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  1. I don't have any problem with Christian stuff (though personally I think it's a bunch of crap designed to rip off concerned parents), except that the whole point of these Christian games are to end controversial violence, yet some of them have gun toting crusaders? I'm sorry, but just because you tack the word "Christian" in front of the title doesn't make holy wars good family fun.
  2. That's sad, but the sad part is that it's true. What kind of world do we live in when people are willing to sacrifice innocent children to hurt their enemies? Of course there will be civilian casualities in war, but targeting a hospital? If you hate our coutry, attack our bases, our camps, but leave innocent bystanders out of it. The bloody cowards should all be killed.
  3. Old, but still good for a laugh.
  4. Ask any trained swordsman (or woman) It's not about bloodshed, it's an art, like fighting. In karate we train to fight, to enjoy it and take pride in our ability, but when faced with a choice of attacking someone or letting it go, we know to walk away. The exception, of course, is self defense or defense of someone or something important to you.
  5. Alts? is Foamy boy an alt? Couldn't tell. I forgot I was still logged in as him.
  6. How about the secret dungeon on Dungeon Siege 2? That was a pain in the butt to find, and even then, the monsters they designed just for it are a pain for a lvl 50 character to take down. You had to find the entire Mysterious Item set throughout the game. Then you have to get the teleporter key from the mysterious figure that only appears a few times and completely at random, only to disappear after about five seconds. Then you still have to figure out the chant which, by the way, isn't in the game anywhere, you have to figure it out on your own! Talk about hidden. EDIT: Of course, halfway through the dungeon my game glitched and wouldn't let me through the next to last door. <_<
  7. Oh come on, even I told him to change it back! (after a day or two, just cuz the new one rocks)
  8. Sweet cheeses of the dark gods! What is that baby?
  9. Well you have your...wooden pistoly....thingies... and I gots me stabbies. Lemme see, I've got a dirk, a katana, and a 5 foot bo staff. I'm only trained with the latter two. The former has to stay on its stand so I don't hurt myself (like when I was playing with it and cut my wrist).
  10. What? They're not just tools of war, that is a common misconception among heathens. For example, how can you not see the art in this?
  11. The subject of this report is Mothman. Intelligence: 4 Didactic (Good): 4 Didactic (Bad): 2 Annoyance: 0 Chutzpah: 2 Bold, yes, but he's done nothing chutzpah-ish. Is that a word? Wits: 3 Charisma: 4 Will: 3 Eloquence: 4 Kindness: 4 ____ Assessment of reviewer
  12. The problem with mumification is that someday, when discovered by some future race far superior to yourself, you'll find yourself on display in a museum with a bunch of snobby kids tugging their mothers sleeves and pointing at your rotting corpse saying, "Look mommy! Look at the funny caveman!" "Cave person sweetie. Cave person. You know that non-political correctness is punishable by exectuion via brain eating nano bots. Who wants dip-n-dots?"
  13. That's the annoying part. It's so fast and monotonous and I CANT SPELL!!!
  14. Kyle, your avvie is annoying as heck. Just thought I'd let you know.
  15. I might do a report for you, Mothie, but expect any explorations deeper into your character from me. I hear Pixies is lonely though, if you're bored.
  16. Hey man, welcome back! There's been a sad lack of gun pictures since you left. Congratulations on the contract, kick some ass for us.
  17. I don't feel like reading the site, but that's the Swedish company that turns your ashes into diamonds, isn't it? Starting in 06, some company will combine your DNA with a tree's so that you live on in nature, or something. You can even have your body turned to compost to feed the tree!
  18. I like mine. And to reveal my secret of how I avoided getting flamed before my post count reached the safe zone, it's called not asking for trouble. If you don't enter a thread and start spouting complete n00bish nonsense, you just might not get hurt.
  19. Haha! Wait... the cat was okay... right? Oh what the hell, that last one was hilarious.
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