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  1. Most companies won't consider you without prior experience in some element of game development. Quality Assurance is a solid route to go, you make friends and contacts, and you can showcase your knowledge.
  2. well there is the Arcade, Core, Pro, Elite and Halo editions as it is. The Core was replaced by the Arcade. There have been 360 Dev kits since long before there were any other 360s... but that's true with all the consoles, and I think that was thrown in for lolz anyway.
  3. Serious response: Is there a sword in the book you're reading, the movie you're watching, or the game you're playing? If so it's probably in the fantasy genre. Joke response: Mass Effect is the only fantasy game I've ever played, because it's the only game out where I can make 2 girls bone.
  4. I'm going to assume that the language barrier is what prevents you from properly reading my post, and not something else. They're not vampires because they're little girls. They're vampires because they essentially feast on others. The Big Daddies are not cheapened because they're on the cover. They're cheapened because they're the guardians of this so-called dilemma, but they're also the "big game." It basically encourages you to kill the guardians, rather than respect them.
  5. That's the threat. One false move around the wee vampire lasses, and Aquaman tries to gore you with his spinning drill of doom. Then they get to suckle your sweet, sweet nectar. I know. The game reminds me a lot of Sunshine or Event Horizon, both of which degenerated into nothing more than "HEY! Look at me! I'm crazy and I'm gonna kill you! IN SPACE!" They're made out to be the "cover monster" of the game... the CE even comes with a figurine. What do you do with the featured monster of a game? Not fight it? No, you know damn well you're going to fight those Big Daddies (I did it for the achievements and the lulz!), and that really, really cheapens their "I'm a bad ass faceless monstar! GRRR" mystique. There is no dilemma. You are going to kill Big Daddies by the dozen, if only for the sport of it, which further cheapens their mystique. I also find them terribly repetitive and monotonous. "How do we make them tougher? Give them hore health!" I'd continue ranting, but I have work to do.
  6. Except, you know, they have made such a big deal about these Big Daddies. The Big Daddy is the threat from the Little Sister. Don't even get me started on the aquarium diving-men silliness.
  7. No... they're meant to be creepy little girls with syringes who "harvest" you when you die. Creepy concept cheapened by the little girl route. "Moral dilemma" is completely secondary to the fact that they're basically little girl vampires... UNDER WATER.
  8. I only have three things to say about Bioshock. 1) Little girls are not creepy or scary. Even when they want to suck out people's spinal nectar they aren't scary. I wish games and movies would stop using little girls to try and freak us out. 2) I'm crazy! I'm gonna stab you... UNDER WATER! 3) Cool setting, I just think they could have done a lot more with it. System Shock wins.
  9. Crash Man was the worst for me. The rest of that game was cake. Which Megaman had Snake man? Snake Man and Wood Man were the lamest piles of poop ever.
  10. Right. I'll beleive you when you actually do what you say: come back when you get beat the original Pacman. Then tell me how easy it was. ...because, as we know, in order to "beat the game" you have to get a perfect score... That TOTALLY proves your point. GG. Anyway, the very fact that you'd even bring up Pac-Man boggles the mind. It's like bringing up Geometry Wars or Tetris. These games aren't supposed to have "ends." You're not supposed to "beat" them. Modern games, for the most part, have stories. That means beginning somewhere and ending somewhere. That's something Pac-Man, Tetris, and Geometry Wars lack, and THAT's why these games are "harder," not because they're older. The newest iteration of Pac-Man is just as difficult as the old one, in the end. Pinball also has no end... it is clearly the hardest game ever! Pretending for a moment that difficulty isn't a completely subjective concept... Compare Super Mario 64 to Mario Bros. Mario 64 was more difficult for me, but Super Mario Bros. on SNES was more difficult than either, and Mario Bros. 2 was more difficult than any of 'em. Oh and lulz at whoever brought up Castlevania. That game wasn't difficult, it was retarded. Someone already pointed out the "throw holywater at the floor" bit... Go play Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the hardest difficulty, then get back to me about new games not being difficult. Prince of Persia for Xbox was also pretty difficult, certainly more difficult than King's Quest, Duke Nukem, or Megaman... although the hardest game ever is still Leisure Suit Larry... in real life.
  11. Warcraft lore was never really original. Magical portals of doom created by an intergalactic army of destruction! Arthas is just a slight deviation of King Arthur, for example. The only lore I've even found remotely interesting is the Scarlet Crusade, which is nothing more than a puppet of the Burning Legion. The whole reason I participated in Nax raids, way back when, was the chance that the Ashbringer would drop and I'd get to see what happens if you take it to the Scarlets. Other than that, WoW, Warcraft I-III... really nothing there to hold my interest lore wise. Pope, the demon race you mention weren't demons at all, they're the Eredar. Archimonde and Kil'jaeden were basically Sargeras' lieutenants, but not really demons. Unless you mean the Nathrezim, which have nothing to do with the Eredar or the Draenei.
  12. Duke Nukem Forever has also been out for 5 monthes.
  13. Gotta get this out of the way, Gromnir. Why are you here? Now then, to Gromnir's question... Tons! Depends on what you want. I'd download Geometry Wars, even if you hate twitch games it's a blast and is sure to cause a seizure at some point. If you mean AAA titles, there are quite a few on the horizon. Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, and Mass Effect being the big 3. Alan Wake is available on 360, if you've never played that it's worth a shot. If possible, rent first. I never played it on 360. Catan is excellent. Condemned was pretty enjoyable, once I got over the weird camera. Dead Rising is a blast, but it might be too actiony for you. I'd still give it a try, if you like killin' zombies and psychos... and taking pikshurgraphs. It's hard to recommend games based on their "action." Some games are action, but aren't twitchy. I don't think the Hitman series or Splinter Cell series are twitchy, and I would recommend both those 360 titles... but they're action. Splinter Cell: Double Agent was great, as was Hitman: Blood Money. I'd recommend Overlord, though. Overlord surprised me it was so fun. You play an evil mastermind with an army of minions that you direct. Adventure game. Lots o' fun.
  14. Did I sound hot?

    You know... on the radio?

  15. Hey! You! GET INTO MY CAR!

    ...too old?

    Okay then...

    Hey! You!

    I could be your girlfriend...

  16. I seriously disliked this episode, except for the beginning.
  17. I'd almost, ALMOST forgotten how naive you were. I can't think of any MMO where the "protagonists" outnumber villains by 100:1. Have you ever played an MMO? You can very much change a world that has to appear "the same" to players. Contested zones, rewards, etc... WoW did a pretty good job with Ahn'Qiraj. You have to complete tasks to prepare the war effort, and then gather supplies before going to war. All MMOs have some semblance of story, and they can be used well, or not. As with everything, it's in the delivery. Some instances are better than others. Your last point is moot, since "trivial" tasks are subjective. I consider killing monsters trivial, where others love it. Boring, in and of itself, is subjective. What you hate is Guild Wars, which is hardly an MMO. WTB valid arguments against MMOs. There are tons, but these aren't them.
  18. That's not true. Space and aliens were popular long before that. Look at all the 50's "it came from space" movies and comics.
  19. No. Let's talk about Planescape: Torment for the 10,000th time, or let's have discussion #115,000 where we discuss Hades' supernatual ability to be stubborn and illogical.
  20. Also, because it's cool to watch stuff when it premieres and talk about it the next day. Watching Heroes or Rome with my friends is a weekly ritual. Discussing them at work the day after is also a ritual. No one wants to to talk about it days later, whenever it is released for DL.
  21. I picked up a 26" wide, 1080p for about $700 a few months back. It does have PC input, but I don't use it for that, I use my 21" wide monitor for that. I definitely love my HDTV. Rome in HD is pretty damn amazing, my only complaint is that I wish I had gotten a bigger T.V.
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