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  1. Btw, since this is the spolier section anyway - can anyone tell me where to find St Ydwen's redeemer and Stormcaller?
  2. Yes, disruptor is a sure recipe for the monk to take off to fight a different group than the one at hand. I'm pretty surfe, your observation of the AI being omniscent and able to see through the Fog of War, is correct and at the root of the problem.
  3. You know what they say about opinions. Can' repeat it here, since it includes a dirty word, but it's just opinions what everybody voices here. Me too for that matter. And I couldn't care less about companion Xaurips, Kobolds or whatever. strikes everybodies fancy. I'm content with what we have. Not in terms of everything being perfect. But in general, I really don't need outlandish creatures in the party.
  4. I'm not that surprised or dissapointed for one reason. Back when the topic of companion AI first came up, I pretty much expected these things to happen and voiced my concerns. Per rest abilities spammed, area spells fired at friendlies and general erratic behaviors. So I'm pretty much back to micromanagement as far as casters are concerned. My fighters are allowed to use their AI, but on a close leash, since they still have a tendency to take off for greener pastures for no reason.
  5. I'm curious about that too. There seems to be no observable pattern in AI shapeshifting. In my observation, it happens in the most inopportune moments. I manually issue an order, like a spell to be cast, move my attention elsewhere and when coming back, the spell hasn't been cast, but shapeshifting is in progress.
  6. As it happens, I find myself using Eder less than I used to use him in previous playthroughs. The reason for this being a very well equipped and buffed Zouha and an equally buffed Pallegina. With the White march, Pallegina really took off, with the equipment to be found there. Fully equipped and buffed, she gives Eder a run for his money, which wasn't the case in the vanilla game.
  7. More than the 9 we already have? Seriously, man. I hardly manage to give everyone we have so far, a ride. Most of them sit at home, while I stick with my favorites. Both in terms of personality as in combat value. Proper reaction n the other hand, is a valid point. I would love to see people react to a Bleak Walker or a priest of Skaen, just to give two examples. Especially within the party, since - at least - Durance should have an opinion.
  8. Which is a very strong reason for me. Stronger than anything stat related.
  9. I always played kind of a Cypher/Rogue hybrid. Cypher, given the right backstory buffs, are almost as good at picking locks and disarming traps as rogues. The only part where they fall short is damage.
  10. Well, first make sure you put them in the right order (the shield should be by the dwarf statue with the shiny shield, for example). Then you should be able to pick up the mace at the end of the hall. That's all they do? I picked it up without having the sigils and had to fight my way through. And then, when I finally found all of the sigils, I kind of wondered what they did, since nothing seemed to happen.
  11. I wonder if anyone else has this, but in my game, the guns mostly sound as if they had silencers mounted on them. Not all the time, but often it's just a clicking sound, less than mpressive for the pieces they use.
  12. Kana summons phantoms too. In fact, he does t´hat more frequently than skeletons.
  13. The shops in the stronghold are underwhelming to say the least. If it wasn't for reputation and security, I wouldn't bother to build them at all. In general, the shop system is one thing that could have been better. Such as vendors restocking depending on the party level.
  14. All the companions aren't top of their class, but with being able to level them by yourself, you can iron out most of the flaws.
  15. She's OK though. Definetely not worse than the custom rogue I created till recruiting her. If you level her the right way, she can take quite a bit of aggro.
  16. To be perfectly honest, I'm not doing it with the main quest in mind, but for the new maps and companions. I played the game to death in the first few months and so, if I'm losing interest before the main quest is finished, I don't consider it a big deal.
  17. That's why I did it at level 9 and 11. It was doable, but very tough. The loot however is totally worth the effort. There's loads of superb equipment they drop.
  18. So why don't you learn these spells and get rid of them? I never found it worth the effort to hold on to them, since within a short fight, you only use a number of spells anyway.
  19. I went there with a level 9 party. Got through most of the enemy groups below the ramps, but got wasted by the ones stationed on higher ground. Cleaned up at level 11. All on normal difficulty, with player/Paladin, Devil, Zohua, Durance, Eder and Aloth. But it explains why I still have no chance against Cancelhaut or whatever is left of him. I usually played on hard difficulty, but I want to at least finish one playthrough on normal to learn the new mechanics.
  20. On a side note - what was your level and your group comp when first moving to Crägholdt?
  21. If I loved DA:O for anything story related, it was for the different character expositions, depending on your original choices. In my book way better than the Bethesda approach of starting out as a nameless prisoner in every darn Elder Scroll game or POE where your original choice of descent only matters for stats and one or two interactions.
  22. Interestingly, the big adra pillar in Magran's Fork also works. I'm guessing the first step may have multiple solutions as well. Every machine is able to unlock it. I unlocked it with the machine on the very first map where you become a watcher. It's easiest to access and so I tried it and it worked.
  23. It would be nice if at least one or two had second thoughts and legged it, depending on the conversation. Just like the dragon egg guys, depending on you speech check, If for no other reasons then for some role playing.
  24. Killed Dragon - check House Doemenel - check Still, no additional dialogue, assuming you mean the merc commander.
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