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  1. Yeah, stats. Keep number crunching for all I care. If I point out flaws in the game it's about issues turning into nuisances. Such as the AI not doing what it's supposed to do. I couldn't care less about a stat being one or two notches lower than it's supposed to be, since it doesn't change my game experience. The AI on the other hand does.
  2. Also because of their monks - or whatever they are - materializing in your back.
  3. Are you new to gaming? Otherwise I can't understand what you're saying, since, compared to other games, this one is virtually bugfree. I haven't had a single CTD since day one. Granted, I don't constantly check my combat log, since when I'm playing I'm not number crunching, but trying to immerse myself. So it may well be that some abilities don't pan out as expected. But going by what's on my screen, this game is pretty satisfying.
  4. I once tried it, since Aloth always got speed charmed by Fampires. It didn't work - at all. So, I don't even bother anymore with that ability. The chances of offensively preventing them from getting their spells or abilities off, are way better than the passive buffs.
  5. I would call these mercs the toughest guys in the whole game. Even at level 11 they gave me trouble like no other group has ever done.
  6. Can't say I have any problems with the devil as far as fighting is concerned. I have her mostly on ranged, but if engaged, she holds her own for quite some time. The only problem I have with her in melee is her crowing like a chicken.
  7. Yes, it was my mistake. I read their research notes, but not the actual notes in the quest items.
  8. I read them all. Several times. Still, only the first question gives a fourth option and the quest log doesn't update.
  9. I didn't post it in the bugs forum because I'm unable to produce a save, not knowing beforehand where it happens. One instance I described above, was on level 7 of the endless paths. The devil set to cautious/defensive and Zoua to disruptor/defensive. The devil was the first one to take off, right after the entrance, at the start of fighting the first group of elementals. She had a ranged weapon equipped and ran off the whole length of the corridor to engage the occupants of one of the round rooms there. The second one was Zoua, who disengaged to run off to one of the round rooms.
  10. So I've collected all four apprentices notes, but I don't get any further than the first question. The second question only has three options - none of them correct. Quest log didn't update either.
  11. Yes, only that's not what is happening. The characters go for a hike under their own steam. Sometimes I manage to catch them before they're doing something suicidal. But when you're otherwise engaged with a rather challenging encounter, it's easily missed. Btw, I noticed it with the foe AI too. Only once, so I can't quite lay my finger on the issue. But it happened with one of the bounty quests, where you have to hunt down a slaver and his minions. Two of them stormed off as if they were to engage Durance, but they ran past him and into the fog. Only after all the other enemies were down d
  12. To be fair, there's a lot of nostalgia involved when it comes to DA:O. I used to order them to take potions when certain stats fell and if that happened too frequently for the cooldown, they just got stuck in that animation. Switching between melee and ranged also didn't work so well. I had Leiliana doing nothing but switching back and forth in some encounters.
  13. You're describing pretty much every issue I had. Though the Paladin doies use Sworn Enemy - only to attack a totally different character right afterwards.
  14. No, I took it back to normal with 2.0 - to learn the ropes with the new AI behavior. It was on normal, defesive AI behavior.
  15. He didn't do that with me. Although I took him and Kana to level 7 of the Endless Path because of you posting this.
  16. The problem is, I can't produce a save with what is happening. I can only point out, that it is indeed happening. I wouldn't even know how to get a save when it's occuring in the midst of combat.
  17. No, it doesn't solve the problem. At level 7 of the endless paths I had the devil taking off to fight a different group of elementals instead of the ones right in front of her bloody nose. I had Zaoah disengage to run to one of these rounded chambers and I had the rest of the group doing absolutely nothing unless directly ordered. In which case they got one hit off or one spell cast until the returned to total passivity unless directly attacked. And by the way, as I said above, Zaoah on disruptive is a sure recipe for AI desaster.
  18. For the longest time I played kind of a rogue/Cypher hybrid. Cyphers are pretty good for the job, given the right profession chosen in their backstory. Merchant or laborer are the ones to go, since they give you a boost to mechanics. There's also no other talent that needs to be upped with Cyphers. A few notches on athletics and the rest into mechanics and you can open every chest and disarm every trap. Now I've chosen a different tactic. Create a custom rogue, and - since I have the expansion - then go with the devil.
  19. I don't know. Monk on interruptor is a sure recipe to reproduce it. He goes off, engaging far away enemies when the interruptor conditions aren't met with the current engagement. But I too have the problem that I can't produce a safe with these conditions.
  20. With 2.0 you see what you get. huh In 2.0 the interface shows the trap's trigger radius while you're arming it—is what I think he's saying. Exactly
  21. It happened to me a number of times now that the AI on autopilot just wanders off to fight some enemies that aren't even visible. Sometimes virtually drawing more enemies into an already tough battle, sometimes going off on a suicide mission. Last time it happened in the White marches. I'm concentrating on two or three companions, issuing orders and have Aloth on crowd control. Suddenly I notice his endurance has dropped to zero within seconds. I didn't give it much thought until after the battle, since it was a close call. But then I notice, he's not recovering. He's not even there. He vi
  22. It was easy in many games. I remember virtually peppering the place with traps in Dragon Age Origins on my second playthrough. When I knew where I would be rushed.
  23. Just follow the mainquest and you will get the note, since for some reason you posted it in the no spoiler section.
  24. Careful, you're talking about my favorite character. By a long chalk. I like him to be dirty and I like him to be brutal. And I like him to be a zealot. In my book the best written character - but I'm not in any way religious.
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