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  1. Hey everyone, thank you for keeping us informed about the progression of this issue. We're glad to hear that a lot of you are seeing improvements, but we're also taking note that there are still some instances of long times while saving or loading. We'll do some more investigating to see if there are further optimizations we can find, but in the mean time make sure to try to keep your amount of save files to a reasonable number. Keeping your computer clean of dust and keeping the fans clear for air circulation can also improve efficiency while playing the game and lead to more reasonable saving/loading times. Thanks again for the help, everyone. Keep up the great work!
  2. Thanks for the additional information, Zefie. Is this issue still occurring in the latest update, 1.0.6?
  3. Hey everybody, thanks for the information. This is a known issue to the team, and we really appreciate your feedback and assistance in the matter. Keep up the great work!
  4. This issue is caused by the "Auto-Pause: Spell Cast" option in the auto-pause menu. A workaround until we resolve this issue is to click away from the game window and then back which will unpause the game, or simply turn off that auto-pause option before going into the cutscene. I hope that helps!
  5. Two-handed weapons are intended to cost twice the amount of ingredients to enchant, but very nice job discovering that the x2 ingredient requirement does not properly get reset when viewing the crafting menu. This issue has been reported to the team. Keep up the great work!
  6. Cail the Silent has a Fear Aura that will repeatedly try to hit you with a 3 second duration of the frightened affliction (graze for 1.5, crit for 4.5) as long as you are within the aura range. Any Young Drakes in the fight also have slightly weaker fear auras. Drakes are very scary.
  7. I had this problem occur with my gaming mouse at home after around 2 years of use, but the issue was not restricted to just one game, it happened all the time. Apparently it happens to some types of mice after extensive use. I got a new mouse and haven't had any more problems. If this issue still occurs with anyone when they use a secondary mouse, please post your game files, especially your system specs and output log (follow the steps here), and we'll try to find and resolve the issue. Thanks for the heads-up, everyone!
  8. Thank you for letting us know. The team is aware of an issue that a small number of flails and other weapons do not display vfx when secondary damage mods are enchanted. Keep up the good work!
  9. The upcoming patch should retro-actively fix this issue. Once the patch is released, the Ancient Engwithan Weapons should be in the proper container when you load into Lle a Rhemen during the quest.
  10. The upcoming patch should fix Lady Webb's dialogue options retro-actively as long as you load a save from before you chose the dialogue option that you "burned all bridges".
  11. There are 4 spirits in the area, and if you talk to them to find out some proper information you should be able to make your way through the door.
  12. Thanks - but is that just the Lady Webb quest part, or does it include the auto-pause that cannot be unpaused (see the end of the video) as well? -- Pete. After going through the Duc's hearing cutscene myself with all auto-pause options turned on, I realized it was auto-pausing due to the 'Spell Cast' auto-pause option. So if you turn off that auto-pause option you should be able to proceed without a problem. I also discovered that if you click off of the game window and click back, then the game would unpause and resume the cutscene. Hopefully this can help you progress normally. The issue has also been reported to our team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and keep up the good work!
  13. Hey gulla and tleilaxu, have you tried following what Dragoonlordz says he did here? This apparently solved the problem for the most part for him, so it might assist you guys if you haven't tried all of the suggested solutions yet. In the meantime, I'm submitting another report to the team about the issues you all are still having. Capping the framerate and making sure your computer isn't dusty was the main solution for a lot of people, but seeing that the issue is still persistent after that for you guys means that we'll be taking another look.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up. The difference in skin tones was already reported in our system, but the gap between neck and body for Hiravias (and Durance) wasn't known to us. It has all now been reported. Keep up the great work!
  15. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've reported this issue so the team can look into it. Keep up the good work!
  16. Thanks for the information, kliegel. Would you be able to post your savegame file and an output log if you can reproduce the issue? You can do so by following the steps here. This would really help us find and solve the issue. Thanks!
  17. Is this about an upcoming patch? Because currently, when you equip a weapon in the offhand-slot, you get the one-handed weapon bonus to both "hands", plus an potential acc-weapon-bonus to the offhand. Example: Gung-Ho, a 2nd level monk has an unarmed accuracy of +33/+33 when using his fists. When I equip a rapier to the offhand, this becomes +48/+53 accuracy (+15 one-handed bonus, plus an additional +5 accuracy bonus from the rapier). In combat he then alternates between the fist at +48 and the rapier at +53. In contrast, equipping the same rapier in the main hand will give him +53 accuracy, but make him attack only with the rapier. I don't think that this is intended behavior? At the very least I would expect the one-handed acc bonus to apply only when using the weapon in the main hand. Sorry, my mistake. This issue was very recently fixed on our internal build just after the patch went live, so the fix won't be in the released version until the next patch.
  18. Thanks for all of the information, everyone. And your detailed steps were extremely helpful in reproducing the issue, Atramagus. Thank you very much. The team is now aware of the issue. Keep up the great work!
  19. This is the status of some of the issues mentioned as far as I am aware: #2 Companion dialogue skipping - Probably an issue with the computer running a parallel server or virtual OS, addressed here #4 Permanent status effects - Fixed and retroactive #5 Paladins in Noonfrost disabling passives - Fixed and retroactive #6 Dual-wielding with unarmed and 1 weapon not working properly- Fixed #7 Retaliation on friendly spells - Fixed #12 Losing items when dismissing companions - Fixed, cannot be retroactive I can't say for certain the status of the others issues, as some of the forum posts linked to one issue are of different problems. Hope this helps!
  20. We use the term "balance" very broadly. For instance, balancing a quest can range from just adjusting the experience reward all the way to removing or adding entire characters from the quest line. In this case, there are a few things lacking from the prison that you have all helped point out, so we would like to change it to make it feel better. This is a difficult task, especially due to it already being a part of people's games as it is now. This means that if we are able to make changes, it will take time and can be restricted based on the core functionality that is already in place. But rest assured, this issue is known to the team. Thanks again for your help, everyone!
  21. Thanks for all of the information, everyone. The team is aware of the issue. Keep up the good work!
  22. Thanks for the information, Narrin. I loaded up your save file, and while the Forge Knight outside was neutral (which is not supposed to happen), when I went inside, all of the Forge Knights were properly hostile. It is strange to see a difference such as this, so I made sure to inform the team about the issue as well as how it acted differently between our computers. To proceed through the quest, I suggest clicking on the sword icon on the HUD, then clicking on a Forge Knight to initiate an attack manually. Make sure to do this to any neutral Forge Knights inside the Keep, and that should allow you to progress. I hope that helps. And keep up the great work!
  23. Hey Zefie, I can't seem to get this issue to occur on my own computer. When a skill description is open for me, pressing spacebar or clicking on the clock on the HUD does not unpause the game. What buttons do you click to be able to unpause the game? And it might also help if you let me know if you run the game on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Thank you very much for your help. Keep it up!
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