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  1. any build that uses a arquebus will be op just turn on the modal and destroy everything their main weakness of slow reload time isnt present in tb combat so just abuse the hell out of it.
  2. the damage bonus is very buggy now. it applies multiple times and no longer applies to other weapon sets u have equipped.
  3. the damage bonus is very buggy now. it applies multiple times and no longer applies to other weapon sets u have equipped.
  4. u dont need to be flanked. u take the first couple seconds to get ur hp to 50% activating both streetfighter and human bonuses. (can do it really fast with 3 con) i dont recommend doing a melee build with it since its very dangerous going around with sub 50% hp but with a bow build its quite safe sitting at max range.
  5. helwaker/streetfighter activate streetfighter bonus by having a teamate blast u or use mortification activate hunting bow modal and spam that 1 second attack from a mile away. easy snooze mode.
  6. is the increase enemy pulling thing intentional? it makes some of the fights early game really tough like the looters.
  7. there are plenty builds that can do this. builds made to outlast the enemies can solo the game. a look thru the skill list and most people with common sense can make a build that can do this. not sure why u act like its some big secret they are just boring because most people want to kill really fast and see big numbers.
  8. its not a very hard fight if u got 2 out 3 people that can soak some damage. if u got 2 glass cannon + eder it will be pretty tough. did it on my first try with my 17 con berserker/streetfighter without consumeble and traps. just split the damage and try to get xoti aoe heals to hit both characters that are taking damage.
  9. u can also split up the 2 groups. take out the group around the body first. just puell them from the south and lead them a bit away from the body before engaging just make sure u enter from the south because i dont think xoti has enough stealth to sneak past from the north without having to put points in stealth.
  10. if u actually played the new potd u would see that there are a lot of changes in enemy encounter. i only played the first island and i enjoyed it a lot. the fights are much more challenging. the skills and weapons that needed nerfs got nerfed.
  11. it only hits one additional target not everyone around the fighter like before at least thats what the description said. i havent actually tried it in game.
  12. I only just got home and started playing around. somethings i havent seen mentioned cleave only hits one target whisper of endless path no longer hits the main target twice trying to see if swift flurry still can chain proc at the very least it doesnt work on ranged weapon anymore. i tried wahai poraga on the huge group of undead in the undercity and i didnt just chain proc them all in like 10 seconds like previous patch and the fight lasted a long time so im pretty sure it doesnt chain proc.
  13. empower really trivializes any challenge the game has and will provide if it doesnt change. doesnt matter if skills and enemies are balanced because with a push of a button u can fire multiple empowered abilities every fight to steamroll everything if u wanted to. personally i think it should be removed from potd.
  14. there are a couple of incredibly powerful 2handers. that is the only reason why u should u use them over other styles if u are just looking at plain weapons then sure there is no reason to use it.
  15. With this bow might is not important at all. I choosing between nalpazca and no sub. Ranger is harder. Pet looks pretty fragile, Ghost heart? Sharpshooter? hard choice. nothing is important for this build if u go with that mentailty. only swift flurry and accuracy is needed it doesnt matter what u pick as long as swift flurry is broken any class combo will work. u can go stalker/shattered pillar and still steamroll ur way thru potd
  16. im looking for Kahua hozi and Kapana Taga also u can get devil of caroc beast plate by picking the premade 1st choice (good guy) for ur poe1 actions. other premade choices dont have i have i think.
  17. ring of focus fire is good. it gives 10 acc to ur flame of devotion really big boost considering u can get it as soon as u get into nekata for free.
  18. go steal stuff stores usually have a lot of good stuff locked up that can be sold for 1k+
  19. the thing is shattered pillar can trigger rooting pain a lot more often. one proc of it will prob outdamage all the bonuses of the helwaker.
  20. a lot of classes can crush the game on potd easily. i wouldnt worry about playing a strong class and just play what u have fun with. the game atm is very poorly balanced and if u power game u will get bored because every fight is a joke.
  21. breastplate of caroc (or benny's armour) + falcon's helm+any pet that reduces armour recover getting those 3 will reduce ur 2h reovery to around 2.3 seconds (depends on ur dex) and they are available super early if u got the cash. couple that with a couple class skill boost and u can swing ur 2hander super fast. wahai poraga + glove the gives knockdown on crit. aoe pollaxe that hits twice. 2x barbarian blow to everyone around u. anyone that isnt dead will be on their asses.
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