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  1. Did the first five times count?
  2. Yay! Annie's back! There's been a lack of sarcasm aimed at me since you left, man. It was really weird. Kinda nice, but weird. I really hope Meta's wife recovers. I remember he had a lot of pink in his sig before he left, is it breast cancer?
  3. I haven't been to highschool, let alone college, so I'm amazed I've managed to follow this conversation at all. All I know is that it's impossible to say we know anything for a fact. It was once proven fact that the Earth was flat, and it was also proven fact that flight was impossible for humans. After all, facts are determined as such by how people percieve evidence. What seems fullproof at the time may look ridiculous in retrospect. Is timetravel possible? I suppose it depends on your interpretation of time.
  4. I don't know if it ever scared the crap out of me, but it certainly made me jump a few times. Mostly in the Ocean House Hotel, but I also jumped sometimes when one of those Trizme-created crawling thing burst down doors in my face in Kings Way.
  5. Oh God, don't remind me of Deadly Shadows' collision detection. Every bloody time I went down the last elevator in Captian Moira's mansion, my leg got stuck in the chain. It takes a good seven to ten minutes of jumping and leaning to get out of that one. As for the collision on Bloodlines, I've found that if you equip a melee weapon, face the direction of freedom, and keep swinging, your character will take a step every three swings and eventually get out. It takes a minute or two, but if all your saves are old, it's worth it. Personally I think Bloodlines is great. I've restarted with a Malkavian, and I have to say the dialogue is absolute gold. "I like explosions. They remind me of my childhood."
  6. How'd it kill the series? Kill's the wrong word; I meant hurt. I had to rush that post because my mom was looming over me waiting for the computer. Halo 2 wasn't half the game Halo was, it didn't live up to it's name. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay was great, if you're into mindless killing. I mean for Heaven's sake, they reused the old plot! Hopefully 3 will be better.
  7. "H2O is also known as Dihydrogen Monoxide, an extremely dangerous substance. It was responsible for the destruction of the city of New Orleans in 2005." So cold, but strangely amusing.
  8. I dimly remember the Bouncer... was it for the N64? As far as I can tell, its not. Too far between checkpoints for me, I always die right before the next one. <_< Don't be knockin Halo. Halo 2 may have killed the series, but Halo was good.
  9. Pixies, do you ever feel like you're being robbed?
  10. In reality? Probably not. In my mind? Enough to make me worry. I'm known to exaggerate heavily. It's not the mechanics that are bothering me so much as the overall feel of it. It's just... different. I'll most likely love it, but until then it seems funky to me.
  11. I posted there when I went through my "Obsidian is evil" phase. Then I realized it was LA's fault and started to come around. And here I am.
  12. True, I forgot about that. I suppose I might do it too if it was something really bad (like a death that could have been prevented).
  13. I used to post there, but I didn't like them very much, so I came here. I only went back for that little spat a while back between our members.
  14. Someone's bitter. But I do agree that NJ is a lot more promising than K3. The series should recieve closure some day, just not now.
  15. ...wha? *hic* Oh yeah.... war.... I *hic* knew that. Der-al-Deraldnin, if you sssurrender now I'll... I'll ssend evelbody two monkeys ands a *hic* pinball. How do you like thems oranges? Wha? Apples? I didn't agree to give nobody any *bleep* apples!
  16. Oh yeah. Grim: Lasers are so Sam: 70's? Grim: I was going to say 90s. Sam: Stop making me feel old. Grim: Sorry Sam, but you are old. All of them are really good, but Chaos Theory just took the cake. I loved it. And I'm not saying Double Agent will be bad. I'm saying it's a serious risk to completely overhaul a game. Improvements are good. Changes can be better. But remodeling should be saved for things that truly need it. The game may be a lot better, it may be a lot worse. I'll have to watch the reviews before I touch this one. But I really wish they hadn't killed Sarah.
  17. But would it really be worth reliving a whole year? Happy late New Years, everyone!
  18. It may not be technically pizza, but it's proven to be really frickin good. That's enough for me.
  19. My friend that first told me about SC4 said while working with the terrorists, Sam ends up in prison. I imagine that's where his head gets shaved. And his pretty daughter he's always looking after? Dead. This is sucking so bad.
  20. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/675/675625p1.html Have you guys heard of this? Because I sure as heck hadn't. I don't know if I like these changes. I mean sure, it sounds cool, but it's kind of dangerous to overhaul a series that already rocks. And I definitely don't like Sam being bald.
  21. Oh yeah, its a handy little feature. Much easier than trying to scale all of your avvies.
  22. Me? Him? Both of us? My people will contact your people. ...Do I even have people?
  23. Yeah, but who would that be around here? This place is small, the only people that wouldn't know him are the newbies. If they refuse to lurk it's their problem, not his. My only problem with it is that it's not Hell Mage.
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