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  1. I am well aware of the situation, far more so than most in the company. Since, as I said before, I'm not paid to speak for the company, I won't comment, at least not now. You can believe what I say or not. You're reporting the issue. I would hope it was not driven by an agenda, but I've seen no reason to believe otherwise. It appears like you're trying to "stick it to the man," rather than try and spread information. In the process you're spreading disinformation. I was planning to discuss this issue (among many others) on Monday, anyway. I'll see what I can do about getting an official response, but don't hold your breath. You zinged me good there! Oblivion likened to communist russia! Never been done! Pardon? I don't recall any doors asking riddles in KotN.
  2. TBH I don't care, and I don't think Pete does, either. It takes more than a bad review. Edit: Allow me to clarify, we do care. What I meant was, if you don't like the game, I'm sorry that you think Oblivion sucks, and it's okay for you to say so. We read reviews and weigh criticisms, just like everyone else. Anyway, I have a long day of playing Game Industry Satan, tomorrow!
  3. That depends on who you ask and what you're referring to, but I don't think anyone would say the system is perfect. I'm not paid to act as a public company representative, you'd have to ask someone who is to get a "formal" answer. I'm just here to talk about games. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH. That's all the hillarity I can handle for one day. Considering that Bethsoft were talking to sites like star trek gamers and after a critical review of the game they were involved with comes out, suddenly stonewalling and then subsequently blacklisting the site, I find that a little hard to swallow. So let me get this straight, a website is "blackball'd" by a company, and you immediately assume they did nothing wrong? Did you attempt to contact anyone at Bethesda, if you did, I'm not aware of it, but I'll certainly check with the people who definitely would know. I sincerely doubt you did, but this certainly sounds like fair and balanced reporting! There are none to my knowledge (or that I can think of off the top of my head). Perhaps you would like to cite an example? Do you mean quests with no QT? There are stages throughout several quests where the player is not given a specific QT. During the main quest, when the player must figure out where the Mythic Dawn hangout, there is no QT during a part of it. If you advance into the questline the QT returns, but again, I don't see the big deal. Don't like it, don't use it. There are other examples, if you need more. You're not really the chosen one in SI. ADDENDUM: Look a review by a game site that panned Oblivion! http://news.firingsquad.com/matrix/blog.as...Oblivion_Review Firing Squad has yet to be "blacklisted!" I'll tell Pete right away! *Batman theme.*
  4. That's it. I hope you're happy. Oblivion is great, game of the year. I'll go buy 5 more copies. Can you pick me up one, while you're out? I hear it's pretty good.
  5. Internets are teh funneh. P.S. In SI, the chosen one must choose.
  6. Hades once again proves that he fails reading. There are hundreds of quests in Oblivion. Set your active quest to the quest you're not actually doing. The only effect on the game is that there will be an incorrect QT or no QT, depending on the quest. Or, just don't use the compass. Hell, let's do away with maps, too. They tell me where to go!
  7. #5 is so laughable it's absurd. Pick a quest without a damn quest marker, or a quest where the marker is somewhere the quest you're doing is not, then play. Don't like a feature, don't use it, it's not going to get taken out because Hades and 17 other guys hate knowing where to go.
  8. I think so, I played through it for the first time recently, and I like it.
  9. We haven't blacklisted anyone for panning our games.
  10. Still playing lame-sauce Burning Crusade... meh
  11. Jolee Bindo is absolutely, without question, the best character in the KotOR series... in my opinion.
  12. Let me see your face... you are the one from my dreams...

    Yes, you are my best internet buddy.

  13. You're an even worse debater than you are werewolf slayer.
  14. So you do want hairy deathclaws and sentient ones, because they were in FO:T and FO2, respectively. Got it.
  15. Again, you try to dodge. I did not ask what you wanted in the game, I asked if you wanted hairy or sentient deathclaws in the game. If you don't want them, wouldn't you be GLAD that I'm not even concerned with them? One would think so, logically. Of course, I don't know why I bothered to try to think logically. So, do you want hairy and sentient deathclaws or not? Cuz you're sending mixed signals. Make up your mind so I can go talk to my boss about this right away!
  16. Nice attempt at a dodge. I'll ask again why I should be concerned with hairy or sentient deathclaws. P.S. I'm not even working on Fallout.
  17. That really strikes confidence in me that Bethesda is making a proper Fallout. Really, it does. One thing I look for in a sequel is continuity. If a sequel has not real continuity then can it be really a sequel? That is one of the things I don't like about the FF series. No continuity from one game to the next. If you, and the developers don't give a rat's ass about continuity, even on the tiniest details, then why make a sequel in the first place? Oh, name recognition to make money and damn product integrity. Why should hairy deathclaws or sentient deathclaws concern me, exactly? Do you WANT them in the game, or are you just doing your usual hades-ism? Generally, when I'm not concerned with something, it's because I don't need to be.
  18. An 'enough' was meant to go there but nonetheless I stand corrected. The point still stands, however. Red herring. The issue is not with the existence of these fuel reserves, but with the rampant availability of said reserves. If fuel is such a scarce commodity in the wasteland then why is the splinter cell of the Brotherhood of Steel using it on aircraft to venture into the wasteland? Why are they wasting it on several vehicules for their squads? Where are they getting it from? It's not a red herring, it's called pointing out the obvious. Your point's causation seemed to be based on a statement which was false. You said "there was no fossil fuel to go around." That was true, for the oil-sponge society of the war, but in the wasteland there would be almost 0 oil consumption. We don't know where the oil reserves were, maybe the Brotherhood found some old Enclave reserves? Maybe they found new reserves? The point of this was simply that we don't know and an explanation was never even attempted, at least not to my knowledge. Is it lame? Sure. Opinion much? Coming from a guy who just used the term red-herring? Meh. I don't even need to formulate a response. So you're more concerned with something you don't really give a **** about? Definitely not flawed and inaccurate. You're neglecting the main issue of my post, which you may have noticed if you weren't trying to explore the flaws and inaccuracies of my statements when there was only one. It's been blatantly established by you and others that you don't care about some of the criticism, or that you feel they are not important. More power to you, I guess. However, just because someone's criticism does not meet with your criteria does not meet it's any less valid or important. Yes, I am MORE concerned about it, but I am still not concerned about it in the grand scheme of things My concern about furry deathclaws = 0. My concern about sentient deathclaws = 1. My concern about the broken as armor system from the original Fallouts = 50. My concern about what I am going to eat for dinner tonight = 100. The concern for the meeting I have in 48 minutes = 1000. You see, there are varying levels of concern, and I could really care less about an inaccurate representation of a fictitious beast from a game almost a decade old. Meh - I can't be bothered to go further with this.
  19. Your statements are highly flawed and inaccurate. The war was caused by insufficient fuel, not an utter absence of fuel. It's not hard to believe that America would have fuel reserves, it's also not hard to believe that people would have uncovered these fuel reserves. As for furry Deathclaws, who cares? Everyone who has played Fallout knows that Deathclaws were mutated chameleons. Everyone knows a tactics developer said that they "evolved" hair, and yeah it's stupid. Forget it. Pretend the term "Deathclaw" is just that, a term for giant hulking beasts that roam the wasteland. The ones in Chicago were mutated bears. Honestly, of all the problems with Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, and BoS, this has got to be the weakest issue to raise for concern. I'm much more concerned with the sentient ones, and I really don't give a **** about those, either.
  20. I've been playing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade lately. I wasn't a big fan of WoW, but playing with friends has made it more amusing. Other than that, multiplaying Gears of War and a few games of Geometry Wars on 360.
  21. Bioshock Mass Effect Assassin's Creed Despite working at Bethsoft, I haven't played much of the espansion (Shivering Isles), so I'm looking forward to getting and playing this on my 360.
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