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  1. Oops, you're right. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with that Beethoven reference anyway. *fixes*
  2. (Though I do love the avatar. ) The subject of this report is Child of Flame (aka Servant of Eru). Intelligence: 4 (When he's not spamming like a fiend.) Didactic (Good): 3 Didactic (Bad): 4 Annoyance: 1 Chutzpah: 4 Wits: 5 Charisma: 4 Will: 3 Eloquence: 3 Kindness: 3 ____ Assessment of reviewer
  3. I'll write one for whoever writes mine.
  4. (w00t) That is so freaking cool! I love it! (I'm easily amused.)
  5. Dear Atombom, Now to the question at hand. The Exile wasn't putting up much of a fight, and I imagine four jedi masters can be quite powerful, so probably, yeah. This is assuming, of course, that we're talking LS. DS Exiles just kill the jerks and get it over with.
  6. I like thinking elements such as puzzles (as long as they're not too difficult and serve some logical purpose, preferably with multiple solutions) and limited weapon capacity, but I like to have a little more than that. I like a plot riddled with questions, shrouded in mystery, and dark enough to give you nightmares (without being survival horror. A game can be dark without zombies and demons). Of course, not all games should be deep. Sometimes it's good to pick up a game like Ratchet and Clank with a buttload of weapons, one deminsional characters, and enough cracks at pop culture to make milk come out your nose. Note: My sudden obbsession with dark and scary things has nothing to do with me running around the Shalebridge Cradle on Deadly Shadows. Really. " EDIT: The only real problem with limited weapons is that if you know you'll need three guns in an upcoming battle, and you can only carry two, you have to run all the way back for the one you left behind as soon as you finish with one. This always happened to me on "Assault on the Control Room" on Halo. There was one area I needed a sniper rifle to take down some gunners on cliffs, a rocket launcher to deal with a tank, and an assault rifle to finish the job. I had to finish sniping as many things as I could, run all the way across the tundra, grab the assault rifle I stashed, and run all the way back. Then afterwards, I still had to find a pistol to replace the rocket launcher (I hate rocket launchers, too messy).
  7. :'( St-stop being m-m-mean to th-the kitties! The cat execution one is a tad too evil for me, but I must admit I giggled when I saw the cat carrier. I could use that for my cat, who ripped my arm open this morning when Mom and I tried to give her medicine.
  8. I see your penguin, and raise you two puffins!
  9. It's been discussed countless times, but yes, it is funny. Friendly tip: Fix your sig. It's too big. ^I rhymed. ^_^
  10. I don't devote my love to a single console. I play Sims 2, Rise of Nations, Dungeon Siege 2, and Half Life 2 on my PC. I play my PS2 only games on my PS2. I play my Xbox games on my Xbox. I dust off my N64 when I'm feeling nostalgic. The way I see it, every platform has its strengths and weaknesses; in the end it's all about the games they run. Thus, the only way to be truly happy is to have as many platforms as your parents will buy you (seeing as how they're tired of getting me new games every few months, this isn't going to work this Christmas, and I have to wait til early '06 to get my 360 ).
  11. Wow, I never realized they were tough. I always went to Korriban third and used a Force Storm to kill Malak's groupies, then swung my saber once or twice to finish him.
  12. Hmm. I always was rather fond of Vaporeon. It was right up there with my Pikachu back in Yellow. ...not that I ever played Yellow. Or any other Pokemon games. Ever.
  13. I saw the Interpreter last week, it was really good. Night before last I watched Anger Management for the second time, and I watched Shrek 2 this morning for the seventh time. Puss in Boots is so cool. I want to see the Goblet of Fire, but no such luck yet.
  14. Remember, it takes a fool to not sometimes doubt the scripture. The visions may have come from God, but they were still interpreted by man.
  15. The following is out of character for me, so don't expect to see it again. This is just for Lou's birthday.
  16. Yeah, Kirra (the drow girl) v2.0 is a planetouched, but I'm thinking about changing her back to a drow to counter the infamous mindflayer. Plus, now she's a rouge/illusionist, instead of just a rouge. Ooh I know, I should make her a half-fiend drow! "
  17. One email. I responded to the other, even if I didn't say anything useful.
  18. I had been playing lots of Ratchet and Clank, when one day we had a fire drill in school. The siren in the hall went off, and my first thought was "The security bot spotted me! Quick, grab the R.Y.N.O.!"
  19. I didn't play Drow before they were cool, but I didn't know they were cool. Does that still count? And if you must know, she was chaotic neutral.
  20. Alright, so you don't like the Zoid, I know, but what was the other strike?
  21. Who? I certainly hope you don't mean me, because I made no plans with you folks to break.
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