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  1. and here I hoped for a germany-england final...bummer you know, we have a chant here we sing to cheer us up (heard in yesterdays half time - things looked a little grim back then) that is: "ohne Holland fahrn wir nach Berlin" [without holland we go to Berlin]...just a side note to all the friendly dutchmen around these party of the 'net (on another side note: I was on the dutch side in the match against portugal...I like the netherlands and all netherlands-related products)
  2. It's not really German what it speaks. The words are, but syntax and grammar are false. Looks like an internet translation. Maybe it's a crazy robot, or a crazy spammer.
  3. that's a pity...but the site is cool...thanks
  4. that is a marvellous picture...is there a larger version to be found somewhere? cute-input: a dog
  5. That is not German. Maybe its Dutch or Danish. Or some muppets mimic German out of variations of 'Achtung' and 'Stop'. This is German: Wir sind Helden - Wenn es passiert funny video: Movies Kick Ass!
  6. ah, what a game...what a thrill...showed that Klinsmann (the coach) really changed things...never saw a german team with such a moral
  7. As I'm watching quite a lot of NBA recently I got the idea that one reason why soccer isn't that popular with USA-TV is that one half-time is 45 minutes long. 45 minutes without proper ad-time. Other famous US-sports have lots of advertisement possibilities, while you would have to blend ads over the actual game in soccer (and a goal could happen any time), or go without it for the time. Just a theory (that is not fully thought through), but maybe...
  8. Tim Schafer claims to be the one who made the picture.
  9. This portugal game was boring. A very boring kind of boring. Costa Rica wasn't the best test to measure the capabilities of the German team, but it was worth watching (those two marvelous lucky-shots) and it heightened the hopes that we won't embarrass ourselves in the our own country. I'm hooked.
  10. when you close your eyes it looks nearly as good as oblivion
  11. ...but her eyes are so unnaturally big. And I mean her eyes, not her 'eyes' (those are as big as ever - plus/minus). Looks like they infected her with manga. A railed jump'n'run/breast-showoff...I'm so not buying it.
  12. (kind of) Thanks so far. And the German version would be the problem, because German versions tend to be crap. With a big project like HL2 this might not be a problem, but I'd rather stick to the original. My research (yeah, right) on HL2 boards had the result, that it seems to be possible. But I'm not that sure. Can someone confirm the language-change-thing? madre de dios, es el pollo diablo it is
  13. I haven't bought HL2 yet, for no real reason, but maybe some stumbling blocks. I want to play the english language version, but not living in english-world it's at least a bit harder. I heard (or dreamed) that you can change the language (the spoken and written stuff, not the censored blood'n'gore fun) via steam. You selecet the language and then small steam-monkey translate your HL2 version into english or french or monkeyspeech tepending on what you chose. Is that true? Does it work with a version bought in a store? thanks
  14. They still have those links to the interviews with fancy Lead Designer Ferret Baudoin on the main page. And now he is gone. Strange. Word from the involved parties would be nice. Until then it's bad news.
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