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  1. Military doctors are all you have? No wonder you self-medicate. The Air Force docs tried to kill me, and almost succeeded.
  2. -50 points for you for getting the name wrong at the end of your post. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A) I know it's just Darth Flatus. B) My spelling sucks. Sue me.
  3. Awesome T3 and HK, keep it up guys. And Zulu, I am in love with that swoop bike.
  4. Like Crimson said, it depends. Sometimes distasteful things have to be done, as long as it wasn't anything too terrible I'd keep my mouth shut. But even if it was, I would try to find some tactful way to handle it instead of blabbing to every reporter I found. A few weeks of controversy followed by a few years of distrust never helped anybody.
  5. -10 points for Flatus for denying his true identity. You shall always be Darth Flatulance.
  6. I never thought I'd say this, but COF's Hitler is kinda cute (in a disturbing way).
  7. Forums: here, obviously. Email: like I'm telling. Webcomics: bobandgeorge.com ctrlaltdel-online.com nuklearpower.com (If you don't know, you should be shot.) vgcats.com giantitp.com (Order of the Stick) Shopping: hottopic.com jinx.com thinkgeek.com Other: wikipedia.org digg.com
  8. Go see a doctor. If they screw up, you can still sue. You can't sue yourself.
  9. WTF? He's a lot nicer than the ones who come through and curse everything and everyone that contradicts them. And he speaks English instead of AOLese or 1337. P.S. Oh woops, I meant to add an emoticon.
  10. I like the new guy. I say we keep him. ^_^ And Numbersman, don't be such a jerk to everyone. There are plenty of stupid noobs to bash without you bothering nice ones like Sith Lord. Sith Lord, let me say welcome to Hell's asylum.
  11. If someone broke into my house, I wouldn't have to do much of anything. The three swords, two daggers, throwing star, axe, and my mom's pistol should be enough to send them running. Of course, the pistol hasn't been cleaned, let alone used, since she left the air force, but then I suppose they wouldn't know that. As for my swords, they're perfectly sharp; I accidentally impaled my bed last night. Last time I play with that one. "
  12. Portrait means the picture that appears next to your name. Each model has one portrait. But sorry, I don't have any portraits for you.
  13. I feel kinda sorry for the guy.
  14. I'd like to get a PS3 and a 360, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford a PS3. So I'll get a 360.
  15. Spacy, however I think this is cooler. - F2000 Edit: Hmm will have to find a different pic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mmm... sci-fiy.
  16. I was glad to see someone else shares my desire to see Lui Kang blown off the level and never heard from again. If they do another one, I want to see Sub Zero.
  17. Yeah. In fact, you only learn his name if you're male.
  18. ...play with the dead, fight a God, wield a giant sword that would put Cloud to shame...
  19. VTM: Bloodlines (yes, yes, I'm a year behind, I know. At least I got it cheap.) Lots of clothes $100 in gift cards (extended family) $80 in cash (also extended family) Serenity on DVD enough candy to flood Hershey two knives, a sword, and a battle axe-like thing and... *drumroll* I GOT A FREAKING IPOD NANO!!! *joins in dancing* I'm going to put the shinies with my other two swords. My room is nicknamed The Armory. ^_^
  20. Hey Annie! Merry Christmas, we miss you.
  21. Characters from Kenshin. Sagara Sanosuke Saitou Hajime Shinomori Aoshi And If you have to ask I was once into this girl who was totally in Rurouni Kenshin so... :"> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, thank you. Ryu still wins though.
  22. 1 hour and 33 minutes til showtime. Maybe I should go to bed now.
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