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  1. A freind and I have been designing a horror RPG for some time. If we could find a publisher interested, we might consider putting some actual production into it. Originally I though Resident Evil might make a good setting, but the prospect of it being console-only is icky. *Dreams.*
  2. Feh. All the archdevils and demon princes have avatars as well. As for my alias, it is unfortunately linked to Sammael of Wheel fo Time, one of the Chosen of the Dark One (i.e. bad guys) and a great general of times long gone. To separate myself more fully from that character, I often use the title "Duke of Baator" or change the alias itself to "Duke Sammael." Historically, Sam(m)ael is one of the names medieval Hebrew scripts attribute to Satan, although there is much debate whether or not they are the same entity. Sammael is the only fallen angel that is both hated and loved at the same time, beautiful to behold but terrible in his wrath. He is the angel of retribution and war, but also of truth and knowledge. There are several apocryphal texts that mention Sammael, although they are not parts of the "official" Bible. The avatar is from a picture of a pit fiend (the highest-ranking non-noble baatezu) standing victorious on a pile of dead adventurers, by Wayne Reynolds, one of the principal D&D 3(.5)E artists. In Aramaic, Sammael is described as "the most perfect of deathbringers." If I recall correctly, in the apocryphon he is also described as "the first to fall with the Morningstar." If that is true, Sammael couldn't possibly be the same as Lucifer. Anyhoot, Shadowstrider was the first "big bad evil" I ever created for a campaign. My players started calling me Shadowstrider, it sort of stuck.
  3. Wasn't a shot at the codex, its just fairly well documented that you guys have a very lenient policy. If it were a shot at the codex, I'de post it... I've done it before
  4. *Sigh* Same crap, different setting. At this point I'de be happy with Volourn moderating. This insult slinging grudge match needs to end.
  5. Did you bother to read the FAQ posted by Guild? You violated 2 rules already, and the boards have been open less then 24hours. No offense intended, but this isn't the Codex, its a business' forums, and they need to maintain some professionalism Insulting someone who is not present with sexually degrading material, is not, in any way, shape, or form, proper. EDIT: I removed the questionable parts, so it is not drag it down more.
  6. Sorry, but the Chicken Bread Boy is ALL that matters, ever. You lose, because you overlooked that fact. The nerve of some people . . .
  7. While browsing my control panel I saw a link about purchasing a paid subscription... Whats this all about, anyone know?
  8. Quite to the contrary, Gromnir and I have sparred from time to time, and I've seen him concede points (albeit rarely). Plus, if someone mature is engaged in a debate with Gromnir you can actually learn things, though this could be said about anyone, I've come to find that intellectual debates with Gromnir can be quite informative. As for his speech, I have no problem with comprehending it... I guess I am just sim-pul.
  9. Analogies are not literal meanings. They are essentially a story which relates to a certain situation. As for whom I am refering to, if you felt you are one of them, you. If not, then not you. If I wanted to argue with someone, I would've named names, pointed fingers, and slapped people around.
  10. Yes, you did. Unfortunately, some people just don't know how to handle themselves. Reminds me of the guy at the party who drinks to much, and then gets aggressive when you ask him to stop or leave.
  11. Gromnir's a fine enough sort. His english is also fine. If you don't like his in-character posts, you're "exactly the sort we think you is." Posting style aside, Usermods should be a last resort. Unfortunately there seems to be a need for moderation already.
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