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  1. Here's the file as you asked. In this save (and every other) I'm having voice delay and freeze on inventory/level up screen. Note that I didn't leave the game right after the last issue (5 min after the last time I opened the inventory), but if I'm not mistaken that's not very important. If it is tell me and I'll update the file. For the savegame, follow this link (couldn't find how to upload it on the forum, also the save as a strange name but I guess it's a normal thing ?) Hope it will help you helping us ! DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  2. Hi ! Same issue exactly System : Windows 7 64 bit NVidia GTX 670M 16go Ram i7 3610Qm And to answer to Darren I'm personally running the latest NVIDIA drivers. But I think I saw someone on the Steam's forum who had the same problem with a Radeon, I'm not sure though (You can see the people who spoke about it in the post "Early Bugs". See here : http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960884005/
  3. A little up on the issue. The problem is still here, the game is very slow when changing portraits, the sounds takes a small (and very annoying) delay before playing. The game is also very slow in the inventory but ONLY when the PC character is selected (Fire Godlike Female Chanter). I hope these will be fixed really soon, not game breaking but very immersion breaking. PS : I also saw a few people on Steam's forum with the exactly same bug. So OP and I are not isolated cases.
  4. No armor ? But but I'll feel naked ! Even Light armor isn't worth it ? Thanks for your advice, saber/stilleto it will be
  5. I played as a DPS chanter in the BB, and it was quite different from what you were considering. I created a necromancer chanter, that primarily used a rod, with envenomed strike when needed, and then focused on Debuffs, summons and then damage in that order. The stats were max Might and Intellect, to get the most out of my invocations. As he would be in the backline, I didn't worry about Con, Dex, and so I went with Resolve/Perception at the same level, as that fit my RP for the character. He played amazingly well, and the summons were fun to make use of, especially to give flanking bonuses. I was planning to mainly use invocations . I'm considering using a gun instead of your rod (Rp reason + I never liked rods). Thanks for the feedback anyway that's really helpful
  6. Yeah I know, but the godlike choice is more a Roleplay reason than a Gameplay one I confess . Thanks for the advices, and do you think I can do without dexterity easily ? Accuracy is not link to DEX right ? I just went to see the talents again, and I'm having hesitation between pikes/Arquebuse or Saber/Gun (because let's face it, a Chanter with a Gun and a Saber is just too badass to handle). I'll think about it. Beside that, do you have any advices about the kind or armor to use ? I was thinking Medium/Light but I'm not sure about it. By the way, is there any advantage to use a weapon with nothing in the off-hand ?
  7. Hey guys ! I'm trying to plan a little bit my character creation but I'm having some doubts and was hoping some of you (who played a lot more the BB than me) could lend me a hand. I'm planning to make a Fire Godlike Chanter. I know the Chanter is mainly see as a good Tank/Support, but I was wondering if it could make a nice DPS/Support ? I was thinking about making my character wields Guns and Spears/Polearm. With the idea to be close of the Melee characters (for my buffs) by shooting on enemies when I'm in an open area and switching for the polearm when I can block the main path with my others characters (Since if I remember well you have enought range to stay just behind another character to hit an enemy with this kind of weapon). So my idea would have been to get 18 int, and to spread the rest of my points in Perception or Resolve and Might. So my Chanter's still a good talker but can handle a fight. I'm not quite sure of what would be the most useful between Resolve and Perception from this point of view. What do you think about this ? Is this doable ?
  8. I look at the stream but didn't see him play a Chanter Oo, Wanted to see the "voice acting" you were talking about. Very curious to know if the Chanter is chanting
  9. I will try tonight. But like I said, the game run very smoothly with everything maxed. The only problem is in the Menus (Character creation, level up...) That shouldn't really be the problematic part.
  10. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one. The game itself run very smoothly, but in the menu it's just terrible. The character creation is a pain for me (especially the portrait selection). My spec are not a problem either. So I'm a bit concerned about this since the game will be out in 4-5 days.
  11. Hey Guys, A question for you, I just realized I never tried the "expert Mode" with the Beta. What's the difference between a playthrough with or without it ? It says it disables some "helpers", do someone know "which" helpers ?
  12. So, do we know if we'll have chant for the chanters finally ? I'm really curious about this
  13. It sure looks like it's everything I expected. Just don't expect the combat to follow DnD rules, that's not the case. I know Sensuki is a bit disappointed about it because it's a lot more focusing on placement than strategic move (Basically a charater get a free hit if its enemy try to flee from melee). It also get rid of PreBuffing (which isn't a bad thing in my opinion). Concerning the lore/writting, it looks awesome. And imo the game is beautiful. So for me it's like a BG game with better graphics, good writting and slightly different mecanics/fights. But keep in mind we didn't have access to the full game. Just a little part.
  14. I would go Chanter - much more versatile (can fight during chants, can spellcast, can summon). Besides you will have opportunity to play both classes on your first playthrough anyway (KanaRua, GrievingMother). I'm answering a bit late, that's what I think I'll do. I think a Chanter fit me more both on the gameplay and the roleplay sides . My main hesitation was because I think KanaRua's a great companion and that I won't take him if I play Chanter. But well, go to hell Kana, I'm the star here !
  15. I'm having a big dilemma between a Fire Godlike Chanter and an elf Cypher. Hard choice
  16. You do know that there is a specific thread to discuss about Romance ? I'm quite sure you can already find there each arguments and counter arguments you're invoking in this one. Just saying
  17. Yea, Kana Rua is making me doubt my decision to choose Chanter. Big Burly guy with lots of Lore to share about the world, gregarious, funny, and (I think) he's your intro to the stronghold. I might switch to a wizard and ignore Aloth as I could probably do well to ignore the Emo Elf. I might also leave Mother for the second playthrough, as she seems like the Emo cipher. I'd rather leave depressing characters for my "I'm an evil dickface" playthrough. In any case I'm bringing along Eder for sure (it seems he is the Imoen of these games). The other companions are going to have to prove themselves interesting to me. Yep, very hard decision, I'm even considering to abandon my wizard and keep 2 chanters just for him. But I'm not sure about it
  18. I'm having big hesitation between making my PC a Cypher or a Chanter. I prefer Chanter but I love the Chanter companion, so that's a hard decision. Do we know if there is a Cypher companion ? Apart from that, my party will probably be : Chanter, Cypher, Wizard, Priest, Fighter, Paladin/Druid/Barbarian
  19. Oh please please please, find the balance ! :D. That's something I asked a few time already, it would add so much to immersion and to the chanter's charism. I also prefer "something" even if there is some repetitions, but maybe the possibility to disable it would be nice just in case (for people who really don't like it).
  20. I must say I do love your UI too, it's very nice to directly see spells. First time I'm seriously thinking of taking a mod for the UI of this game.
  21. The sad thing is that its really confusing me. I surprised myself thinking "Which weapon a chanter is supposed to use ? And which armor". I took a moment to realize "Whichever I want". Was it loke it in BG ? I don't remember having so much choice with any character for armor/weapons.
  22. Just a thing, I saw someone saying that fire godlike would have problem during their relationship due to their flames. But in the description of the race (subrace) in the character creator, it's written that fire godlikes emit harmless flames. So wouldn't be that much of a problem really. Btw, not speaking of romance, but I've always being disappointed not finding any RPG which let you play something else than an humanoid (like centaur, since we're talking about them). It could add so much fun/gameplay possibilities.
  23. Gaaaaah I recently bought NWN 2. And I tried to start with the official campaign, doing it quickly to arrived to Mask of the betrayer. But I'm having such a hard time to carry on in the game Oo. The camera's making me crazy. Not to speak about the "villages" with 3 houses. I really want to carry on, but I'm just forcing myself for the moment :'(.
  24. Description : I found a serious issue with followers. I had a full group, and decided to create a new Chanter to replace my ranger. It worked well until I got to the Ogre's Cave. Here I found my old ranger follower which was fighting spider while she was in a wall. I killed the Ogre, and saved. On reload, I couldn't control anymore my Chanter, her portrait had been replaced by my old ranger which is still stuck in the wall. As a result I lost control over my Chanter, my Ranger which is in the wall, and I can't leave the cave. I'm afraid I don't have a save before this issue, I'm just uploading the current one for you to see with a screenshot. Expect Behaviour : I guess my old ranger follower shouldn't stalk me from inside the walls Pillar.zip
  25. I'll take a look at it and maybe try to play better when I'll finally try Icewind dale
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