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  1. I decided to get the game via GOG, but I see that patch 1.6 still isn't available there yet. When can we expect it please? I am blocked in my game due to an issue fixed in this patch. Thanks, -- Pete.
  2. Thanks - but is that just the Lady Webb quest part, or does it include the auto-pause that cannot be unpaused (see the end of the video) as well? -- Pete.
  3. So, I am at the end of Act II where I need to return to Lady Webb before attending the hearing. I have had the agreement from the Knights to be in their delegation. Unfortunately at Lady Webb there is no option in the dialog to proceed to the hearing with the Knights. In desperation I select the dialog choice that I have "burned my bridges" with all three of the groups attending, and to have her send me apart. Once I get to the hearing there is all the conversation, and the assassination at the end, then the game auto-pauses, with no way for me to unpause. The only option is to quit
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