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  1. This is complete, BS and does not happen. EDIT: Except for the guardian and power attack thingie Did you type that correctly? Twenty hours? I *finished* it in 21, and did the majority of side-quests <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Woah power-gaming at its peak
  2. The Engine has run out of memory when its running everything else, weather effects excetera. That is one reason why it needs an over-haul... perhaps use the new Bioware RPG one?
  3. Im trying to get 2000 before i leave these boards.... tis gonna be a looooong time
  4. Perhaps you could use the search function?
  5. Does this mean i can start another one? :D
  6. Meh i believe that most people here would prefer Obsidian to write books over game scripts :D
  7. Kreia is neutral. Even at the end she explains her reasons quite well for this. So it doesnt matter your alignment, just agree with her at every possible moment
  8. Meh ive had to handle Laozi and other neigh sayers for months <_< Let them rot for all i care as its obvious they really will only EVER get their kicks for being the 'tough guy'.
  9. Hehe guess again, my thread was deleted and it called pretty much every flamer on this site a whiny bitch trying to give people inferiority complex's
  10. My extent to others gaming experience is i hope there are those out there that enjoy it as much as me so that i can rant and rave about how much fun ive had... Other than that ish me me me and i
  11. Glad you enjoyed the game almost as much as meh
  12. They made me level Exile... they are going to give me a conclusion to my Exile
  13. added the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" line in my swkotor2.ini file maybe that will fix it?.. im gunna go nuts if i dont beat this game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you cant complete it, because the game for you is that hideous, i suggest you download 'Bink and Smacker' and Necrotech file decypher and watch all the cut scenes
  14. Btw Grandpa ive got another version for your Sig: It takes 47 muscles in your face to frown... however it only takes 3 to reach out bitch slap that mutha' upside the head
  15. As it is stated above Volourn the correlation between system spec's, what your running the game at (bear in mind im not referring to resolution) and Frame Rate drops is 99% to 1
  16. Hehe i just get addicted to things too easily... I played solid for 2 days and ended the bugger there and then Playing WoW before my second play through LS
  17. my computers specs are..... AMD athlon xp 3000+ OC'ed to 3200, 1gig corsair xms3200 series RAM, ATI X800Pro 256mb/256bit GFX card, asus a7n8x mobo, lets seee.... 160gig 7200RPM HD... i think thats everything <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Please read the entire thread... im not repeating what ive said in the past. People have given solutions and causes and im too tired to repeat them now
  18. No that is related to memory allocation. Spec anyone?
  19. Make K3 : Revan and K3 : Exile One can be an expansion pack but basically 2 different perspectives of one event. Half Life and Opposing force anyone?
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