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  1. I just want to paralyze a particular dragon that has high fortitude. I thought about the morning star but didn’t use it... shame on me.
  2. xD I can see that, good call. Have you found it yet? Looking forward to reading it, I'll keep it in mind Sorry to bump this Thread. But yes, they've added Amra! You can find it in Dunnage east outside vendor.
  3. You get Aloth. The animancers are all there. You just miss on the story a tiny bit.
  4. Game got harder now. People saying it's only there are lying. On POTD the Hasango main fight at lvl 10 has more nagas and shaman nagas than I can take.
  5. In truth we all know the best version of this game will come after all expansions and patchs come... now I’m actually happy with what we have got so far.
  6. Jereck thx for the info. Will reach for obsidian , since my “survey” was confirmed to be received by them.
  7. Interesting takes. Do you think number of enemies in encounters is also affecting it? What is your take on the new penetration mechanics as well?
  8. Lol at your roleplaying! I’ve backed the “create an item “ but haven’t found it yet. It’s a battle axe named Amra, anyone here found it?
  9. Problem is that they did exactly that with per encounter focus. There are still lots of small fights. In fact, there were more “per encounter “ fights in PoE 1 regardless of its limited rest than there are in PoE2. There were a few lvls on Od Nua and maps on White March that would quickly make me use my camp fires. And once those encounters happened, I had to use food and potions and a whole arsenal of spells. That’s how hard it was compared to now.
  10. Seens like a consensus that the PER REST formula will not be coming back. So, they now REALLY need to focus on their PER ENCOUNTER, wich, ATM , lacks a lot. Edit: In a way, even PoE 1 was per encounter . You would never go into a bounty fight unprepared for example.
  11. IMO No. But they should have some for the bugs, and others for the combat. "Here, test these many encounters and see how they play out".
  12. Yeah, this. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why people are singling out POE 2 for being too easy. I wouldn't be able to name a crpg that's harder than POE 1 & 2. Maybe you had a different experience, but mine was fast mode auto combat. PoE1 is much more difficult, not even comparable at the moment. BG-trilogy is more difficult even without mods. D:OS is definitely much more difficult, although it did suffer from crazy power creep. The Witcher games are way more difficult, even the 3rd game and even in the end since you still, no matter how OP you are, have to dodge those instagibs and spam that fast attack till your fingers bleed. I was literally away from keyboard fast moding boss fights in Deadfire on the hardest difficulty. There is no doubt it's badly borked at the moment, hence all these threads about it. Give me a break, I beat PoE 1 on Hard a couple of weeks ago with a straight fighter doing nothing but auto attack and letting the AI handle the companions. The combat was slower and less flashy, but it wasn't hard at all, just more tedious. BG is only hard the first time you play it due to the clusterf*ck that the AD&D rules are. After that it's a cake walk without mods like SCS. PoE 1 on PoTD is a much harder game than PoE2. This is unquestionable. Also, you found the combat slower? I think in PoE2 the combat is slower, and having a smaller party also contributes to that.
  13. I cannot disagree more with this post. First of all, hack and slash games rely upon testing the player's skill in a realtime setting. However, realtime with pause is not the same thing. Realtime with pause is designed to test thoughtful tactics and strategy, it is essentially a less tedious way of having turn-based combat. Hack and slash games are about testing quick reflexes and quick thinking. This is a significant thing to misunderstand. Second, restriction can indeed equal great gameplay. If all the pawns on a chessboard could move like a queen, the game would not have the same level of strategic depth and never would have become a timeless classic. Games are *all* about restricting the player. Too much restriction or too little restriction isn't a virtuous characteristic of a game in of itself. Whether restrictions or freedoms work for the game is what matters. Again, this is a significant thing to misunderstand. I completely agree. However, as significant a thing is to misundestarnd, it's also a fine line between what rescrictions would greatly improve gameplay. Remember when PoE was released and there was no "emcumbrance" system? People where shocked. Now, who would even think about having emcumbrance in PoE1 -2? No one even talks about it.
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