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  1. The rapiers definitely seem like a good option. Strike Hard and Godansthunyr are another nice pair: they have the disorienting+stunning combination of the spears. You lose the accuracy bonus from the spears, but you gain a Might bonus, a speed weapon, and the best of two damage types. In both of those cases, having a speed weapon in one hand makes Vulnerable Attack really attractive.
  2. I definitely lifted some ideas from some of your posts on the topic. Also, the template I missed the Hood this time through, but that's a great suggestion. Barbaric Yell was useful early, but I pretty much stopped using it by the middle levels. As an aura, though, Frightened has a lot to offer.
  3. This is a pretty simple build for a dual-wielding Barbarian focused on interrupting and debuffing enemies. It still does pretty good damage thanks to tons of crits, making it a solid all-around frontliner. Nothing new for experienced players, I suspect, but a solid build for which I haven't seen a guide on these forums. =================================== Interrupt Barbarian =================================== Difficulty: PotD -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Barbarian -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Hearth Orlan® -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The White that Wends - Explorer -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: MIG: 10 CON: 10 DEX: 15 ® PER: 21 (!) INT: 15 ® RES: 7 -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Stealth 2, Athletics 6, Lore 10, Survival 8 -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities/Talents (a=auto, !=important, r=recommended): Carnage (a) Frenzy (!) Threatening Presence (!) Brute Force Savage Defiance ® Barbaric Yell One Stands Alone Barbaric Retaliation Dragon Leap Weapon Focus Peasant(!) Apprentice's Sneak Attack Accurate Carnage(!) Two Weapon Style(!) Stalwart Defiance Greater Frenzy Interrupting Blows(!) Veteran's Recovery --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (* = additional echantments by me; ! = essential, r = recommended): Weapon set 1: Vile Loner's Lance(Legendary, Durgan-Refined, Lash), Cladhaliath(Stunning enchantment, Superb, Durgan-Refined, Lash) Weapon Set 2: Hatchets for defense and slashing damage; I had Reghar Konnek and the Unlabored Blade by the end of the game Boots: Fenwalkers Head: Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil (not really highly recommended) Armor: Vengiatta Rugia Neck: Cloak of Comfort Belt: Girdle of Maegfolc Might Rings: Ring of Thorns & Ring of Deflection (since the build's deflection is terrible anyway, switching out the Ring of Deflection is probably a good idea. Overseeing or an Int boost would be good) Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action --------------------------------------------------------------- The items should not be considered an optimal set; the spears and gauntlets are the only things I feel particularly strongly about. Vengiatta Rugia is quite good here, but anything relatively light will do for armor (you need 20% or less armor penalty achieve 0 recovery when frenzied). Similarly, most of the abilities are fairly unimportant; you definitely want Frenzy for the attack speed and Threatening Presence for a debuff aura, but the rest are a matter of preference. The talents are more important; Veteran's Recovery is the only one I would strongly consider switching. If you're willing to spend Durgan on your armor, Vulnerable Attack would be a tempting option, further boosting damage while still allowing 0 recovery with a robe or near 0 recovery with padded armor. The primary goal of this build is to use Carnage to spread as many interrupts and debuffs as possible. As a bonus, you can do quite a bit of damage thanks to excellent crit potential thanks to high perception, the spear accuracy bonus, Disorienting from the Vile Loner's Lance, and hit-to-crit conversion (20% from Durgan weapons, 10% when the Orlan racial applies, 20% more if you bring a priest). Vengiatta Rugia and Apprentice's Sneak Attack add more damage under the right conditions. All those crits also help with interrupts, as you get a +25 bonus to interrupt on crits (and a -25 malus on grazes). Dungeon Delver and The Mercilless Hand are highly recommended given all those crits. Attack speed is important to keeping enemies interrupted or stunned: without frenzy, you have about 50% recovery, reduced by good Dex. When frenzying, you hit 0 recovery (1.15 (Durgan) * 1.15 (Durgan) * 1.15 (Gauntlets of Swift Action) * 1.33 (Frenzy) + .2 (Two-weapon style) - .2 (armor) = 2.02). For attributes, Perception is by far the most important and should be maxed; Dex and Int are the next most important. Once you get your spears, you are good enough at debuffing, stunning, and interrupting to be pretty durable on the front line even with bad deflection and mediocre endurance; you could easily drop Con and/or Res a bit to boost your offensive abilities. If you're OK with not doing much damage, you could dump Might to boost either Dex and Int (to emphasize the interrupting/debuffing side of things) or Con and Res for a tankier build. You could also make Dex less important by keeping Alacrity potions around to sustain 0 recovery even when Frenzy wears off, freeing up some of those points as well. Basically, as long as your perception is high, you'll be fine. Relatedly, races with a perception boost have a major advantage, as interrupt is one of the harder attributes to boost outside of stats; this makes non-Orlan races less than optimal. For skills, my goal was to get 8 Survival for the second level healing boost, 10 Lore for scrolls and dialogue, and some Athletics to make Second Wind somewhat useful. None of these are essential, though.
  4. Anomen had some redeeming qualities; for example: Jan should probably be a cipher: the skill bonuses match perfectly (mechanics, stealth, and lore), and it gives him a nice weapon/spell balance. Borresaine may not be a crossbow, but the stuns are a good flavor fit for his special crossbow ammunition. I don't think either of the rangers is a good fit for PoE's ranger class; I'd make Minsc a barbarian and Valygar a fighter with the cross-class sneak attack. Jaheira, on the other hand, I could see as a ranger, given how central summons were to BG druids and her fighter multi-class. Maybe a melee ranger with Ruffian weapons (clubs, stilletos, and sabres are a good fit for the clubs, daggers, and scimitars in BG), with some cross-class talents for spells.
  5. Monk fists are amazing: you get to dual-wield fast weapons with high damage. You're stuck with one damage type and no enchantments, but they're still pretty great. When it comes to dealing damage, attack speed boosts are really powerful. Swift Strikes is easy to sustain during a fight, since you only need one wound to activate it, and it also opens up Lightning Strikes, which lets you add a shocking lash while the Strikes are up. Since wounds are easy to come by later on, it's pretty easy to consistently keep Turning Wheel powered up for another lash effect. Take two-weapon style for another speed boost and some accuracy and damage boosting talents and you have a great autoattacker. Outside of pure damage, Force of Anguish gives a long-lasting single target disable that you can reliably spam in tough fights, you can apply Weakened on crits as a passive ability (unlocked at level 9), you get a mobility skill that also debuffs enemy defenses (level 11), and you can summon clones that can absorb enemy attention and do elemental damage (level 13). Wounds are a nice resource because they let you spam abilities throughout a fight: sure, you have to take damage first, but you don't have to worry about running out of spell slots or per encounter/rest skill slots in long fights. Monks are at their best in tougher fights, where wounds are easy to come by and other classes start running down their resources.
  6. 42s is the correct duration for a base 30s ability at 18 INT (30 * 1.4 = 42), so it sounds like you nailed the durations. I wouldn't worry too much about average INT for those abilities: 30s is pretty long, and in tough fights, you're going to get hit plenty to replace lost wounds.
  7. Two Chanters journeying the world, serenading each other with sappy love songs, seems like the correct thematic choice
  8. That's almost exactly what I used for my current Hearth Orlan, intending to be primarily an interrupter. He's also leading the party in damage, though, wielding the Vile Loner's Lance and Cladhaliath (both Durgan enhanced). Debuffs a significant area with Threatening Presence and the Lance's Disorienting, stuns with Cladhaliath, and between crits and Greater Frenzy he still puts out a solid amount of AoE damage. Definitely my favorite character I've run.
  9. The Caed Nua bounties slowly introduce you to the concept. The first bounties you get in Caed Nua are not too difficult, and spawn in areas you will have already cleared (so that they won't interfere with exploration). Then they get progressively more difficult, and start to appear in areas you may not have explored yet. Then by the time you get to the White March and get offered the Stalwart bounties, you should already know what to expect... I think the description of the building at Caed Nua where you get the base game bounties includes a description of them as high-challenge combat encounters. The Stalwart bounties aren't flagged as well, and it's pretty easy to get to Stalwart and accept a bounty there without having tried any of the Caed Nua bounties.
  10. On hard, I found Zahua very survivable when wearing the Raiment of Wael's Eyes (DR 3 before enchanting, casts Mirrored Image on taking a crit). In the early going, you probably want something heavier, just because endurance pools are smaller, but robes are definitely viable in the mid to late game.
  11. Starcaller isn't speed enchanted, but, if I understand the speed math right (pulling from this thread), you can still hit zero recovery while naked and frenzying (dual durgan-enhanced weapons + Gauntlets of Quickness + frenzy = 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.33 = 2.02), at which point 20 frames to attack and 4 between attacks gives an attack every .8 seconds, compared to every 1.13 with a normal one-handed weapon. That's almost 30% faster, which seems useful for stunlocking as many enemies as possible.
  12. Some one handers that really stand out to me for dualing with themselves: I think Starcaller is the only fast weapon with a disable on crit. I'm hoping to try this out on an Orlan barb I just started. Strike Hard is one of the few speed weapons with another useful enchantment in disorienting; not sure if that stacks between two of them, though. Also, if you're going with warhammers, why not include a Godansthunyr or two? Reghar Konnek is a fast weapon with a speed enchantment + some good assorted effects: interfering, predatory, and kith slaying. Could be a nice durability boost while keeping up damage with the speed and crits.
  13. Those were the specific Monks I was referring to. Glad I'm not alone in this ^^ As am I I'd call Rooting Pain and Flagellant's Path the really nasty combo: bypassing the front line completely is already one of my least favorite things to deal with, and my instinct, honed on countless shades, is to immediately burn down enemies that try it. In the case of the monks, that resulted in my PC Cipher being stunlocked and killed by Rooting Pain plus the monk's melee damage . After that, I started prioritizing them as disable targets and, when they get through, making sure to reposition to a safe place before hitting them.
  14. Just beat both for the first time: Adra was easier, since my PC was able to keep her paralyze-locked with Mental Binding for most of the fight. Alpine got dominated for a bit while I took out the rest of the enemies, then just surrounded by frontliners and beaten on with Moonwells and the frontliners' assorted heals keeping them up. Zahua did land a couple of critical grazes with Force of Anguish that knocked him down from time to time. That prone resistance is nasty, but it can be overcome.
  15. The monks in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon currently: mobility + disables + interrupts from taking damage have been doing a number on my back line.
  16. BG2 leveling is mostly linear; see the chart here, and remember that you start with between 89k XP (new character/import from BG1 at the original cap) and 161k (BG1 cap with expansion). Druids are the only exception; every other class goes to linear progression somewhere between 220k and 375k. BG1 is mostly exponential, with a great deal of class-by-class eccentricity.
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