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  1. Overleveling encounters was an issue in the vanilla game if you were diligent about doing sidequests, and the expansions only made the problem worse (upscaling helps a bit, but it's only available for small parts of the game). If you aren't playing on PotD, you should be. Beyond that, I think most people either just accept that only a few encounters will be any challenge (the PotD bounties and dragons are decent IMO) or try things like soloing, expert mode, and the like.
  2. The edit thread was pretty funny when I read the OP. Then I saw the timestamp. Then I saw that he necroed his own thread after over a year to complain that nothing had changed. Now it's hilarious.
  3. Yeah.. heard of it.. the bow. Must it be a ranger or anyone can use it? Cause.. what do you do while you wait to acquire it? It's soulbound for Chanters, Ciphers, and Rangers. Each class gets a different hit/crit proc; Rangers get Returning Storm, which is by far the best of the three, to go with their generally good performance with a bow. You can pick it up in WM1, without completing the Battery questline IIRC, so it's available pretty early; until then, you just play like any other bow ranger.
  4. Wait. Isn't that the whole premise of the min/max builds? That you can dump a stat? have I missed something here? there is no difference between BG and PoE on this matter. Joe There is no reason to ever take over minimum Wisdom or Charisma on a fighter in BG. Decent Intelligence is a reasonablee choice in BG2, since you have a decent number of fights against int draining enemies, but for the rest of the game it also doesn't matter. On the flip side, there is no reason to ever take less than maximum Dexterity and Constitution on any BG character. You can always reroll until you have enough points to max them and the other stats your class uses if your initial roll doesn't cover maxing everything. PoE, through point buy and putting something useful for every character on every attribute (sometimes just the defense, but then the reason dex and con were universally good in BG was that they were the stats with an impact on defenses) makes min-maxing a tradeoff instead of an objectively correct way of maxing the subset of stats that matter while dumping those that don't.
  5. If Hiravias is to be believed about his appetites while shifted, the truffles are probably canon.
  6. I'd say that by the time you have enough levels to know that you want to respec the cost is pretty minimal. As in a lot of RPGs, there aren't a lot of things worth buying compared to the amount of money you get.
  7. The old class build thread predates some major balance updates; it's not going to be very useful for the current game. There are spoilers in some of the class build threads, mostly about equipment and story talents, though some discussions probably venture off into more central parts of the story. POE's systems are pretty forgiving with regards to character builds, and you can change most things later for a pretty low cost, so if you're really worried about coming across story spoilers I'd just jump in and try to figure out what you like.
  8. Deeper into Arcanum than I've ever gone (which isn't saying much). Really appreciate the reactivity around your character's appearance; looking like you just came from slaughtering wolves in the wilderness should matter!
  9. I think it's correct to call POE's additive stacking diminishing returns: each x% bonus you add increases your output by a smaller percentage than the one before (with no other bonuses, going from 10 to 11 Might increases damage by 3%; going from 11 to 12 only increases damage by 2.9%. This gets more dramatic when you start stacking big bonuses like Sneak Attack and Deathblows). This is pretty important to explain, e.g., why lashes are so good compared to damage bonuses: a 25% lash is actually adding 25% of your calculated damage, while a 25% bonus is usually being stacked with a bunch of other bonuses for a real impact of less than 25%.
  10. I thought a lot of the EE writing was weak, but there are some solid encounters both in the new NPC quests and in the Black Pits. Would be very interested in what Beamdog could put together for high-level NWN2 encounters.
  11. Anything new is likely to come from Beamdog: they're working on an Enhanced Edition of the original NWN, and I would expect them to look at NWN2 if they can get the rights and source code. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to release some new content (probably not an entirely new game, though) as part of those projects.
  12. Probably the same as this bug: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95646-prone-on-crit-weapons-working-through-flame-shield/ Worth reporting or at least pinging that thread, would be nice to get this patched.
  13. Eh, Fighter/Druid is a way better class than unkitted fighter, especially since Jaheira spent her time in the cell learning to catch flies with her bare hands.
  14. In PoE1, my understanding is that targeting is primarily based on defenses, not class. So casters (especially wizards) naturally get picked on because they have bad base deflection, are usually geared for offense rather than defense, and frequently dump defensive stats, but the same is true of rogues and barbarians. I'm not sure how much a character's actions once the fight begins matter; it would make sense to do some amount of reprioritizing, though there is a balance needed here since focusing attacks is valuable in itself and too much switching could reduce the threat by spreading damage around too much.
  15. In the first game, just disabling or killing whatever was after your squishies was usually stronger than trying to kite them, especially since the really deadly enemies (phantoms and the like) could disable their target. Obviously balance could change but I expect the same here.
  16. Enemies show an indicator of their current action, including what spell they're casting when casting, over their heads. Players also get access to the enemy's defenses, immunities, and resistances; enemies should know this as well. Beyond the detailed information available, enemy appearances give a lot of information about their capabilities (big enemies are probably strong in melee with high fortitude and low reflex, kith with full plate and shields are probably tough but not very dangerous offensively, casters in robes are probably squishy but dangerous offensively, etc). The more of this the AI can duplicate the better.
  17. Why waste time with the guy in full plate who can only stick you with a sword when there are guys wearing robes and doing more dangerous things in the back? Some variety in AI behavior could be interesting (ideally, kith should be smarter about picking targets than bears), but smart enemies should be able to evaluate offensive and defensive abilities and prioritize bringing down glass cannons. The first game did pretty well at forcing you to use positioning and CC to control fights, more of that please.
  18. Yep. It's nowhere near the whole progression. Up to level 20 in the full game. So, yeah, we can't be sure what the balance look like in the endgame, but it's also true that the majority of the game isn't the endgame. Yeah, even if the scaling works higher up the curve, it could be a problem for a lot of the game. And my impression from people in the beta is that higher power levels don't give a significant boost (at least at the levels in the beta), so it sounds like the prospects for the main advantage of single classes balancing out in the end are not great.
  19. Am I right in the understanding that the beta is level capped below the release cap? The progression chart seems to suggest that the idea is for single classes to pull further ahead in their speciality as the game goes on, so only having access to the lower parts of the level curve could distort perceptions. Consider the way 2e multiclassing worked in the IE games: multiclasses barely lag behind a pure class in both classes until the experience curve levels out in the low teens. In BG1 multiclasses are fairly absurd because it sits on the early part of the curve, while in BG2 the better single and dual classes pull far enough ahead in levels to shine in their niches (though non-caster single classes still tend to be pretty sad in comparison to multiclasses). In general, it seems OK to me if the best builds are multiclass as long as single classes are basically viable (especially if they're being recommended to new players). If balance is going to tilt towards one or the other, give me the one with more space to explore.
  20. I'm also a consumable hoarder, and I've been able to handle PotD (though it's still worth using them!). I'd say that you're very light on CC, a druid or wizard is worth considering.
  21. A shotgun is just a gun that fires shot; it's reasonable IMO to call a blunderbuss a shotgun. Rifling is a specific feature that the guns in PoE explicitly lack, though; it would offend my pedantic sensibilities to call one a rifle. Musket would be the obvious alternative to arquebus, though in the US at least it evokes the 18th century more than the earlier period on which PoE was primarily based.
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