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  1. Oh yeah, that's cheap alright...
  2. Indeed, hence why I support a set gender and alignment. I doubt a satisfying ending to the story can be written with a variable gender and alignment for both Revan and the exile, especially with 16 different combinations. I'd rather be disappointed by being told that the way I played KotOR1 was not the "correct" way than watch as Revan and the exile are basically shafted by making their adventures meaningless (just take a look at how the universe turned out in KotOR2 regardless of what Revan did) and sort of hold them in limbo storywise.
  3. Overflow, I guess. A variable sized 1 byte would only go up to 255. Go larger than that and you'll get strange values.
  4. Well, either that, or Revan and the exile will just sort of vanish.
  5. You don't have to dance to get in there, but you do have to if you want to complete that specific quest.
  6. Thanks. It was a bit unfair (for the author) to lock it because we screwed it up.
  7. Huh? When did anyone say anything about that?
  8. Hah. If you think you've somehow "won", then go ahed. I'm the fool? You're the one who can't even respond with proper arguments. The prophetic and condescending style might've worked for Nietzsche, but at least he had something original and mildly interesting to say (not to mention that he did take a lot of heat for it). It's not the only parallel to Nietzsche I can see in your post, but then again, Nietzsche couldn't really argue either.
  9. And now, I'm going to bed. I'm sure I'll be able to drop by tomorrow. After all, you enjoy being challenged, wasn't that what you said? If you can't handle criticism, don't post on public boards.
  10. So tell them that in the forum they posted instead of a completely different forum where no one knows who they are. If you really have to, post their names only. Quoting their entire post will, as previously stated, add nothing that far less information couldn't have. Do you tend to post pictures and love letters in public too? You can save the posts in a text file and read them again if it makes you feel better. For everyone else, it's just distracting. And again, the holier than thou attitude is really getting old. Why do you think I'm being hostile, exactly? Perhaps you should take a look at your own behavior instead of trying to perform an uneducated psychoanalysis. I said I lost interest in it because of a) wild assumptions, and b) your added amount of irrelevant information. You think the fact that I said "seemingly" was coincidental? I gave you a chance to explain why you did it. Did you? No. Instead, you go defensive. I'm apparently insulting and "making fun of you", and for some reason you get the idea that I'm saying the people who agree with you are wrong. And that "And I consider it fair warning" comment at the end; really nice touch there. That really did it for me. And then, I explain again why I think it's irrelevant and why it looks narcissistic. And again, I say that the only thing of interest is the theory itself and the rest is just in the way. A bit aggressive, I admit, but I do tend to be a bit annoyed when people completely disregard what I say and on top of that claim that I said something else. You're not an innocent victim here, regardless of what you might believe.
  11. Actually, you haven't. You haven't explained why repeated quotes basically going "good job" is necessary for you to thank someone (here's a tip on how you can do it: add "Thank you" at the end of your post). You haven't explained why using these completely unnecessary quotes is not narcissistic, when it can only serve three possible purposes as far as I can see: a) you feel better for re-reading positive comments, b) you like to brag, or c) you try to influence others by trying to make others opinions into an argument (a type of argument that is discarded in both logic and philosophy, I might add). You haven't explained why you need to specifically add stuff about you and this whole process that is also completely irrelevant to the theory and serve no other purpose than promoting yourself. Perhaps, but I doubt I'd post it in a public forum, and certainly not in a thread that is supposed to be about something completely unrelated. If I wanted to read about medical issues, I'm sure there are forums about that too. Oh, and do get of your high horse already. You may think you're better and smarter than me, but guess what? That's not a substitute for an argument, and it certainly doesn't make you right.
  12. Yes, I can see how amusing your explanations about why you haven't posted sooner, the constant pain you live with or stuff that you mention in the next post would be, making this whole thread a barrel of laughs. But please, do point out the jokes in the irrelevant part of all this. I must've missed them. Also, again, explain to me why I'm wrong when I say that it is, in fact, completely irrelevant. I pointed out that a lot of the stuff you wrote was completely irrelevant, and not at all "in context" as you claimed. The worst thing I could've said in the first post was "seemingly narcissistic". And what do you do? You go get your holier than thou attitude going, and that's pretty bloody arrogant. Oh, and I suppose you're the epitome of mature behavior with such inspired comments as "You are one stone cold b*&^%-a%$ punk". Now, how about you actually respond to what I say instead of trying to convince yourself that you don't have to provide arguments and still be right.
  13. Holy crap. Now I've officially lost all faith in mankind.
  14. Christ... You post a bunch of posts that essentially add nothing. You post comments along the lines of "I didn't think people would like it, but they did". All of these are completely irrelevant for anyone reading it. And you do it because you like being appreciated. How is that not narcissistic? Seriously, I'm not sure how much closer you can get. Of course people like being appreciated, who doesn't? The point is that I don't need to hear about it. If people like it, fine. Do you feel more appreciated because you repost positive comments elsewhere? If you do, that's pretty sad, to be honest. Just post the theory, spare me the reviews and the biography. If it's good, you'll receive positive comments. Trying to convince me it's good because others thought so is just silly, though.
  15. Yeah? How are comments like "Well I thought this was an interesting read..." and similar even the least bit relevant? I don't want reviews of something, I want to judge it for myself. If the pretty damn wild assumptions you made in the very first post (not counting the one where you only repeat history from the game) didn't turn me off, the seemingly narcissistic reviews you included certainly did.
  16. Yeah. Everyone knows we live on the attic.
  17. Yeah, like I said, I'm not sure if the gender neutral interpretation applies when you're as specific as the chronicles. "Revan did this and that, then he did something else". That being said, I'm not sure, and I can't think of another way to write it.
  18. Does it matter? They have to pick something and what they picked is a pretty weak argument for which one is the "right" one.
  19. That's pretty bloody good. I thought that self-portrait was a picture at first.
  20. I read until I got to Kreia's past, and a little of her present. You're making some very odd assumptions and generalizations with evidence that is questionable at best.
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