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  1. Which 1.2x items do you mean? The spell damage bracers don't work in 1.03. Maybe they're fixed in 1.04?
  2. The accuracy gauntlets are in the 1st post, and I thought the +2 Per helmet was a backer item.
  3. The +2 Int Helmet is from 1 of the 3 traders in the Defiance Bay market. It's called the Dunryd Demon. It looks like a horned helm, not a leather helm.
  4. What are the best non-weapon items, by slot? I'll offer my thoughts on each, but I'd like to make a complete list using your help further down. EVERY PLAYTHROUGH ITEMS Head: +2 Int Neck: +3 Might, +3 Dex, +3 Per, +3 Res Body: +3 Res, +2 Any Arms: +2 Might/Con Ring 1: +3 Might, +3 Dex Ring 2: Ring of Protection +10, Ring of Deflection +10 Boots: 1.1x Flank Dmg Belt: +2 Dex/0.66*Prone RANDOM LOOT ITEMS Head: - Neck: - Body: - Arms: +5 Accuracy, +10 Deflection Ring 1: 1.1x Spell Area Ring 2: - Boots: +3 Move Speed Belt: +3 Con, +3 Might, +2 Might/Res EMPTY
  5. Bracers of Spiritual Power aren't working in 1.03. Ran some tests today. Druid with 17 Might (1.21x), Secrets of Rime and Winter Wind. Cast ~50 times on 5 targets. 36 - 61 Tooltip Damage (1.21x) 42 - 71 Additive Multiplier Rime (1.41x) 48 - 81 Additive Multiplier Bracers (1.61x) 42 - 70 Test Results It might be that Rime and Bracers cancel out? But more likely bracers just aren't working. I couldn't have done 42 damage on a regular hit if both Rime and Bracers worked.
  6. My priest was the last man conscious in combat. I cast withdraw to heal. But that ended combat, which ended Withdraw's stasis, which denied me the spell's endurance and put me right back in combat as the monster stopped walking away and attacked me. I cast it again because it was my last hope. Same thing. Finally the priest fell unconscious. But my party, which the priest had fled, got back up when my he went down. No game over screen. I'm glad that wasn't game over because I'm playing Path of Iron. But I wish Withdraw had just healed me and kept me in combat so that I could have w
  7. I do, too. But for the moment, I'm baffled at the number of posts concerning attack speed in this thread.
  8. Attack speed should be moot. Most of your attacks come from retaliation. For true maximum dps, you need to stack 3 pieces of retaliation gear and tank at least 3 enemies. Fast dual wielding is roughly 0.7 attacks per second. 3 dual wielding enemies will trigger 27 retaliation attacks in 3 seconds; a dual wielding monk will make 3 attacks and a 2H barbarian will make 1 attack in that time for 30 monk attacks vs. 28 barbarian attacks. 7% more attacks is not worth mentioning. The draining enchant, base damage vs. flat DR and multipliers are much more important.
  9. Casters can think of armor penalties as half their value applied to overall spellcasting, so a robe is -7.5% magic speed, because recovery for spellcasting takes slightly less frames than casting. A fast spell's routine (cast + recovery) takes about 2.23 seconds. A robe adds .16 seconds to a that, hide adds .27. Pallegina dies because beetle's shell is 0.27 seconds slower. Would sleeves again.
  10. Awesome thanks for this. OP, wizards start with clothes. Hire one at the tavern, adjust their background for the set you want, trade them some garbage armor and let them spend their days at Caed Nua, if you don't want to kill innocent people. Edit: Is it greedy to want one for robes for comparison, now?
  11. Any other restrictions/specifications? Gonna take this run much more slowly, i do have other things i need to do this easter but ill post updates on my progess as it goes Only that she's super protective of Aloth
  12. Iselmyr. Female Human (meadow) Barbarian. High: Might, Resolve Low: Int oh and Kith Slayer talents / weapons.
  13. More weapon comparisons. Assuming an optimized druid and rogue at level 12. Uses 20 Might and 10 Dex, because Might is easy for me to calculate and has huge effects on static DR, while Dex is difficult for me to calculate and should benefit all attacks evenly. Talon's Reach 48.75 damage (slash, 32.5 * (1.0 + 0.3 might + 0.2 bracers)) 80 accuracy (vs. deflection, 65 base + 10 spell + 5 wood elf) 2.23 second routine Summer Flame 42.50 damage (burn, 25 * (1.0 + 0.3 might + 0.2 bracers + 0.2 talent) 80 accuracy (vs. reflex) 2.23 second routine Rogue w/ Stilettos 34.65 damage (pierce, 11 * (1.0
  14. Good advice. Thanks. 67 frames seems more accurate for Fast [2.23 seconds]. 335 frames transpire between unpause and the beginning of my 6th burst of summer flame. I'll double check my numbers tomorrow. Hopefully I can still edit my post then. On the bright side, 67 is only 1.5% lower than 68, so reliability seems high so far.
  15. I tested spell speed this evening. Fast 2.23 seconds consumed Frames to Effect: 14 Frames to Completion: 35 Frames of Recovery: 32 AVERAGE 4.3 seconds consumed Frames to Effect: 53 Frames to Completion: 79 Frames of Recovery: 50 SLOW 7.93 seconds consumed Frames to Effect: 128 Frames to Completion: 132 Frames of Recovery: 106 I used naked Wood Elves with 10 Dexterity as a baseline. Recorded casting in FRAPS at 30 FPS and checked speed frame by frame in After Effects. Dissected single spells and verified with queues of 5 spells. Speed seems to vary some within categories, as fireball
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