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  1. If you respec or recruit some one at least level 5 or higher, that I've tested so far, after level 1 you are put to level 4. The game half acts like you're level 2 and half acts like you're level 4. You get 1 point for both specs in the case of multi class but don't get the tier 2 options. Another possible related issue I noticed is in the case of chanter you only get 1 point and can't choose a chant and a phrase* (sorry not sure if those terms are right).
  2. whenever I try to level up a character the game crashes. I've been playing for 14 hours, and haven't had this problem before. I did however used to have a bug where the game would crash randomly, that seemed to be fixed by adding "-force-d3d12' to the launch options. I've installed the latest Gpu driver and verified the game files integrity.
  3. Hello, I increased the Dexterity of Merisiel to d12 + 1 and the hand size of Valeros to 5 cards. When I try to start a new game with these characters, if I click “load existing character,” the system says the character is already in a game. If I click “make new character,” the character’s are available, but without the experience level-ups that I mentioned. How do I play the game with characters who have experience level-ups? Thanks, Paolo
  4. On the level up summary page, all defenses are shown as higher than they are after level up. Steps to reproduce the issue: - Level up as normal - See higher defenses on summary page - See lower defenses on character and inventory pages, after level up I tried to attach a save file but it said I'm not permitted to attach the file type. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  5. Hello everyone. I find this game frustratingly easy and vanilla...etc...... Do you guys have any suggestions for me to make it much interesting / harder ? What guys do you think if there could be an option to lock your player level progression depending on the zone you have entered? For example. If i finish all quests in Glided Vale and finish all non-combat quests in Defiance Bay and Dyrford, then i can take 6 lvl easily. And then just cakewalk all combat quests in Def. Bay, Raedrick, grab all possible EXP in searing falls, etc... This leads to easy lvl 9... What next....Go t
  6. The mouseover for Nimble in the Wild Sprint barbarian ability shows Unflinching instead of Nimble.
  7. At level 4 i accidentally managed to pick 3 abilities instead of 2. Steps to reproduce: 1. Enter level up and get to abilities section 2. Pick first ability and click next (stays on same page and refunds 1 point) 3. Pick second ability and click next (jumps to second ability page) 4. Pick ability and click next You should now have 3 abilities Playing on MacOS
  8. 1. Start a new game 2. Create a Druid/Monk multiclass character. 3. In-game, level the character up and make sure you select "Bull's Will" twice: Once from the Druid's list; once from the Monk's. 4. Observe that both instances of Bull's Will stack with each other: NOTE: For all I know, this might as well be intended: These are flat bonuses and therefore not subject to the normal Inspiration/Affliction stacking rules. While they are the same talent, they are sourced from different pools in a multiclassed character—multiclass characters are supposed to synergize. To get th
  9. The Shattered Pillar Monk loses his ability to gain Wounds from damage sustained, instead generating them through dealing damage themself. However, said monks still have access to the Lesser Wounds passive which states more or less (game crashed so... ) : Gain the ability to generate Wounds from damage I can see 3 scenarios here : 1/ Intended, working as advertised This is the intended behaviour and Shattered Pillar monks may take the skill to be able to generate Wounds by dealing damage AND by receiving damage (and at a lower threshold at that). It is my belief that
  10. After finishing Cabin in the woods I went on to level up my characters with the last power feat the were going to get. When I reached Seoni I was ready to give her the acid blast, however, it was nowhere to be found and I was forced to give her something else. Her arcane blast was upgraded all 5 steps to True arcane blast and truth be told the icons were occupying the total width of the upgrade window so that might have been the issue. After the level up I checked her power feat tab and it was still available (the acid blast feat). I would wager this can happen to any character having more t
  11. I made a review of PoE recently after I finished it for the first time (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92610-my-late-review-of-poe/). In it, I mentioned that PoE1 v3.05 had, personally, two major issues to be fixed: 1 - Encounter design and the limiting nature of combat mode, 2 - The leveling up system. As for n.1, I have reasons to believe it will be quite improved in PoE2. We already have sneak peeks showing us exploding kegs and difficult terrains, we know that Maia's bird will be able to scout and adding to the bigger number of ability options with the new subclasses and multiclassin
  12. I recently tried to play as ranger, but I found what I consider to be a detrimental factor in its balancing, other than in the fun playing it. Or you develop Ranged abilities Or you take pet's ones. Mixing is unsatisfying in my experience. Now, my frustration comes from the fact that the pet IS a second character, I am forced to keep it but its death cripples my Ranger performance. Therefore to augment its functionality and survive-ability I must devolve the points gained from levelling up on said improvements. This result in a very boring Ranger. If instead I decide to strengthen my
  13. Found a bug. Harsk and Lini questing. Both leveled up (Harsk to 40). But because I ran out of time, neither character received their reward. Subsequent successful quests did not trigger the reward screen either. (
  14. Apparently Level 30 still tries to give you a power feat instead of a card feat, even though it says (and should be) a card feat. I find it very frustrating to put the hours of effort into leveling up a party, especially having to forfeit if a character dies because of the death level bug, and when you get this far you have to pick the last power you didn't want your character to have instead of another card that you need to face the next tier.
  15. Hello there, I have search in forum and in the wiki but don't find anything about the experience system, maybe I don't use the right words. Anyway, how the experience and leveling up works? Are the experience earned in quests and battle divided to the party or are always the same for every party member? My question it's about playing solo. My character will level up faster if playing solo or have no difference? I just did not understand the experience system yet. Cheers!
  16. Hello! I posted this in the Steam forums also. Since I have not gotten any input, I moved here also. I just leveled up my paladin to level 3. He gained only 12 endurance points instead of 14, as he should get according to the wiki here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class I also have Aloth along. He also advanced to level 3 and he gained the correct amount of endurance points: 10. I might miss something, I guess... or it's a bug? Thx.
  17. Hello Backers, So it appears that we have a large amount of missing string data in various locations throughout the beta. Since these issues need to be resolved individually, I am building a master list of the missing strings. This is both to organize the data in a way the developers can easily fix and to relieve pressure on the forums from these bugs being posted multiple times. Please post any findings of Missing Strings in this thread and I will come through periodically and update this post with the full list. Screenshots are still great for this, as it gives us a clear visual
  18. I haven't included a saved game with this as there isn't any one point in the game where this issue occurs, it happens constantly. The issue is that whenever I try to equip a weapon while in the inventory screen, or switch characters while in the inventory screen I have to sit through about a 15 second wait. This issue was happening to me even before the 1.03 patch, so I doubt it's something that was caused recently. When trying to level up my characters (by clicking on the + button at the top left corner of the character's portrait) the game goes through the same pause for about 30 se
  19. There is a bug with modification of Eder Defender abilbity on levelup. If levelup is used and Wary Defender is chosen, when Defender mode is active, the tooltip doesn't change. It still shows info about unmodified ability. Moreover, the ability can't be deactivated after such modification. The only solution, I could find, was deactivating Defender before its modification on levelup. Everything works and shows just fine, if done that way.
  20. So I'm about to level Durance to level 6, and there's a nice talent that modifies his attack per-battle ability (forgot the name) The one that makes all enemies in AoE Dazed. Now the talent says that it modifies the spell to do weakened, what im not sure is does it add the effect or replaces dazed? If i take it and look at the tooltip of the spell, it still says dazed only. If i look in his char sheet i have ability that says it modifies in the top. Anyone has any idea?
  21. [Description of the issue] The Fine deflection bonus (and similar) on shields are ignored by the Weapon and Shield style talent. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Create game, any character works, but human/fighter/aedyr with 10 stats everywhere will make things simpler. 2) Inspect character. You should have a sword and shield, and have 40/20/20/20 for defenses. 2) Bring Character to Level 2, select Weapon and Shield style for talent. You should now have 53/23/48/23 for defenses. (You may have to exit the inventory and unpause the game to
  22. (linux, BBv480) [Problem] When a party member has enough experience to level up, the cross/plus icon appears on top of the portrait. In combat mode, this icon isn't present most of the time, but time to time blinks back to it's initial position. [How to reproduce] For example: 1. Start the game with a new character, don't level up, so the this element is visible over the portrait. 2. Start the combat, execute some action, such as an attack, and observe the blinking. Or if you manage to earn enough experience for the next level for the whole party, the party roster will blink li
  23. At level 2 during character creation, the Rogue has access to only 1 class talent, Backstab. Backstab will only work when you COME OUT OF INVISIBILITY. There is only 1 invisibility-granting ability for Rogues and that is Shadowing Beyond. But guess what, it's not available until level 4. Even worse is the fact that you could completely skip over Shadowing Beyond and pick some other talent at level 4 and your Backstab talent that you were forced to pick at level 2 would still be useless! Shadowing Beyond grants invisibility essentially and this is needed for Backstab to even work.
  24. [Description of the issue] When you level up as a wizard and choose spells from the list in the level-up screen, their AoE isn't adjusted to show the difference between default AoE and AoE your character will get. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Level up as a wizard. 2) Choose new AoE spell from the list. 3) Notice the AoE shown before the base AoE is the same as base AoE. 4) Inspect the same spell from another interface. 5) Notice that AoE which the character will get is adjusted for the character's INT bonus and is different than the b
  25. [Description of the issue] "Deep Faith" bonus does not get applied! [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Start new game with a Paladin character 2) Level up your Paladin and select "Deep Faith" when you get the opportunity 3) Check the numbers for Defenses, the entry for "Faith & Conviction" and its tooltip on the character sheet 4) Notice that the defenses get improved as per level-up additons and per regular "Faith & Conviction", but the additional bonus from "Deep Faith" is missing. While being correctly displayed in the "Faith &
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