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  1. In my game at some point Raedric's undead army attacked the keep. After that you get the quest by talking to the stone lady in the throne.
  2. There's one thing I wasn't aware off before 1.0.5. When you lay a trap and for some reason the enemies don't trigger it, although they're standing right on it, you have to be very careful where you click. It happened to me several times that one of my characters disarmed it instead of attacking, even though the sword or spell icon was active when gving the order.
  3. It's in the Options menu, under the Game tab I believe. Ah, that's probably the last place I would have looked for it.
  4. The other option is more appealing to me personally. Especially since that weapon isn't really worth fighting an unnecessary fight. The one time my curiosity got the better of me, I instantly gave it away to Hiravias.
  5. Yeah, the consequnces of the Maerwald choices aren't obvious. I couldn't say what any of the three actually does - if it does anything.
  6. Yeah, but how does that work? I'm on the beta and haven't found the option. I would especially like to redo GM, since her faculties really aren't up to scratch.
  7. Personally I got no problem with the setting and the language although I have to admit to pull a Gene Hackman on "duc", reading it "duck" until I heard it spelled. My one and possibly only problem with that game are the map transitions, which makes exploring places like Defiance Bay a chore instead of giving them the attention they warrant for their richness.
  8. I found mechanics to be the more important skill, since I play ranged rogues. I'm only just learning how to position my characters, that they get flanked bonusses and that the AOE spells hit home without damaging companions in the process. But mechanics is vital for at least one character, since there are traps in the game that aren't even detected if your skill is too low.
  9. Editing chants is a must to get the most out of your chanter. Kana, as he comes, only sings two phrases although he already possesses three. High level chanter spells, namely the conjurations, often times require up to four phrases.
  10. So I signed in with steam's beta program because I wanted to test that patch. Can anyone tell me, how I reset companions to level 1 when meeting up? I desperately looked for some button in the character window, but didn't find one.
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