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  1. Was just trying Cail the Silent and got all the way to badly injured for him and suddenly all my characters had a frightened debuff. I managed to last for another minute and a half, but it was impossible to hit him because of it, and it appeared to be permanent. I've never had that happen before, and I'd think if it were MEANT to last the rest of the fight it would be nigh-impossible to beat Cail. I am incredibly frustrated, having spent 20 minutes fighting him, making sure every character was doing the right thing at the right time, and... Bam. Screwed. Never seen this before.
  2. Well, it appears my auto-attack issue has resolved itself. Not sure what happened, or what the cause was, but now everything seems to work fine. Maybe it was just some underlying symptom of my initial "unable to attack at all" issue and it just eventually smoothed itself out. No clue, personally, but the inability to rebind attack to Mouse 0 (and the subsequent inability to attack at all outside of abilities until rebinding using the previously mentioned ridiculous fix) seems like a pretty serious issue. Not sure how I haven't seen the like yet on the forums, given what I'd think would be the
  3. I appear to have figured out PART of my problem: that of not being able to attack creatures without using an ability. It seems that, whenever I tried to rebind my attack back to Mouse 0 (which I attempted to rebind to Mouse 1, initially), it would automatically remove the binding after I left the menu. However, if I clicked on Attack first binding field (to rebind the button), then clicked on the SECOND binding button for attack, it would stick. That was weird as all get-out to figure out. Essentially, it wouldn't let me rebind the first attack button if I clicked anywhere but the SECOND attac
  4. Hello! I've been playing the game for a few hours now, and I have finally noticed what appears to be causing so much difficulty in combat for me after the into caravan sequence: Every battle, every time, everywhere (after the introductory caravan sequence), whenever I click/right-click/attack button + click/rebind and click/etc. to try and manually attack an enemy, it instead tries to move the character(s). It does not attack. Period. Further, characters do not auto-attack unless they are attacked by enemies first (I have tried toggling the auto-attack functionality in the game options, to
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