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  1. Wow, there's a funny reversal... I always thought Doc Evil was a spoof of Bush.
  2. Won't happen. This is another Rwanda/Darfour thing. Military aid is never free and they have nothing to pay for it. It sucks but this is how the world works.
  3. I always assumed D'Anna apologized to her vision of Tigh for, you know, ripping his eye out... I felt this ep was the best of the season so far. It shifted the series in high gear and the pace has really picked up. That scene where Starbuck meets the Hybrid was amazing. But I also miss the military stuff. Hopefully with this alliance the fleet will start to fight off the Cylons again. At least for a few episodes? Frakkin' great show...
  4. They don't need our help. Rambo will save them.
  5. You just want to run over that werewolf with a cadillac.
  6. I found Ironman a bit violent for a "standard" 5 year old but you know, it depends on the child, really. Transformers was more violent (skorponoc skewering a marine) imo and Ironman takes itself less seriously. If Spiderman was ok, so is Ironman.
  7. They are steering the Kara ship towards the Angel status.
  8. He knew about skinjobs because he met Leoben on the space station in the mini and Adama noticed how vulnerable Leoben was to the radiation, which was harmless to humans. He knew about the twelve models because of a paper that was left on his desk in one episode. Beside, Adm Adama is not Cylon because of Olmos' contract... I'm starting to think that is no Earth, that Adama made it all up but the interpretation of the scrolls, the Cylon's "plan" and perhaps a few coincidences, will lead the humans to the Cylon homeworld where they will be eradicated in favor of a new race of hybrid to which Hera and Nikki are the first. Or something
  9. Moore has said so much conflicting stuff over the past 2 years that I generally ignore any claims like that; they've a 50/50 chance of being true. I.e. they're useless. At this point it wouldn't even surprise me if Roslin were a cylon. Still, that little 'music' comment of Starbuck's was telling. Dualla is hot, but yeah - her acting is a bit stiff and she's not as 'fun' or emotional as she could be. I mean, Helo is probably her male counterpart, but he still manages to be awesome. Yeah Tahmoh Penikett's performance was really good in that last ep. I think in the long hiatus he might have taken some acting classes.
  10. Really? The could have condensed the last 3 episodes into two to move things along a bit quicker. After a REALLY great start, it's slowed down terribly. Sure there's lot's of tension and dramatic build up, but something really needs to happen...which I think will next episode. BSG has never been about space battles and heavy action. It's about character development. And we've been very well served so far in season 4.
  11. Did you stay until after the credits rolled?
  12. The painting is from the most recent episode. I noticed at least two shots of her "stars" with a trail behind them like they are moving, and they look far too much like the old Ships of Light to be a coincidence. Starbuck claims to have seen Earth and will lead the fleet there, but according to the hybrid in Razor that isn't to be. Count Iblis of the original series made the same claim, and he was pretty much the Satan of old BSG. So you're saying Iblis is the fifth and he took/cloned Kara's body and downloaded into it in order to lead mankind to extinction?
  13. Ooooh that must've been the time I missed Lost because I was rescuing my neighbour out of her burning building. I didn't need a security card but it still took some time to fight off the flames and the asphyxiation while helping her with her Murder She Wrote DVD collection and her 5 cats(she was old). Then the firemen showed up and said: "Woah dude, you missed Lost! It was awesome! Something big happens and, well Ooh sh1t I can't tell you ahahahahah!" To which I answered:"F**ker"
  14. Did they let you play with their big, long hose?
  15. When was that answered? That was actually revealed last season, I believe, But yeah, pretty skippable episode overall. The whole was pretty obviously just filler, though. I was a little surprised at WTF??!
  16. The only reason why console games aren't pirated as much as PC games is the difficulty in doing so. You can't just download a PS3 game, crack it and play. Your console needs to be chipped at least, which is already harder and more expensive than pirating a PC game. But it's only a matter of time. When PC gaming dies out (which I doubt) console game piracy will rise. It is inevitable. I would even say that the only way to limit console piracy is too support PC gaming, if only to divert the attention of pirates to a more "easy" target.
  17. When was that answered?
  18. Hmm. Boring ep overall but maybe it's because I don't like Jack too much. At least ONE question has been answered: . Also, now I think Hurley is in that coffin. Meh.
  19. Congrats! Wait, you're taking a month off too? Yes. 4 weeks.
  20. I am curious... why is sex a "personal" thing? I would have thought it a natural thing, to be tought together with biology, anatomy, genealogy etc. in biology class. Isn't there a big difference between biology, anatomy and sex ed? Sex ed is more about the emotional part of a physical relationship, about how one can react when the body is invaded by endorphines and/or a partners "liquids" no? It's like... I can know a lot about car mechanics without knowing how to drive, where mechanics is to biology what driving is to making love/having sex. I suppose it is logical to have both in the same class but should we have sex ed in bio or bio in sex ed? Anyway my point was that parents don't do enough and rely on schools too much. Some things, like religion and sex/love should be tought within the family first, with school as support.
  21. Today is my last day of work before a month of paternity leave. Nothing can go wrong today beause my daugther is 1000x better than GTA IV.
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