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  1. Because he's a whiney momma's boy. Too bad, he had such potential.
  2. 22% on that last one. Though I should get bonus points considering the low score makes me sad. Now I have to face the fact that if I'm not a geek, I'm probably just a nerd. EDIT: And I should definitely get bonus points for still posting and 10:30 PM on a Monday night.
  3. 585/lvl 3/ True Geek Okay, so I own a Ratchet and Clank poster. And a Final Fantasy X soundtrack (or what parts I could find and download. I'm sure I could find the whole thing somewhere, just haven't tried.) Nice find, Atom.
  4. Considering what they did and how many times the word "beer" appeared, it's a safe bet they weren't really up to saving Christmas. I hate drunks. They're always dragging everyone else into their messes.
  5. Three, I think. EDIT: Nevermind. "
  6. Too bad you didn't win, but I'm glad your work was well recieved.
  7. i'd so ******* love that, but i doubt it - too many hate her and too much more miss Bastila, K3 will have some other hot jedi princess i fear Hey, I loved Kreia, which is exactly why I don't want her coming back. Overkill can destroy a character. Think of Mandalore in K2 and HK in Galaxies. The only way they could possibly bring back Kreia without ruining her is a flashback. Anything else is too cheap to do her justice. I also won't mind them bringing Bastila back, so long as Carth is back too.
  8. Hey, nice find Craigboy! He does look better with a cape. Almost... cool.
  9. I'd just like to say that most of us are very accepting of newbies. They have respect when they arrive, and they are given some slack because they're new. Making a silly thread is forgivable. Making the odd rude comment is forgivable. Flaming in every other post, however, is not. Flaming Blank because he tried to give someone advice is downright stupid. That's not an attack, that's a fact. There have been many new guys I've PMd with welcome. There have been others I have defended. But some of the posts we've seen in this thread are completely uncalled for. If no more of this childish "rebellion" takes place, I will remain kind and welcoming. If one more person flames in response to a serious and fair post, I'm going to get a warning. And Morekotorplz, please use quotes. That isn't a suggestion to help you fit in, that is a request from one member to another. It can get really confusing after a while. Thank you.
  10. Oh yeah. Crap. Well can we get someone in here who does? I think this topic has been beat to death, incinerated, and buried under two tons of radioactive waste.
  11. Very pretty, but I still don't know who it is.
  12. A little l337 used as a joke is alright. Really, the only appliable rule (other than lurk a little and use the search funtion) is to use common sense to determine if your post makes you sound like an idiot. Lets say the topic is "Was Kreia Evil?" Good Post: Of course Kreia was evil. Not only did she [insert logical reason], but she [continue using facts, logic, and reasonable assumptions]. Good Post: First, I'd like to say hi, this is my first post. Anyway, I don't believe Kreia was truly evil because [insert relevent opinion based on facts from the game]. ^Note the above post gave only a short introduction. If you feel the need to introduce yourself (I did when I first signed up) try to keep it short so you don't derail the thread. And for God's sakes, your life story doesn't need its own thread. Bad Post: Kreia was a <beep>ing <beep> <beep> of a <beep> and if u disagre u r stoopid LOL11! ^Posts like the above make you look stupid, drunk, stoned, an attention whore, or any combination of the four. Bad Post: Chewbacca rules!!!!!!1 ^I still have nightmares about that. Please don't do it. I'm not trying to be mean. Its the truth. The sooner you learn to deal with it, the better. P.S. People posting on English boards who aren't native speakers acutally tend to have better English than most because they try so hard to pull it off. Most of the people with broken English are actually native speaking teens who have been corrupted by instant messaging.
  13. The only one that ever felt even remotely creepy was Malachor, but that was just because it was your classic final showdown/all alone/dark, desolate, and dead world. However, it wasn't creepy so much as deppressing.
  14. I use Wiki a lot, even as a source. I just check and remove (if neccessary) any facts that seem off.
  15. Either she miraculously comes back from the dead (which would suck), or she's force ghost (which would also suck). So yeah, I think we've seen the last of her, unless she's in a flash back.
  16. Well, I was going to say something on topic in an attempt to make you feel welcome, but there went that idea. Hey, Cookie's here! *beats hands on desk while chanting* LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN!
  17. The necropost made me want to read it again. It still makes me giggle a bit, though I didn't fall out of my chair this time. "
  18. Because everyone believes people who swear Amilia Earhart is alive on a deserted isle.
  19. Nr, Darkside houdt niet van het wanneer de mensen in talen spreken die zij niet begrijpt. Zij moet al manier naar de Vissen van Babel voor hulp gaan. ^If that makes no sense in Dutch, blame Babel Fish. Happy birthday Kaftan, and happy late birthday Silver. May you both find happiness in the year to come.
  20. I'd just as soon wait until they work out the dern glitches.
  21. I must say, my jaw also dropped when I heard "This is Admiral Onasi speaking." However, the most pleasurable moment had to be killing Vrook. Oh sweet, sweet vengence. Now if only I could have concinved the others that Vrook was a Sith and had to die. Poor Kavar, he didn't deserve his fate. I think that was the one time I truly hated Kreia.
  22. Oh yeah, I saw that two weeks ago. That has to be the sweetest Christmas setup ever.
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