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  1. The side quests got me. Every uncharted planet was the same thing. Out of my 30 hours of gameplay 15 of it was driving around surveying minerals, solving some random problem occuring on the planet in a paragonic or renegadic (words? lol) way, and running into the tremors monsters. Go to the next planet rinse and repeat. They set up something though I think with a lot of potential. Mass Effect 1 and Jade Empire 1 had the same problem; All flash, no substance.
  2. While taking a summer class I had a book cost me 229.99 at the campus bookstore, so I took it back and order it online for 80 bucks. I needed it ASAP because I had a test in the class on monday and it was a tuesday. I did overnight shipping and expedited processing. Extra 20 bucks, but I figured what the hey I am saving 130 dollars. Well by friday I started getting really nervous and so naturalyl I became really good friends with a couple of people in my class so I could use their books for short periods of time over the weekend. Long story short I got my book that monday when i got home from my test and I was pissed to put it mildly. Never bought a game online all though I do use gamefly. If you pay attention though and are a member they'll have random sales where you can get games like KotOR2 for a really good price like 12 bucks or something.
  3. I think it will be either Pens in 6 or Wings in 7... but since I can't have two picks Ill go with Pens in 6.
  4. They look better last night then they did Thursday.
  5. I'm so freaking tired today. That game was over at 1:30 where I live and by the time I settled down from the game to fall asleep it was 3 and I wake up at 6 for work. Anywho... I'll take the Redwings in 7 over my Stars. Red Wings have always had the Stars number... but then again we could never get out of the first round of the playoffs so I have no clue. Pit over Pit in 6. I just think Penguins are flat out better than the Flyers.
  6. Oh my god Nabokov I hate you so much right now!
  7. I don't want to sound bitter or anything but that puck off Morrow's skate should have been a goal imo. Oh well. Go Stars!
  8. Freespace 3 Star Trek: Bridge Commander 2 KoTOR 3 A real Sea Dogs 2 Thunderscape 2 (even though I could never beat the original) Quest for Glory 6
  9. Totally agree with Omelette and The Architect. K1 is totally overrated (although I still love playing it). The story in particular bugs the heck out of me. I think people just love K1's story because there is a cool plot twist... but to the matter at hand. Jedi Outcast or KotOR2 are my favorite Star Wars games. I loved modding JO. Other good Star Wars Games not metioned in the poll: Dark Forces 1 Jedi Knight (Boc still cracks me up) X-Wing Tie-Fighter X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter Rogue Squadron Rogue Leader P.S. I didn't even know they made an AotC game... probably wasn't very good though. Also curious tid bit. Of the good LA games mentioned above only Rogue Leader, the two recent Jedi Knights, and the KotORs were made after 1999. Hmmmmmmmm.
  10. I had more fun playing TSL than Kotor so... I pick TSL. But I understand the arguments for both games.
  11. I've seen it as a platinum hit at stores so that must mean it has sold at least 1 million copies.
  12. I just want to say I have never been more impressed with a group of modders than I am right now. I have seen too many grandiose mod ideas that get 2 months into production then disappear forever. At first I thought this was going to be another one of those. But, I was pleasantly wrong. Way to go guys! ^_^
  13. In my opinion JRPG romances are better. Since JRPGs tend to be more linear writers can focus on the best way to build up a relationship rather than relying on the player to select the "romance" dialogue option. You look at the big budget game series such as Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Tales series, etc. there is little to no chance for customization, dialogue options, or any other ways to influence the plot so writers are free to develop parts of the plot such as romance. However, I don
  14. And here I thought you were talking about a possible sequel to the 1996 movie The Phantom.
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