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  1. Yeah what's with that racial stuff??!
  2. Narnia 2 Prince Caspian This was a strange experience. It was a bit like watching The Two Towers, where I was expecting a lot of magical happenings and childish wonder like in the first, but instead I got a more mature story and slower pacing with talks of political stuff. Peter and Susan acted like they were almost evil in this chapter and by the end you realize they just don't care anymore. The beginning was ok but then it dragged on all the way to the halfway point where I found myself waking up to sounds of a battle. From that point it picks up some speed and is a decent high fantasy affair. But I'm still not sure if I liked it. Thankfully my wife had enough points on her Scene card and I didn't have to pay. Otherwise it would've been more disappointing. 6.5/10
  3. No, you're not. But where was he during S4? And him being gone gives a chance to really shine now.
  4. Is this a racial joke aimed at Mr. Ecko? Because we don't condone those on these forums. What do you think, you spastic. I'll tell you when I find out what "spastic" means. EDIT: HEY!
  5. Is this a racial joke aimed at Mr. Ecko? Because we don't condone those on these forums.
  6. I was 100% certain that the . How did this person get off the island? Does this mean that ??? People have gotten of the island before.
  7. I was 100% certain that the . How did this person get off the island? Does this mean that ??? Good episode(s).
  8. He's also British... I wouldn't say he's awful but he's one of those on the bottom when it comes to acting on this show. Where Jamie Bamber has been constant since the beginning of the series, actors like Tahmoh Penikett, Grace Park and Aaron Douglas have really evolved and are much better actors now. Douglas, in particular, has been very impressive in the last few episodes.
  9. 30 Days of Night. Starts a bit slow but turns out to be very gory with lots of creepy moments. Lots of people die that would usually get to live in other Hollywood stuff. The ending was interesting also. 7/10 Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Forgetting the male full frontal nudity has been as hard as not to laugh at this romantic comedy. 7/10 10000BC. Apocalypto without the brains, which says A LOT. Good FX though. 5/10 AvP Requiem. Suckage but not as much suckage as I was led to believe. It starts off horribly bad and confusing but eventually turns into a not so bad popcorn flick. They should stop milking that cow though. 6/10 Spaceballs. I remember it being MUCH funnier. It aged badly and I still can't stand Bill Pullman in anything for some reason. 3/10 (it's so low because I just didn't laugh and it's a comedy so...)
  10. I would get it for sure but my machine is suckage so. And before I buy a 360 well... Canada will successfully invade a country. Any country.
  11. Hey, its Nick Cage. Who would say "No, you can't enter here" to Nick Cage? Apparently a lot of people in hair salons are...
  12. I didn't forget... Well ok, Working Girl was pretty good. I remember Mosquito Coast as an incredibly slow and boring film but I saw it when my favorite movies of all time were Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and Turner and Hooch so...
  13. BLADE RUNNER!!! Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Witness, American Graffiti, The Fugitive, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner. Hmm. Actually, I thought there was more to his career...
  14. Which is why ToD is regarded as the least appealing of all four Indy films. That, and no other reasons whatsoever.
  15. The exclusion of JRD is truly sacriligious. I know he had some contractual constraints(I hope it wasn't Dungeon Siege...) but we've waited 19 years so one or two more to accomodate the gentle giant wouldn't have hurt. It may also have given them time to do more rewrites which, as hard as it is to believe, the movie needed. Also, I really think that actors meddling in scripts is a bad idea...
  16. I'm also reading The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian by R.E. Howard. Totally awesome writings.
  17. Indy 4 Made me want to watch the originals again... to stop the pain. George did it AGAIN! Another childhood memory raped. First, although bringing back Marion was a good idea, Karen Allen had what... 3 lines in Indy 4 and I REALLY missed her drinking ways. She was smiling WAY TOO MUCH. The quicksand scene though was very entertaining. Second, all the rumors are true, about where the skulls are from and about who Shia's character is. I won't go any further into this because: Third, the entire mystery/suspense package is revealed within the intro sequence, about where the "story" is going, and as soon as Indy rolls out of that fridge, the rest of the film is a series of action scenes with nothing holding it all together because the entire plot is EASILY figured out, especially after the trailers... I found the CGI stuff overall pretty transparent(a good thing), except for a jungle pursuit scene where some major flaws show the use of George's toys a bit too much. Aside from Harrison, who is very dissapointing, the performance of the actors were very good. I was quite surprised with Shia LaBoeuf and as usual, Cate Blanchett is awesome to watch even though her character is no Elsa Schneider... Oh and the ending is completely horrible in every way. 6/10 (for an Indy movie, from a fan who regularly watches the originals, this is a terrible score)
  18. It's nice to read something different on Indy 4. All the bads I've read so far have mentioned mostly how the visual are too much of a digifest. Here is the first site that puts something else on the table. I feel like I will know a bit more of what to expect when I finally see it this weekend. So thanks guys.
  19. Hello! I'd just like to know if the Hard Drives on the PS3 and the X360 can be defragmented and if not, is it a problem? Thank you.
  20. It's the spark that lights the fire but you still need wood and matches...
  21. 1- American Idol 2- Dancing With the Stars 3- Regis and Kelly 4- Kitchen Nightmares 5- Teletubbies Seriously though you should try out Moonlight.
  22. Nah. 1/3 of the world's population(us, the "west") consumes 95% of the world's resources while the rest work and live to provide this 33% with its consuming needs. If the "west" would consume what it needs instead of what it wants people would be much healthier and resources could be better distributed throughout the world and everyone, everything would benefit. Instead, we are too concerned about making those payments on our big screen TVs and SUVs to care, making a very few extremely rich while the rest of the world is starving to death and/or getting horribly sick. It's not a population control issue, it is a consumption control issue.
  23. I also like the fact that for two episodes now they have been referring to "The Plan", how it is changing because of the actions of certain individuals and so on. This Ep was absolutely riveting with what is probably the best cliffhanger the series has so far produced. Like Jedidude something also clicked for me and I also realized that without resurrection, Cylons are just like humans and this got me thinking about the famous "All this has happened before and all will happen again" thing... What's up with Gaeta? Is he the fifth or what?
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