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  1. I said Kreia. There's a depth to her character that others in K2 lack.
  2. Opposites attract, but too many differences repel in the end. (voice of experience talking)
  3. Nice work on the DS Revan's, Lord Gabreil
  4. I'm waiting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Patience. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh shucks, I suck at patience.
  5. *waves goodbye* Bring me back a kangaroo.
  6. We need a word filter,_AOLese is spreading. You forgot a space. Spellmar would be ashamed.
  7. Why is this thread still alive?! BTW she was neutral.
  8. Can you not hack it? I can't remember. But yeah, if you promise th poison Uthar, she gives you a key to his room. Sorry, memory's hazy.
  9. They don't want support, just panic and fear.
  10. It's the datapad in Master Uthar's room. Just hack the door and slip inside.
  11. Congrats Azure. You have done well. I've tried converting a few people, but I always get frustrated with them. However, I have been rather successful in converting my mom. She still won't play the Xbox or PS2, but she'll talk about them with me (which is a huge step, believe me). And she's addicted to free online games.
  12. I liked the dialogue and the plot, it just felt like there wasn't enough choices. A lot of the things you said were practically forced, and what choices you did make had no effect in the long run. Either way the Jedi Masters die, Telos is saved, and the Exile fights Kreia on Malachor 5. I really wanted the option to spare Kriea because she wasn't evil and could have really been useful against the Sith. But other than that I liked K2, and have always been a supporter of it.
  13. Maul. Perhaps if he'd stopped dancing and prancing long enough to actually fight, he could have lived a little longer.
  14. I liked listening to Carth and Mission argue, especially when I got to say "You're not gonna take that, are you Mission? Ouch Carth, I'd get her back for that one." But my favorite? LSF Revan/Carth. P.S. When I first saw this, I thought it meant romances, so when I read Canderous/Jolee...
  15. I would like to think the other attacks were mistakes in the heat of battle as Revielled said, but I can't know for sure. However, this talk about bombing Al Jezeera is ridiculous. I have no doubt that Bush said it, and I have no doubt he feels contempt for the station, but that doesn't mean he would seriously consider bombing it. I don't like Jack Thompson, and I sort of wish he would die, but that doesn't mean I'm going to grab a gun and follow him home. I don't think any idiot should have written down and reported this obvious joke, but I also think our governments should publish it and get it over with. The more you try to hide something, the worse it looks.
  16. Really? I took you for a Bible Belt resident. Yeah, we were celebrating Thanksgiving too, but that didn't stop me from getting my daily dose of interweb.
  17. It depends. If by massacre you mean "spiritual warfare", then yes.
  18. I used it a lot, but I didn't name it... Note: I never used it to go anywhere, as I never actually finished it. I just used it for infinite influence.
  19. Someone get Silver and DL. We're gonna need the Fangirl Rage attack.
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