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    "An elderly Merrill woman stated that a bear on a bicycle had vandalized her birdfeeder Friday. She suspected that the bear, described as big, had fled from the circus because an ordinary bear could not ride a bicycle so well."
  1. Are you dead? Because that would suck.

  2. Just like Germany. Thorn in our side that it's been for the past sixty years.
  3. Fantastic. Or at least it would be, if it was a response to my post. Instead, you seem to have decided that because I don't think being happy over killing this asshat makes me just as bad as that particular asshat, that I condone the crap you're actually talking about in that little post of yours.
  4. Yeah. On the other hand, it'd be a bit better if you actually had the faintest clue in hell as to what you were talking about. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Care to elaborate? Not that I'm disagreeing, just like to see your take on this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Her position is that by taking pleasure in the elimination of a man such as this, we bring ourselves down to the level of those we're fighting. It's absurd to ignore motivation and rationale; she calls us killers for being happy about the fact that we managed to kill those who wished to kill us before they managed to do so. Every legal system in the world, as far as I know, agrees with me in that you cannot lump all takings of life into the same category. I shoot the guy who breaks into my house, kills half my family, and then tries to kill me, and being happy that he's dead puts me on the same level as him? I believe she may want to rethink that particular position, should she ever prove capable of emerging from the haze of patchouli and tie-dye.
  5. Yeah. On the other hand, it'd be a bit better if you actually had the faintest clue in hell as to what you were talking about.
  6. Because that makes you like them. War is a tool, nothing more. When you kill in war, you're just a soldier, a warrior; when you enjoy the killing... any of it.. that just makes you a killer. I'd like to think that they're the only killers in this, but I'm not that naieve. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Good thing you've got it all figured out.
  7. Some are good, some are bad. It's food you can carry in a rucksack. Don't expect foie gras and pate. They get the job done.
  8. Because Henry Gale didn't seem to know all that much about the hatch, for one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, well, so what? I would imagine he knows a lot more about the hatch than he let on. The thing that I like about Henry Gale is that he lied until he was given incontrovertible proof that he was, in fact, lying...and then he just started telling a different lie. He's done this under mild torture, several days' worth of confinement, and let's not forget that bolt in his shoulder. Just because he claims he doesn't know anything about the hatch, or that he didn't push the button, doesn't mean that he's telling the truth. In fact, I'm doubting every word he says.
  9. Heya folks, Me and the wife have been getting caught up on the second season thanks to the magic of iTunes - which has probably catalogued my entire system and dutifully sent it off to Apple - though we haven't seen the most recent which was, I presume, yesterday's. Why are we all so convinced that the Others are a mix of Dharma Initiative folks and other castaways, or even entirely separate from the DI? I'm thinking just the opposite; everyone on the island who's not one of the Losties, with the possible exception of the French chick, is a DI employee of some sort or another.
  10. I did. That was the router that appears to have broken. The "new" old router that I just set up doesn't have wireless - which is a massive pain, since that's how I used my laptop at home - but I think I finally figured the damn thing out. Had to play around with some of the router settings, but all three -seem- to be online at the moment. So, I'll roll with it, and thanks for the help, guys.
  11. Just tried that, and I get an error saying, "The static IP address that was just configured is already in use on the network. Please reconfigure a different IP address."
  12. I just noticed something, while mucking around with 'em more... The two 'puters that refuse to hook up have a different IP address listed in ipconfig than the computer that will hook up. I imagine if I could get the two stubborn ones to agree on the IP address with the one that's working, the problem would be solved. Question is, how the hell do I do that?
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