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  1. Merry Christmas and to all some great games!
  2. We get Cloud but no Ryu? Hadoken for teh win! Besides, I have no clue who the last three are.
  3. Darkside


    You're a wemic in disguise?
  4. > *googles it* > > (w00t) I know what I'm doing with my Christmas money! I was just wishing the other day I had MegaMan 2 and 3 back. Ah, the good ol' days.
  5. Not really, I have a few games for the PC as well. I'm not allowed to have many because it's the family computer and they don't like me using all the memory. Let's see... I have Rise of Nations, Half-Life 2, Dungeon Siege 2, Sims 2, Total Anniahlation, and (with any luck) I'll have Bloodlines Sunday Morning.
  6. I'm not rich! I just don't eat. Seriously though, my brother gave me his old N64, the PS2 was my Christmas a few years ago, and I had to work my butt off to buy a cheap Xbox from my brother. Yeah, he had an Xbox in his room (10 feet away) that he wasn't using, but he wouldn't give it to me. Oh no, I had to buy it. And if you're wondering why I didn't just go in his room and play it, it was he decided that since it was his, he didn't have to let me play. I'm going to have to buy a 360 as well, and don't ask me how I'm going to get a PS3. I'm still working on that one.
  7. *shakes head* Console fanboys. Its not a war you guys. Own them all and you get all the games. ...I'm still not buying a Revolution though.
  8. Gordon Freeman says: Crowbars are fun! A bit overkill, but it sure as heck looks cool.
  9. Oh without a doubt. I'll never forget when a certain someone (who I will not name) got his powers. I don't think there were ten threads open when I went to bed. But in this particular case, I have yet to see evidence of a power trip.
  10. Ah. Geez, I'm getting a new source.
  11. The very fact that you brought it up in the first place suggested that you appreciated the act, but still thought it odd. None of the other comments said anything about you not appreciating it, but stated that it was the rule.
  12. I feel a few choice words are justifiable when they're true.
  13. I was just repeating what I was told about the minigame, like I said, never tried it. :"> Well yeah, of course there are going to be some boobs, but I expected someone to wear something. But like I said, I'm not knocking the game, I loved it. I never did beat the challenge of the gods though... As for the difficulty, be prepared to want to chuck your controler through a window.
  14. I believe in freedom of speech. However, I also believe punishing people for being complete dumb****s is perfectly ethical. And nazis are dumb****s just for being nazis, anti-nazi laws or not.
  15. Agreed. Even when someone is online, it's hard to get all the way through the PMs. I hear some people have very busy inboxes, and I imagine its doubly so for mods. As for the K3 threads, the mods have stated before that all K3 threads except for the official one will be locked to reduce clutter. Cookie was just following orders there (though I think we all like that idea anyway).
  16. Yeah, I know. What I meant was that Kaftan and karka have amazing work. My stuff is a tad anime-ish though. I'm desperately trying to branch out a little and make it my own again.
  17. Blame Lucas Arts. The stupid time constraints they placed forced Obsidian to cut a good fourth of the game.
  18. I loved the game. It's very dark, gory, and if you look (thankfully I heard this second hand instead of experiencing it myself) you'll find the predecesor of Hot Coffee. But its a great game. The fighting is excellent and, surprisingly, not that repetitive. Everytime it starts to get boring, the devs change something up. Wonderful plot, great voice acting, killer game play. Now if only the women had worn some clothes (though I'm sure that's the guys' favorite part " ).
  19. I'm assuming Atton. Nice armor, those his teeth look like he got punched by a wookie. Great work nonethelesss.
  20. I'll second that. Yeah, I thought it looked like a dark archon. Oh Starcraft, those were the days. *nostalgia*
  21. Yeah, I think someone around here will shoot me if I don't play PST or Fallout sometime soon.
  22. Great, now my tea is all over the computer screen. <_<
  23. I imagine it would be more popular outside of battle...
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