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  1. All good arguments, but I like my games with some character backstory. Something you can relate to as a player. That's why I think they handled it best in DA:O. It's about the only problem I have storywise, since, as I already said, your origin doesn't play any role other than upping some stats or skills. You virtually don't relate to your past and in the many playthroughs I have been doing, I even tend to forget what my chosen profession or origin actually was.
  2. Well, seems I'm the only one then. The middle mouse button doesn't work on my global map to scroll. It works fine on local maps. I have to do location hopping o reach the more remote regions. And the problem is gone when rolling back to 2.01. It reappears, once I install the latest beta.
  3. No, there's only one level 6 spell and nothing else to choose from. But you're allowed to choose 2 and the done button is greyed out, since there isn't another option available.
  4. So I'm playing a wizard for the first time and she's found a lot of tomes and learned all the spells in there. Now, at level 11, I get two 6th level spell slots, but only one spell to learn is left. Now I'm stuck, since I can't finish the levelling process. The done button is greyed out, since there's an unused point in that window and all I can do is abort the levelling process. Any tips how to deal with that situation?
  5. My only problem lies with Stormcaller. I gave it to GM, since it doesn't make sense with Kana and I hardly use Sagani, apart of her mission. What I really would have loved to do, was giving it to the devil. The Redeemer is with Eder and the Grey Sleeper with Pallegina and they suit them just fine.
  6. Now I can't scroll the world map. Anyone else got this? Rolling back to 2.01 again.
  7. Excuse me, if I'm not as excited. First, it said, there's a big patch in the making, introducinbg new content, then it said, we're doing a fully voiced rehash of D:OS with additional content, but, oh, we're also make it for console, but you guys having bought the game, will get it for free, real soon, and now it's another kickstarter for 2? Well, they should make up their minds, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. No, level 7 works and level 8 works fine. The Lagerfeths aren't that much of a problem if your wizard spams them with slicken. Once they're down, they're cheap meat for melee fighters.
  9. I humbly present to you: the Spelltongue That is an awesome mage weapon! I've never seen it before, I'll have to track it down, thanks! only one hint, since this isn't the spoiler section: White March.
  10. I humbly present to you: the Spelltongue That's what my wizard now sports for a primary weapon.
  11. I'm playing my first wizard right now. Wearing one of the unique hide armors (can't remember which), sporting one of the unique pistols and one of the unique staffs as weapons. Works fine with me, though I went a bit against the grain in creation as far as stats are concerned. Out of curiosity, what stats did you go for? I upped CON a bit, having in mind that I can up it even more with enchanted gear later on. I maxed might, upped INT and went for decent DEX while lowering RES one notch. There are so many will related items in the game that it doesn't make that much of a differenc
  12. I'm playing my first wizard right now. Wearing one of the unique hide armors (can't remember which), sporting one of the unique pistols and one of the unique staffs as weapons. Works fine with me, though I went a bit against the grain in creation as far as stats are concerned.
  13. Hey, guys. I am seeing the pink ogre clubs, but the xaurip spears look fine. Can you upload a screenshot of the xaurip spears so we can investigate? I only had the ogres before I rolled back. Now they're back to normal. It's a texture issue, isn't it?
  14. I opted out from beta for now. It seems to roll back. At least I hope so. It's actually the first beta patch that worsened my game. At least visually.
  15. Anyone else has pink glowing ogre clubs since 2.02? Seems like a missing texture.
  16. They walked at the same speed as the rest of the party in the previous version, if you had the entire party selected. What was wrong with keeping it like that? No, they didn't. Not in my game. There was a massive issue with (never can remember the name of that armor) Brekker or something. All red and shiny. If some party member donned it, they were way ahead of the rest of the crew. And there's a pretty cool piece of armor you get at Stalwart, slowing you down. And by slowing down, I mean slowing down. I gave it to Pallegina and the crew had to wait for her to catch up. If that got
  17. But imagine they all summon something. The battlefield would get pretty crowdy and deadly.
  18. I wonder why you don't try to play a non textbook wizard. I have my first go at a wizard as player character and I tried my hand at a fighter/wizard hybrid. I upped con and dexterity and so far it works pretty well and is an interesting experience. This game doesn't follow the D&D rules after all.
  19. I would imagine that 6 Cyphers would be the most deadly of all. Most fun? Depends on your definition of fun, I would say.
  20. That's the real problem. They go out of their way to attack their party member(s) instead of keeping up the real fight. That's but one of the reasons why I'm largely back to micromanaging.
  21. The stronghold in NWN2 wasn't that hot either. But, truth to tell, I have no problem with that. I view it as a base of operations, a place to trade something in and get some attribute buffs that last for 3 rests.
  22. Source? Besides someone saying it? I highly doubt that Josh Sawyer said anything along these lines. From a pure marketing perspective this would be akin to suicide.
  23. The sword is in the northern portion of the Durgan's Battery map, basically in between the Battery and Galvino's place. You'll have to fight a bunch of mercenaries, and one of them will drop it. Stormcaller is split in twain. One half, a silver arrow, is stuck in a dying wolf in the southeast portion of Russetwood; the other half is on top of a tower that sits next to Durgan's Battery. Is this supposed to be that group of mercenaries that goes with the bounty quest in Stalwart? If so, I never ran into them. I combed the map repeatedly and they never crop up. Come to think of it, I
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