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  1. You revert to what you originally cropped it to. I prefer to work with square images that contain a little more than everything that'll actually appear in the finished portraits, just so I can afford to be a little sloppy around the edges. If you're working from something that's already a POE-sized portrait, then yeah, you want to revert to the uncropped image any time it comes up.
  2. Turning off telemetry helped a lot, but I'm still getting it in conversations regardless.
  3. It's an attack. You use it on things you want dead (though this may include party members!)
  4. I believe the option of asking Edér who he is is there intentionally even for people who "imported" him, because he's probably like that in some of the premade histories, and new players might want a proper introduction. It's a "result" of choices in PoE because you didn't kill him/get him killed.
  5. I can promise it's not a uniquely Steam issue. I also noticed that the window closes and reopens very quickly when the stuttering happens.
  6. I'm not sure what you're seeing, but the only thing I called "actual art" was pictures that were not screenshots from another game.
  7. I did a tutorial on watercolours via the GIMP: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97149-tutorial-watercolor-portraits-in-the-gimp/ It gots pictures and everything! And what turned out not to be a great example picture, but I was almost done with the guide by the time I realized...
  8. There's an awful lot of requests for watercolour versions of portraits in the portraits thread, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least throw an alternative to asking other people out there, whether anyone uses it or not. For this process, you need: The GIMP (https://www.gimp.org) I'm using version 2.8.14, so some things might look different, but hopefully not. A non-circular brush for the GIMP. I think the Acrylic 1 brush that I use comes standard, but I could be wrong A little bit of patience and willingness to experiment It'd probably help to have a portrait handy too A canva
  9. Common wisdom suggests the current wizard subclasses are, in no uncertain terms, completely not worth it, since you're giving up two entire schools of magic for an always-underwhelming bonus and one power level (which is just as often increased duration as increased damage/effect/whatever) on your school's spells.
  10. Well, the easy way (for the first game) would be to look at the character's class, too. If they're a Paladin, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Barbarian, or Monk, they used physical might. If they're a Chanter, Cipher, Druid, Priest, or Wizard, it was magic of some sort. Easier still is just not acknowledging specifics: With the aid of <CHARNAME>, the metal bars proved no obstacle for the party.
  11. Not if they un**** the Might stat checks in dialogues. Literally all they need to do is fluff it differently, and it works better than the Strength/Resolve split.
  12. Not for those two classes, no. Especially not for BOTH of those two classes. If you want to make a Templar you better want a VERY specific thing, otherwise you're forced to compromise pretty heavily in both roleplaying and mechanical choices. Mind you, a lot of this could be avoided if they would just NOT have things tied to your character's reputation, but alas, keeping archaic notions of enforcing a code of conduct became a design choice at some point.
  13. It's worth mentioning that flavourwise, Chanters really are old-school necromancers. Their powers are derived from more or less speaking to lingering dead and using their ancestral memories of old stories to produce magical effects. Honestly, if "Necromancer" is what you want, pure chanter is going to give you that much more than anything D&D or Diablo throws at you, no need to combine it with stuff.
  14. So I am by and large very particular about my portraits' facial features, but completely lack the manual dexterity to draw, so I tend to pull my portraits from other games which DO have facial character customization, to... mixed results. Honestly, screenshots make poor portraits. But, I'm also pretty good with the GIMP, so I took the time to figure out a method for converting a screenshot into a decent-looking portrait, without really needing to do any of it by hand. I couldn't figure out how to get them to look painted (at the scale I was working with, anyway) but they do look sketched in pe
  15. I want a brigantine so I can wear my brigandine on my brigantine and send anyone who disagrees to the brig. Just hope we don't hit a 'burg.
  16. I don't have access to the beta, but I plan to make my first character a Darcozzi/Enchanter. Judging by the wiki, a whole lot of enchantment spells have a very short cast time and no recovery period, so it should work out okay with a character who'll be spending all his time in melee. For flavour, I also mean to give him a large shield, then counteract some of the accuracy penalty by usually equipping a rapier.
  17. Loads of critters are owned and not shared by WotC, such as Illithids (even though they're clearly Cthulhu-derived) and Beholders. On the other hand, most of the monster manuals tend to just be things from mythology, and those obviously can't be trademarked. Generally speaking, though, if you can't find a mythological (or fairy-tale) instance of a particular beast, it's best not to use it.
  18. Wizards always know all their spells now. When you equip a grimoire, you can cast the spells in that grimoire in addition to the ones you already know, but only while you have it equipped, so no learning spells from grimoires anymore. Ah, I see. So I can still choose to never change my grimoire, but doing so provides an actual advantage now. I see. And it seems pretty likely it won't be hot-swappable in the middle of combat now, unless they find a way to justify ALL trinkets being hot-swappable.
  19. IE mod optionally gave NPC/Adventurer Paladins their regular bonuses/penalties based on the main character's reputations (including Pallegina w/ customizable preferred reputations if you didn't agree with the defaults), but they still missed out on the talents for ignoring conflicting reputation penalties, so ultimately it enforced potentially multiple behaviour requirements on your main character, and (as with any class or background that doesn't apply to your main) didn't offer any special dialog options. IE mod's also been updated to properly support 3.05, for what it's worth.
  20. Also, Caed Nua pretty much rewarded you for taking several weeks out of your quest just to sit and let things get built; after all, if you were adventuring, you were probably passing turns, effectively missing out on rewards because you felt a sense of urgency. Mixing a lower overall adventuring income with some form of a better sense of investment would be ideal, I think.
  21. Mine doesn't melt, but a performance patch for PoE would be grand, especially if it also reduces load times.
  22. Most of those talents were "when you use <ability that you might not even take>, a secondary effect happens." They were not by any means class-changing effects. Some, like the Darcozzi Paladini one, were down to being flavour more than function (woo, 5 DR against the least-used element in the game). So, if asking for better distinction between orders/deities is selfish, then so too is it selfish to ask for a fish dinner when everybody else is having steak and they served you hot dogs with THREE(!) choices of condiment.
  23. I'm not sure where the controversy is here. Slow mode is the new default option in the menu, apparently for people who don't fine-tune their options but DO end up complaining about these things. It's like three clicks to change, tops.
  24. Clergy for more regions would be welcome. I never got a sense that Aedyr was somehow special in that regard. Also anything implying law enforcement for one of my adventurers. I always found it odd that the closest thing to a guardsman in backgrounds was mercenary (though mercenary does allow your main to say he was a constable, so I guess the name is just a lot broader than it implies at first).
  25. I'm not sure how "each attack/debuff/otherwise hostile ability comes with a heal/support/otherwise supportive one which shares its uses per encounter" sounds anything like Diablo 3, but whatever. Full casters (save for Wizards, but even then they can have multiple grimoires) get all of their spells each odd level. I fail to see how applying a similar dynamic to a class that can't really decide whether it's a fire-based damage-dealer or a full support tank makes it less tactically interesting. "Do I burn everything or wait to see if I need to heal?" vs. "Yes, I burn everything because ther
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