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  1. I just want to paralyze a particular dragon that has high fortitude. I thought about the morning star but didn’t use it... shame on me.
  2. xD I can see that, good call. Have you found it yet? Looking forward to reading it, I'll keep it in mind Sorry to bump this Thread. But yes, they've added Amra! You can find it in Dunnage east outside vendor.
  3. You get Aloth. The animancers are all there. You just miss on the story a tiny bit.
  4. Game got harder now. People saying it's only there are lying. On POTD the Hasango main fight at lvl 10 has more nagas and shaman nagas than I can take.
  5. In truth we all know the best version of this game will come after all expansions and patchs come... now I’m actually happy with what we have got so far.
  6. Jereck thx for the info. Will reach for obsidian , since my “survey” was confirmed to be received by them.
  7. Interesting takes. Do you think number of enemies in encounters is also affecting it? What is your take on the new penetration mechanics as well?
  8. Lol at your roleplaying! I’ve backed the “create an item “ but haven’t found it yet. It’s a battle axe named Amra, anyone here found it?
  9. Problem is that they did exactly that with per encounter focus. There are still lots of small fights. In fact, there were more “per encounter “ fights in PoE 1 regardless of its limited rest than there are in PoE2. There were a few lvls on Od Nua and maps on White March that would quickly make me use my camp fires. And once those encounters happened, I had to use food and potions and a whole arsenal of spells. That’s how hard it was compared to now.
  10. Seens like a consensus that the PER REST formula will not be coming back. So, they now REALLY need to focus on their PER ENCOUNTER, wich, ATM , lacks a lot. Edit: In a way, even PoE 1 was per encounter . You would never go into a bounty fight unprepared for example.
  11. IMO No. But they should have some for the bugs, and others for the combat. "Here, test these many encounters and see how they play out".
  12. Yeah, this. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why people are singling out POE 2 for being too easy. I wouldn't be able to name a crpg that's harder than POE 1 & 2. Maybe you had a different experience, but mine was fast mode auto combat. PoE1 is much more difficult, not even comparable at the moment. BG-trilogy is more difficult even without mods. D:OS is definitely much more difficult, although it did suffer from crazy power creep. The Witcher games are way more difficult, even the 3rd game and even in the end since you still, no matter how OP you are, have to dodge those instagib
  13. I cannot disagree more with this post. First of all, hack and slash games rely upon testing the player's skill in a realtime setting. However, realtime with pause is not the same thing. Realtime with pause is designed to test thoughtful tactics and strategy, it is essentially a less tedious way of having turn-based combat. Hack and slash games are about testing quick reflexes and quick thinking. This is a significant thing to misunderstand. Second, restriction can indeed equal great gameplay. If all the pawns on a chessboard could move like a queen, the game would not have the same level o
  14. This. Unless you wan't to see the same ol "castles and dungeons" of a classic medieval fantasy. I, on the other hand, was glad to see a city build alongside a mountain where the Queen sits on a throne adorned with fishs.
  15. Because it's always natural that you wont mentally gimp yourself. Thats why you have Trial of Iron. Say they removed this feature and some people started complaining. Would you just say "tell yourself" no to load a save if you die? That does not work. Say the majority of people found Dark Souls easy, your anwser would be "tell yourselft not to lvl up "? And what about the majority of people complaining about POTD difficulty? Will you just tell them to not lvl up and use armor"? Whenever someone tells you to "gimp yourself" to make the game more enjoyable/playable, thats more
  16. I'll just have to do my all other runs after this year, after all expansions and patchs this will be the masterpiece it aims to be.
  17. They also need new weapons. No two handed Great Axes or Hammers is a bummer. Also, new icons for the passives, those generics for everything suck.
  18. First Impression: -Lore tidbits like in Tyranny is a great adition -VA is awesome -Graphics / loadscreens/ animations vastly improved - and I'm playing on my weak laptop, since my main PC is now at my company. However, just left the first island and combat in POTD seemed a bit (actually a lot) easier than the first game. I've heard that , unlike the first game where the first act was the hardest , now the game progressively gets harder, so I'm hoping for that.
  19. C Well, I have The Ultimate achievement as a Monk and even in a solo run as non-healer high health class, health was definitely an issue for a few fights (especially a certain fight, you know what I mean). Now the game is obviously balanced around party play where you might have a dedicated healer on top of Healing Potions, Shod-in-Faith, Moon Godlike etc. so saying health system was irrelevant in Pillars 1 is simply not true. Congrats on TU , but you do know that is a very different case when you solo. Specially balance wise.
  20. O plz STFU. I have a triple frozen crown under my belt, and during battles I've never had to worry about health. Only after the battles or before an important battle, should I rest? Should I go to town? But never during a fight. So yes, they are removing an aspect of the game, but removing and saying it's easier it's like saying you want "emcumbrance" in PoE because every other RPG has it.
  21. Only that unlike Thaos, her motivations are proven to be altruistic and her beliefs to be true. Likewise, she is always portrayed as some benevolent liberator whose beliefs also never drive her to committing atrocities of any sort the way Thaos did, that we learn of anyhow. Also to house2fly, to the best of my awareness I was never given an option to tell her I didn't think she was right, or to argue against her exposition. This is even more worrying when, at least during my first playthrough, my character literally asked out loud "could this be true, that the gods are a lie?" right after the
  22. So, we could have had Sea Monster Hunting , but now in the latest hour we have another kind of surprise. Kinda shady, really. EDIT: Just read the second quote from original post, now I'm more releaved.
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