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  1. Yet you need your player to have a high value of diplomacy to do so. Not many builds have.
  2. I read somewhere that only attacking and defeating Nemnok would result in Kali surviving. I never managed to do that, since the minions keep wasting my party.
  3. Far from you? You have been obviously in luck. You never had that situation of the enemy homing in on you over and over, after disengaging?
  4. Purely visual. I don't see neither weapons nor shields they have equipped. It seems as if they were fighting with their empty hands.
  5. You can also turn and flee. It all depends on how well equipped your ship is and how well experienced your crew is. The problem in doing so is the insta repair of the enemy. If you're an inch before you're being blown out of the water, you carry that damage, while the fully repaired enemy doesn't need to lick it's wounds. They can just reengage and sink you with their first barrage.
  6. Exactly the reason why I don't even read the announcements. They never rise up to one's expectations. Better to wait and have some fun with the stuff provided. Hype is never a good thing.
  7. Oh, they do. They dispatching crew members just as I would do. I don't know how you come to the conclusion, they can't.
  8. I mean, they only have to make away to be in full repair and supply, whereas my ship is still damaged and undersupplied because of the exchange.
  9. She's not broken, but to multiclass her was as bad a decision I could make. Same with Serafen. He's not suited to be a barbarian. He's better off firing his blunderbuss and cypher spells from a distance,
  10. I play her as a priest on classic difficulty. I'm playing her ranged, since she's rather squishy, even when equipped with high tier gear and a lot of athletics.
  11. I've got no problem, dealing with his followers, but he simply wastes my party..
  12. In my opinion it's no better or worse. I enjoy both games very much - apart from the still existing technicalo bugs that haunt POE 2.
  13. It's all about money. You think Feargus and co really have passion in making games? The game designers and developers perhaps. For Feargus and co is just about money. This just in: business needs money to run. Nation in shock. And a great brand is turned to **** on the way. As has been the case with Bioware.
  14. There's another place where I get a certain map loading error. The transition from the last level of Poko Kahara ruins, after restoring the Adra pillar and venturing to the beyond. The map always fails at loading.
  15. Wait, you think so? I'm used to people saying it the other way around, but I haven't played DOS 1 or 2. I would say they're on par if you like turn based combat. Both have good stories, interesting characters and lots to explore. Obsidian as well as Larian belong to my favorite companies. Never been disappointed by either one.
  16. I ask myself if all my issues, mainly freezes, are down to my nvidia card when reading this.
  17. The German gam mags, such as gamestar or pc games are pretty clear on the matter: Only english voice overs, german text. Btw, I always play in englsh, since the usual translations always lack in atmosphere. Judging by your post, I would say, there should be no problems understanding.
  18. OK, no, I didn't enter Magran's teeth so far. I postponed it as much as possible. I didn't know it was a requirement.
  19. Don't know if this is the right section to post it, but the DLC isn't triggering. I've got a level 18 party and with another character it triggered around 16. So something seems to be off.
  20. Hi, Schin! My problem is as follows. If it happens, I can only quit by calling up task manager. No output file seems to be created in these instances. On another note, and I don't know if it's got anything to do with the problem, I always kept freezing when importing a POE1 save of my doing. When I selected a generic history, I could finish character creation. It seems off, I know, cause I can't imagine a savegame state interferring with Character creation.
  21. It seems there's a lot of map space to explore on the island, but I didn't find a map transition so far.
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