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  1. That's an old one, though it was hang or shot last time I saw it.
  2. I have no specific color, I tend to try to match their other colors (robes or armor). Other than Bao-Dur usually ending up with a blue, Visas with a purple and Mira with a green, I don't really have anything specific. I'm trying to avoid giving Kreia the stereotypical red one, but it tends to end up like that anyway.
  3. I had written a lengthy explanation of all this, but I came to the conclusion that I'm horrible at explaining things. I think I'll leave that to other people, I can only tell you how it is, not why.
  4. That's quite enough for me. I kept staring at him, trying to put my finger on just what the heck was wrong with the guy.
  5. This is technically true, but it would require an analysis of the words used. Or shall I say, in order for it not to be a paradox, you have to make additional assumptions beyond what information you're given in the statement. You'd have to assume that they teach different things. In a strictly logical use of the statement, it dictates that they are teaching the same thing. "This statement is false" is a paradox, yes, because no matter where you start you will end up in a loop. However, "I always lie" is NOT, because you can start in a way so that it doesn't loop (as mentioned above). It is, because it defines power as having an army and getting an army requires power. No matter what you start with (power or army), you'll end up in a loop. It's akin to the chicken and the egg paradox, which also requires a definition (more specifically, that a chicken egg is defined as an egg that comes from a chicken and results in a chicken). It's what I like to call a partial paradox. A paradox is a statement that is logically inconsistent and have no "answer". "I always lie" can be such a statement, but only if you limit your examination of it to one side (more specifically, in this case that it is true). However, for it to be a true paradox, you have to make the assumpion that "I don't always lie" is the same as "I never lie". The two are not mutually exclusive of course, but you'd have to make an assumption without any information to back it up. You can also say that the person who says this will always either lie or tell the truth. However, if you do, you might as well rewrite the statement to reflect that, giving you a "this statement is false"-type of paradox.
  6. No, it's not a paradox. We can conclude that the statement must be a lie. If it's true, then it contradict itself. That much is clear, right? However, just because I lie in that statement, it doesn't mean I *always* lie, does it? That might be the only lie I've ever used.
  7. I believe it is whenever you load a new area.
  8. Be that as it may, conspiracy theories rarely do anything but upset people.
  9. It's mostly due to the lack of depth in the colors. Naturally a 2D image can't be 3D, but you can make it look 3D with shadows, variations in the tone of colors, etc. The exile's arm and hand, for example, looks very 2D. Of course, if you were aiming for the 2D look, then you did a good job.
  10. Oh yes. That. However, you left out a key word here and that is "observe". It's also important to note that it's just a theory, as we cannot observe it (that would ruin the entire point). Sorry? Isn't that what I've been saying? That He wouldn't exist inside reality? Once again; huh? I've been saying more or less the exact opposite, that if He does exist, then our reality is not set in stone and true, because He would exist outside of it and therefore our reality would not be ultimate. At any rate, it's 3AM over here and I've been up for 21 hours, so I think I'm going to get some sleep if you don't mind. Maybe I'll continue this tomorrow, I think there's a fairly large amount of misunderstandings floating around right now, but otherwise I believe I'll just retire from this discussion.
  11. Yes, but only if He exist under our reality (which is constructed on logic). Outside our reality, such logic may be irrelevant, therefore it may be possible for God to be all-mighty and not all-mighty at the same time. Being both all-mighty and not all-mighty at the same time is of course logically impossible, which means that if such an ultimate being does exist, it cannot exist under a reality built on logic, which is pretty much the entire point of the argument in the first place.
  12. I'm quite sure there is one you can type in the console, though I can't remember it at the moment. It might be quite buggy, as well. You may have to skip past all the planets, for example, and that might still cause some problems with Mira/Hanharr. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. I'd suggest using Google. You'll probably be able to find something if it's there.
  13. I assume that last option is supposed to represent "when hell freeze over" or something similar.
  14. Er, yes. So does the HL and the HL2 engine (though the exact price may vary of course). They are still open source, though. However, if I make a free mod for HL or HL2 without profits, I can do whatever I want with the HL/HL2 code without paying Valve a dime. I imagine the same goes for Unreal 3, assuming of course that is is open source.
  15. Er, yes. That's kind of the point. If He is not subject to the limitations of our reality, then obviously our reality is not a true reality. If He is all-mighty etc., then He must also exist beyond our reality. If He existed within it, He would not be all-mighty, for those are the laws we have within it. It doesn't "solve" anything, it merely states that if an all-mighty God exists, then our reality as we perceive it is not ultimate.
  16. Er, isn't the Unreal 3 engine open source? Meaning basically anyone could do a trial run.
  17. On-topic discussion is actually quite pointless and was already decided on a fairly long time ago. Everything leading up until now has actually been about explaining why it already is decided.
  18. I can't prove that God does not exist, but I can prove that God does not exist as an ultimate being under the reality as we perceive it. It's easy actually, and a fairly well-known paradox. If God is all-mighty, he can create a rock that even he cannot lift. Either way, God lose. Either he can't create the rock (thus he is not all-mighty) or he can create it but cannot lift it (which would also make him less than all-mighty). This is not proof that God is not all-mighty, merely that he is not in our reality. However, that does not mean that our reality is real, any more than the reality for the characters in Star Wars is real. God does not have to abide the rules in our reality, which would of course make reality, well, not real. It would merely be a simplification of the true reality, which we cannot perceive. Edit: Which unfortunately would make him/her/it not all-mighty, which in turn more or less proves that God cannot be all-mighty (under our reality blah blah).
  19. No offense, but I find your story somewhat hard to swallow. It may be true, but the chances that you're just making it up are far greater. Then again, one does not necessarily exclude the other.
  20. Oh, that is certainly possible. To be honest, I'm leaning towards alien design myself, but that doesn't change the fact that I will believe that it's a republic ship until I or someone else can prove otherwise (I won't be bothered, because like I said, it's not important). Do that, and I'll gladly acknowledge it as an alien ship. Don't, and I'll stick to what is true right now. ...as you perceive it, yes. However, if God drops down and he actually is all-knowing and all-mighty etc. (which he would need to be to actually be able to give you an ultimate truth), it's fairly safe to assume that reality is not as we perceive it because such a God cannot exist under it (fairly easy to prove with the whole rock-being-bigger-than-He-can-lift paradox). If so, then in that respect, our reality could be compared to this scenario where the reality is fiction.
  21. Well, technically, it's art. Perhaps I should've been more specific and said "great work of art" instead.
  22. Well, she was (potentially) redeemed from the dark side because of it. That should count for something.
  23. Obsidian are using the Unreal 3 engine to make KotOR3?! Oh my God! Wait here, I must tell everyone.
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