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  1. Well it wasn't the interesting conversations at least.
  2. Or, you know, you could see it as an arrow or something else that isn't a mathematical operator.
  3. Nice. The nose and upper lip area looks a little strange, though.
  4. Yes. I think the caption is "Glowing crystal formation".
  5. There are at least two polls like this one already...
  6. I think this one is technically supposed to be about that. It's not very popular, though, and it might as well be given a better title and description.
  7. What? Kreia says that? I must've missed it or ignored it. If that's true, that's just lame. Don't get me wrong, I like Revan, but too much of the good stuff will just make the character cheaper. Alright, so (s)he is a good strategist, fighter and strong in the force, that's clearly above average, but okay, I wouldn't expect to play an average Joe. Okay, (s)he might've realized something others did not and sacrificed him/her-self for the good of everyone. Now we're starting to go a little far, but tragic heroes and such are my taste, so I'm willing to buy that (it'll also raise some interesting questions regarding the dark vs light side). But really, I draw the line at making Revan the center of something that sounds like a prophecy. Making characters too good to be true will often backfire, as they actually will be too good to be true. They won't be believable anymore. Roleplaying with such a character just isn't enjoyable, at least not for me.
  8. Er, who came to the conclusion that Revan was somehow special in terms of the force? I mean, he's obviously strong and got this whole tactics thing down, but "heart of the force"?
  9. Dear God, this argument is so irrelevant, it's not even funny.
  10. Hard to say. Revan was strong, we know that much. The exile was nothing special on his own, that much is even said in the game. I'm not sure how strong he can get when he's stealing force from others, though.
  11. Ah yes, Paradox Entertainment. Gave me Europa Universalis. I rather enjoyed that game.
  12. Be that as it may, it's irrelevant. If Lucas Arts says how something is, then it's like that regardless of their reasons.
  13. So basically, since this is a fantasy word, my argument is invalid. At the same time, because this is a fantasy world, your argument is not. Now there's a fine piece of logic.
  14. Actually, if they say Revan is a man, then people will just have to suck it up regardless of what they think. At least until someone higher up the SW food chain says that Revan wasn't a man.
  15. Oh wait, it is. Sorry, I thought the item code ranged from 0 to 9, but it was from 1 to 9.
  16. When some clever person decided to base whether Revan was a man or women on gender-specific attributes.
  17. "He" can be used to as a gender-neutral term. However, I don't think it applies in this case as we're talking about a specific person.
  18. First of all, I doubt he spent that much time socializing with dark jedi considering he was a normal (albeit elite) soldier. Second, like I said, there are other explanations than women simply being inherently more evil than men. Perhaps they wanted to gain respect in an otherwise male-dominated enviornment. Furthermore, if you're gonna use the argument that since Revan was ruthless and women are generally more ruthless, therefore Revan was a man, then apply the argument on all issues. I can tell you right now that men are more likely to be leaders, military especially, for a number of reasons (ability to handle stress, physical strength, suppression of emotions etc., and yes, there are studies about this). Yes, women can be leaders too. But if that argument discredit the rest, then so should "men can be ruthless too" discredit your argument.
  19. And that means what, exactly? Perhaps he got some statistics about women being more ruthless which essentially means nothing. Whether Revan was ruthless or not is debatable, I'd say Malak was more ruthless and I'd hardly say he was a woman. Furthermore, there are alternative interpretations to the female dark jedi being more ruthless than just the fact that they were women.
  20. Uh, yeah, cause Atton really know what he's talking about...
  21. There was some other reason for it. I thought this through some time ago (along with the other characters). I can't remember what I used to compare them, but it was not the events at Malachor. I'll get back to you if I remember it. Edit: I think it had something to do with Nihilus and his powers. Gonna have to give it some more thought (in case you're actually interested. I mean, I've already convinced myself).
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