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  1. Listening to random people speaking can be very funny too. "Want to show us how you handle your spear tonight ?" "Err... Yes yes !".
  2. I'd say PoE first. It's a very good game and it will be way easier for you to discover this kind of game. It you really like it then play BGI and then BG2 which are amazing.
  3. I also think that there is not enough comment about the PC race. I think that's actually my only disapointment with the game. I mean,come on Pallegina don't explain to me what 's a Godlike, I am one ! Same think with the NPCs. This "tell, don' t show" policy is a shame. I really hope to see more reactions in the add-ons and the sequel.
  4. You aren't stuck with them. You can't do the later quests for the other factions, but that doesn't seem to matter. (at least it didn't for me). I accepted and finished that Dozens quest, the other factions told me to piss off, then when I wrapped up the main quest and came back to Webb, I went straight to the Doemenel's and asked to go with them. They were fine with it. The 'faction choice' is essentially meaningless. Oh, so as long as I have a good reputation with other faction I can ask another one than de dozen to go see the Duc ? I'm a "Hero" for the Cruscible knights, so even If I can't do their latest quest I will be able to go with them ? I really dislike the Dozen's view about animancy, and the Doemenel hates me anyway
  5. Hey guys ! I accidentaly chose the Dozen in defiance bay (Really didn't think that just "taking" the second quest without doing it would make me join them). So I'd like to know if the faction chose at this moment (to go see the Duc) matter or if I can favor another faction after that. Basically, Am I stuck to help the Dozen or can I make another faction win ?
  6. Oh yes please make it so Completing the second Dozen's quest lock you with them, not only taking it. I got stuck with them too. But I expected to be locked with them only if I finished the quest.
  7. I don't suite agree with companions having no reasons to join you. I mean I still have to meet 3 of them but until now : Aloth :you're the only stranger like him he met in gilded vale, you helped him, he hates the city so he sticks with you. Eder : a bit like Aloth, you're the occasion he was lacking to get the hell out of there. I mean, these two simply become your friands. That's it. You don't have to want to save the world to meet and decide to stay a bit with à New friend. Cana(the chanter) : he search something below your New home. He has to stick with you Durance : don't really know yet. He seems a bit mad. His reasons to travel with me are not clear yet. Or he is Just mad, or he does have one. Pallegina : well ok this one is my weak point. I mean she search an excuse to not obey her boss and help Dyfwood but why you ? I don't Know. In my playthrough it's not shocking because I had à good réputation when I met her (she could have heard of me) but that's it. Still have to meet the others
  8. My main problem with these NPCs is the very high proportion of Godlikes they represent. Godlikes are supposed to be very rare, but there is a lot of them, especially in Defiance bay. I mean it creates a huge gap between the feeling Pallegina gives you that there is not a lot of them (Even if she basically ignore the fact that you're one too when you play one of them) and reality. I mean, with the backers NPC I think I met more godlikes than Orlans, I mean for the moment in the "true" NPCs the only Godlike I met is Pallegina (Still act 2 at Defiance bay though). So they're a bit immersion breaking for me.
  9. - A toggle to walk - Possibility to sneak indiviually - Adding some reaction toward player's Race/Class, especially with the companions (having Pallegina explaining to me what's a Godlike when I AM a godlike is very very silly and immersion breaking)
  10. Oh damn didn't think of it. Well I won't make any priest/paladin in a next playthrough
  11. Hey guys ! I just met Pallegina, and realized something I'm a bit disappointed about. I think it's a shame that companions don't seem to notice you're race/origin. I mean, I like their stories and dialogs, but I'm playing a Godlike and Pallegina is speaking to me like if I had no idea what it was. Come on Pallegina, I am just like you with fire instead of feathers ! I'm kind of surprised about it, It's a bit of an immersion breaker. Did anyone else noticed this ?
  12. Couldn't we mod that by the way ? The walking toggle I mean.
  13. Don't worry you're not. Just look at the "Thank you" thread in the announcement part of the forum.
  14. I don't see what people don't like about POE NPC's ? Are we talking about companions or every NPC ? Personaly, I like PoE companions until now (I only met 4 for the moment), I mean, beside a romance option I don't see what they lack. They speak to you, speak together, have their own opinion, have a nice story (I really like Eder's story, I'm really curious about it), the don't feel flat for me. Well of course they're not Minsc, but the game is darker than BG2 so that's a not a big surprise. Same thing about the NPCs, I really liked a lot of them, Raedric for example is a nice character in my opinion, I haven't met a lot of big guys yet but for the moment they seems well done to me.
  15. Ciphers aren't restricted ? Good to know They actually use a ressource called "Focus". You can use your spells when you have enought Focus, and you gain focus by inflicting damage. So you're not really restricted. Same kinf of stuff with Chanters who can cast buff non-stop and when they've cast enough they unlock some kind of "Greater spell".
  16. Personally, I'm using the big guns when I see that the fight is going to be long. Most fights ends very quickly, but when you're taking hp by hp of your enemy, you know it may not be so easy. I'm also using it when I already met one kind of monster I find too dangerous and that I want to down very quickly. Or when I suddently take a lot of damage. But let's make it clear, when I say "use the big guns" I don't mean "throw every spells I have", I meaning "using one or two spells lvl 2/3 and a few lvl 1 if needed". The only moment where I really throw everything I got is when I know I'll rest very soon.
  17. Well, I don't see the problem with resting in Raedric's hold since you're (Warning spoiler Raedric's Hold) On hard I only had to rest once in Raedric's Hold, so not that much when you think about it. To justify it RP speaking, you can picture your team finding a safe enough place and having a watch. Not very realistic in a castle but in a dungeon... could be. EDIT : I also think people try to play too much like in other RPG. IE veteran by spamming spell because they can rest as much as they want after anyway, and younger player because usually you can use your spells as much as you want. It just take some adjustement to see spells like a limited ressource. If it can play just switch your mage with a Cipher so you can spam spells as much as you need.
  18. I'm not that much of a thank you guy, but all the "Your game sucks" thread on the forum make me crazy. So here I am. Your game is amazing, it is a wonderful RPG like we haven't seen since a decade. I couldn't be happier. Oh wait, yes I could ! If you continue to do such great games ! I love the world you created, I love the writing of the game, I love the combat system, the game isn't perfect, none ever is, but it is everything I hoped for. I haven't finished it yet, but I honestly think it will stand aside with Baldur's gate, planetscape Torment and Fallout 2 as one of the greatest RPG done until now. And believe me, that's no little compliment from me. So, to make it short, Thank you Obsidian.
  19. Does the talent vanish from the character's sheet or does it just stop working ? I'm trying to figure out if I'm victim from this bug too. EDIT : My Fire-Godlike talent still work anyway. Not sure for the rest of it.
  20. Yeah, this is my problem too...chanters dont have time to execute their spells. Also, fights are so short that most of the time I repeat the same sequence of skills at the begging of the combat and do nothing else because everything is dead. For those who disagree, fine. Im just asking for an option. We already have many options to configure the game for our own liking, maybe add another one called "epic combat", 50% more endurance/health for all. If I'm not mistaken, in PoD difficulty each monster get a bonus endurance (and some other stuff). Of course it's way more difficult
  21. I think you can alter the character who's stats are used by dragging them to the team leader position (left most portrait). So I used NPCs with different stats for different conversations - you can always hire one with the preferred stats for the conversations. Don't think so, the PC is always the one talking so only its stats matters.
  22. I'm playing Chanter right now and I can usually used my "big spells" at least twice in a short fight. So it doesn't bother me at all. Note that, if you play with the Chanter companion, he only have 5 dexterity which is really really low. I only have 10 with my PC but it makes a whole world of difference believe me.
  23. I don't have inventory lag either after disabling Hamachi. Kudos for the people who figured that out. I don't know if the sound works better though, didn't had a voiced conversation since. EDIT : Even the voice stopped lagging, Loading are still a bit long thought but nothing game breaking
  24. Answering a bit late, but mine is on an internal additional drive (my C drive being a SSD with windows on it). Also I tried running it in administrator mode just in case, but didn't change a thing.
  25. Sorry for the double post, just figured out how to put the savegame on the forum, just in case you prefer that instead of following my link. saveGame.zip
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