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  1. Ah, Zoids. Good times, good times...
  2. ^Amen to that. It's been done before. Ah, what the heck. You know you've been playing too much Kotor when you compare someone's eating habits to that of a starved rancor (guilty as charged). :">
  3. Most beautiful animal in the world.
  4. No sicker than the snuff film that screen was taken from. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wouldn't say "sick" exactly, but it was certainly disturbing enough to keep me from watching it.
  5. I love the foxes and the bench one. Actually, I've seen bigger signatures, but I was planning to cut it down anyway. I was on my way to karate, and just wanted to know how it looked (size aside). But just for your veiwing pleasure... *fixes sig*
  6. Must not flame... must not flame... must not flame... Yeah, it's Telos's destruction. That's the only "armored" planet I can think of. English much?
  7. Speaking of pics, hows my sig? First try, so I'm expecting that it sucks. But considering that last week I couldn't add layers to my images... "
  8. Not necessarily. Cats do very strange things even when they're perfectly healthy. Believe me, I know. Speaking of which, my cat won't eat and she's not moving much. She can walk fine, but she keeps jumping in a chair to sleep, and you have to coax her out to eat, but even then she just turns up her nose. She always sleeps a lot, but she's never been like this.
  9. Note to self: Do not take big drinks while reading this thread.
  10. Bah, I saw that one, but the site wouldn't load. <_< Anyway,
  11. He's funny, sweet, and (believe it or not) very intelligent. He just sucks at everything except Soul Calibur and Champions of Norath. Though I must say, give him a rocket launcher on Halo and no one is safe. Of course, that includes his teammates.
  12. Except for Drows - they really kick ass! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, but since they are considered outsiders by all other elves, they don't count. I <3 drows.
  13. One of the most destructive forces on Earth, but it sure is beautiful. Jaws
  14. Three stories here. Only one is mine. Me: I played three hours into a PS1 game on my PS2 before realizing I needed a PS1 memory card to save, and died shortly afterwards. My boyfriend (the half dragon mindflayer): While fighting the first Hydra in God of War, the circle button appeared over the bosses head. Most people would hit circle to initiate the finishing move, but not him. He attacked the circle relentlessly in an attempt to make it "stop healing the boss". But the winner is... My best friend: In a game of Halo, there were five other people on his team. He acidenatally stuck a plasma to one. While trying to get away before they realized it was him, he hijacked a wraith and ran over the driver. It was also his teammate. Embaressed, he hit the thrust, but he was on a hill and couldn't see the other side. Two more teammates became roadkill. This has all happened in about four seconds, so no one had respawned yet. Pissed, he fires a random mortar across the battlefield. Without being able to see, let alone aim, he managed to hit and kill his last teammate. Needless to say, he was booted.
  15. Earlier this afternoon my brother signed me up on a game called Gunbound and set me up in a game instantly, with no more instruction than "this aims, this shoots". I didn't even know how to tell who was on my team. So I tried aiming at the nearest guy, who's above me, but since I didn't understand how large the missles were, I didn't know that they'd hit the wall in front of me and explode. My very first turn, and I almost killed myself. I left while the getting was good. That made me wonder, what incredibly n00bish things have you done?
  16. Your avatar is starting to get to you, isn't it?
  17. Old news. Someone was sporting that in their sig when I signed up here. But it's still fairly humorous.
  18. R4-P17 is Obi-Wan's astromech droid that he used in Attack of the Clones. He was the one the buzz droids destroyed in the Battle above Coruscant at the start of Revenge of the Sith. He then got a new R4 unit for the rest of the movie. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Read much? Anyway, *points at avatar*. "
  19. I've always said there should be a caffine addicted smiley with bags under its eyes and a disgusted version of the (you know, with a frown instead).
  20. Your Type is INFP Introverted 11 Intuitive 38 Feeling 62 Perceiving 22 You are: * slightly expressed introvert * moderately expressed intuitive personality * distinctively expressed feeling personality * slightly expressed perceiving personality
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