow. Now I know where my money goes...
  4. I wonder if they have such opposition to GIJoe toys... Oh and Playboy is tame. I'd drop something... harder!
  5. I can put tea in my gastank??? WOOHOO! Seriously though, here in Montreal it's now 1.35 per litre on average and the lowest in the province is about 1.24 per litre. Petro Canada just anounced an 82% increase in PROFITS. The price jump used to be on fridays and through the weekends but when people complained enough they stop raising on weekend and instead switched it to wednesday until friday. The jumps are usually from 10 to 15 cents per litre and they only drop about half that when the 3 day period is over so it's always climbing. Even if the jumps were explained what difference would it make? I'm starving here and those oil companies are making billions a year in profits. It's disgusting. We need a new form of energy. Update: Sorry. Petro Canada made 1.1 billions in PROFITS for the first trimestre of 2008, double what it was last year...
  6. No matter. The Habs want to go play some golf now...
  7. Because the library is a good place to put one's feet up. I prefer a chair or... a... footrest. Or a slave.
  8. How do you like it? I just hit level 39 with my captain and I've been having a blast. I also just saved enough for a horse. I've been really impressed with the rate that Turbine has been adding new content. I've yet to really feel like I'm grinding away at experience, the quests and traits really keep it engaging. I am thinking of giving this a shot. A 14 day free trial. However it looks like it will take me almost 8 hours to download it One thing positive I can say about WOW, you can start playing your free trial immediately. After you download and install all the updates...
  9. Hmm, interesting. I havent noticed anything that would indicate that. Can you elaborate on what he said and how he said it that leads you to that theory? Widmore: "Are you here to kill me Benjamin?" Ben: "We both know I can't do that." However, this seems to imply "the rules" more than Widmore possibly being immortal. Why else would Widmore even ask? Also, Widmore: "I know who you are boy. What you are. I know that everything you have you took from me." To me this indicates he's either Dharma or a native like Richard. And Richard seems to have lived for a long time already. Unless there is some sort of "timejumping" involved.
  10. Would that make Penny immortal too and would any babies with Desmond be half-immortal? What is half-immortal? Seriously though, I think either Widmoore or Ben have four toes per foot...
  11. How do you like it? I just hit level 39 with my captain and I've been having a blast. I also just saved enough for a horse. I've been really impressed with the rate that Turbine has been adding new content. I've yet to really feel like I'm grinding away at experience, the quests and traits really keep it engaging. I just started a Dwarf Guardian and he's now Lvl 4 so I can't really say if I like it or not. It's very similar to WoW in terms of controls and mechanics but the setting is truly awesome. Even now at very low level I'm already immersed in the world and it "feels" Tolkienesque. The only gripe I have with it so far is that my system matche the minimum requirements and no more. I wish I could crank up the eye candy more because it seems to be a beautiful game. @Tale: Thanks
  12. Lord of the Rings Online Darkstar One I saw a boxed set of Metal Gear Solid games for the PS2 that included all 3 titles. I was wondering if MGS was the original PS1 version or a port of the Gamecube build. Anyone know?
  13. Also, Ben seemingly dropping in the desert dressed like he's exploring the arctic tells me he could have Desmond's "gift" of timejumping. Perhaps this is how he knows so much of everyone?
  14. If his feet were touching the ground that still doesn't prove that Six is just in his head. It could go either way. I think the reason they put in that shot was to cast down on Six purely being a figment of his disturbed mind. I think they put it in to show how much Six IS a figment of his imagination. If he's not touching the ground then yes, she might be more than that but he has created these kinds of things before, like pulling on his own tie to simulate Six lifting him of the ground by his throat, with onlookers giving him "wtf?" stares. She's a figment of his imagination, just like Bill's wife was. Also, I think Tyrol's dream in S2 was a premonition, meaning he will commit suicide by jumping off the railing in the hangar in the coming episodes. And, Lee will be the next President. For sure.
  15. Which means there's no way of knowing whether they were touching the ground. Which means he's doing it himself, just like he always does it himself whenever his Six is beating him or strangling him or pulling on his tie or rubbing herself on his cr0tch or whatever. If he was levitating the people around him would be in much more awe than this. Especially the soldiers.
  16. After watching it again I guess it seems less clear he was held up by someone else then I originally thought. I can't see his feet on those pics...
  17. I understand what you mean but how is that gaming? I mean, if I want to roam the country side on a motorbike I'll put on a leather jacket, jump on my motorbike and go for a ride in the country side.
  18. He was touching the ground, tip-toeing, no?
  19. I know that but Faraday could be lying. I'm just saying it "looked" like Widmoore.
  20. That body looked a lot like Widmoore.
  21. you, me, and Krezzy rather surprised at the results so far where are all the oldies?! Meta left a while ago...
  22. I completely agree. Especially since in Montreal they don't boo the Canadian anthem...
  23. He barely has more hair and a better tan. There is also a big difference between aging and growing. The only way Lee is a Cylon is if he was cloned.
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