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  1. Found another spawn point in Lle a Remen ruins .Hidden cache on 11th of the month.
  2. The quest giver is easy to miss, he is a generic " frightened villager" inside Twin Elms inn.
  3. My party ( 5 at that time)was equipped with 2 fine arbalests,1 plain arquebus, Hold well arbalest and a fine pistol on Eder. All 5 shooting at Marwald as opening volley gets him pretty chunked.
  4. It may be a coincidence, but I never got Durance ( or Grievieng Mother ) dreams at inns, I made progress only at my stronghold bed.
  5. Worked like a charm. I had to redo the steps about 5 times until I spawned the Gloves of Manipulation ( + Blunting Belt in the trapped chest) . Seems to me that this is the best spot where you can force the game to cough the gloves due to small distance to map entrance and neat place to make the time pass( I did it with the priest Nedmar).
  6. Thank you, this the answer to my question. I was aware of the system to manipulate the loot seed and now that is what i will do.
  7. Can someone remember a precise location ( non-hidden container) where they loot this gloves?
  8. Erm, I Killed both and Galawain was pleased that I made room for new blood.
  9. There is no food that boost mechanics. If you don't find the Gloves of Manipulation, you can add 2 point in mechanics with inn resting bonus and 1 hooker in Salty Mast ( forget her name, gives +1 constitution and +1 mechanics for PC only).
  10. I just got a fine crossbow from the location where I was used to get the fine arbalest. Was it patched by 1.03 or is it random?
  11. The Dissaponter price was patched so Heodan will pay only 150 cp for it ( as opposed to 750 before patch 1.03)
  12. Heritage Hills will teach you something useful for 2 of the lower Endless path levels.
  13. Exquisite cheese follows : Precondition : Agree to help the dragon so it will wait for you patiently in the middle of the cave. Stand in front of the climbing cliff and use Aloth to launch a rolling flame towards the dragon. Before it hits, quickly climb the cliff up. Laugh at adds that gather at the base of the cliff while your arbalest six squad mow them down . Summon something at the base of the cliff ( some sturdy ogres) to grant you some further visibility. Death from above for the dragon.
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