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  1. Doctors get chicks and parents brag about it, thus those two qualifiers.
  2. I can, quite easily. Go install flooring, carpet is particularly strenuous and difficult. It has all the issues that game development has, AND physically intense. Doctor, lawyer, nurse, hell baby sitting is more difficult than game development. Get some perspective, game development isn't that tough. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ABSOLUTELY CRAZY MAN. Well except for the obvious Doctors, nurses crap, baby sitting tho' LOL, installing flooring LMFAO. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Having worked in flooring, game development and baby sitting, I feel comfortable in saying you have no idea what you're talking about. I've been in crunch since I started working at Bethesda, I've had less than 8 weeks where I worked less than 65-70 hours. I couldn't visit the doctor on account of my broken toe for a month, none-the-less, it's been a cake walk in comparison to my time installing carpet. There is a reason so many people want to get jobs in the game industry, and it isn't because of the chicks, or to impress their parents. It isn't to prove how they can overcome insurmountable, fatigue-inducing, difficult work either. Get some perspective.
  3. Why, exactly, aren't games art? Mass production? Multiple cooks in the kitchen? External forces and influence? All of these affect all forms of art most of the time. Anyway, to get back on topic, I wouldn't consider Troika an all-time great development house. I only enjoyed Arcanum, and even then it had immense failures that hurt the game for me. ToEE and Bloodlines, meh - ToEE was a disaster for me, and Bloodlines was only enjoyable for the first 1/3 of the game or so. All of this is my opinion, obviously, but I like to hear myself talk in my own head and I enjoy the sound of my fingers hitting the keys.
  4. I can, quite easily. Go install flooring, carpet is particularly strenuous and difficult. It has all the issues that game development has, AND physically intense. Doctor, lawyer, nurse, hell baby sitting is more difficult than game development. Get some perspective, game development isn't that tough.
  5. Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the first link on the erotic mind control page is symantec?
  6. My favorite board members? Myself thepixiesrock Surreptishus kumquatQ3 alanschu and gromnir are kinda dreamy when they get together. The all time best, though, has to be Llyranor and Little Nickie. They count as one person in my heart, that way I'm never cheating on either one of them... ...what?
  7. The controls are much better now than they were. The game plays excellently on a 360 gamepad, I prefer keyboard + mouse, but most people had trouble with keyboard + mouse. The game mechanics are difficult to master, different ships have different firing arcs and movement rates, where others have cannons on all sides of their ships, but can't fire vertically. Ships with good sensors acquire phaser lock faster and can activate sub-system targetting more adeptly. The problem is the documentation is poor. I actually tried to help this towards the end of the development, but not much could be done. Most people won't figure out how to use sub-system targetting, which is where the real strategy of the game is. The day Legacy was released on PC I was terrorizing people online, destroying their weapons and engines, leaving before finishing the job. Personally, I think the game is fun. If you go in with high hopes expecting some sort of realistic space sim game, you're going to walk away disappointed. If you go in expecting a tactical, squad based space battle game, you should enjoy yourself. Internally, we ran a lot of games with arbitrary rules assigned. One of my favorite games was a game I call assimilation. 1 player is borg with 4 ships, 3 other players can be anything but borg and can take only 2 ships, originally it was 3 on 1, but we found it to be more fun as a free-for-all. Everyone would start out gunning for the borg, but then someone would get greedy and want first place, they would inevitably turn on their former allies for the extra points. Like I said, Legacy is fun for what it is. If you think you would enjoy a space battle game using capital ships made famous by Star Trek, it might be up your alley. P.S. Hades, it has been out on PC for a week.
  8. I actually enjoy Legacy, for what it is, at least. The controls take some time to get used too, and the AI has spurts of anti-intelligence. My favorite review of the game thus far has been the OXM UK, where the reviewer says the game has too much 3D, but also has too much 2D. If someone could explain that to me, I would be grateful. If someone wants to challenge me to a deathmatch on Xbox Live, I'd be glad to play.
  9. Shadowstrider


    Hitler had a ****load of golden kryptonite. D'uh.
  10. Shadowstrider


    Man, how did you get so tough?
  11. When I was young, I think I may have been 5 or 6, I pretty much felt up one of my camp counselors. It wasn't sexual to me, but I can imagine how it would be to an adult.
  12. For the first time ever, someone has said "stop being obtuse" and wasn't talking to you, Hades.
  13. Not use Khelgar... sorry, you lost me. Why wouldn't you use Khelgar? Were you intoxicated at the time?
  14. Khelgar has several inventory tabs, one for books, one for gems, one for essences, one for plot items, etc...
  15. Why buy magic bags at all? Khelgar is a walking magic bag.
  16. I'd like to romance Elanee in real life... if you get me... because that was so subtle.
  17. I think it was mostly mouse wheel, using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out or holding it in and turning the camera.
  18. Most the problems with the camera (that I've seen voiced, anyway( are that it is slow to react in top-down (default) mode. Then after a slightly hesitant reaction it seems too responsive to mouse movement, possibly caused by the typical player having ADD and moving the mouse more wondering why the camera didn't react immediately. Not having ADD, I don't have a problem with this. The only complaint I have with the camera is in free cam mode, it moves too slowly when I move to the edge of the screen. So, naturally, I tried the click+drag method. This didn't help much, and I was forced to watch the cursor twitch on screen. Other than that I have no problem.
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