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  1. Yeah, well, in my eyes, the Disciple will always be a little twit.
  2. Well, she doesn't exactly jump with joy whenever you decide to train anyone as jedi, so I'm not sure how relevant her dislike for a jedi Handmaiden is.
  3. Eh, none of the options really worked for me. It was a good try (a very good try), but it was still a swing and a miss. But oh, so close. Her nature was far too obvious, I basically knew how things would turn out after I left Telos. That, and the moral problems she supposedly was meant to give me turned out as random whining about whatever I did. It was a nice thought, and some of the stuff she said was really good. I just wish there was more of that and less of the "no, you idiot, don't do that".
  4. I know they have similarities. What I meant was that the PS:T story is so much better than KotOR2, it's silly to compare the two.
  5. Isn't it some form of blasphemy to compare KotOR2 to PS:T? It's not even close AFAIC.
  6. #1. What? You can actually get a story about the Handmaiden's mother from Kreia, I find it hard to believe that she is the Handmaiden's mother. It's an... er... interesting theory you got there, though. #2. Seems like it.
  7. ...that they are potentially violent, psychotic rapists?
  8. If you had proposed that a male character would be able to throw down Visas/Mira/Handmaiden on the floor and more or less rape her, then you'd probably be in trouble, yes. I'm a bit confused what "machist" is, though. Macho? Chauvinist?
  9. Well, I'll admit that I prefer my women with eyes (though I read somewhere that the Miraluka still had eyes at the time of KotOR, they just didn't work), but I think I can get used to it if the rest is good.
  10. That's perfectly acceptable to me. As long as Revan's story is told to an end (and not one that simply goes "oh (s)he died somewhere for some reason" or whatever). If he dies, he dies, but at least let him die for something meaningful. That said, I would prefer Revan didn't die for some reason. This is rather odd, because I'm usually one to advocate the tragic and/or bitter-sweet endings. I suppose it could be a sign that BioWare did a good job with Revan, or maybe I just needed a happy ending for once. No, but I'll... I'm... Well, basically, I'll do nothing, but I won't be happy about it. As for not letting them get away with it, I meant that I wouldn't just shrug it off. I can complain about it, and why shouldn't I if I think it'll make the game better?
  11. I voted for the first option, though it didn't really fit in. By what you see in the game alone, Visas is not a very deep character. A more in-depth (and mostly imaginary, I suspect) analysis produces quite an interesting personality. And that voice... Like I said once before, if she had (and could) sing, I'd be in love. Bastila is still my favourite, though. I only wish she had been a bit less, you know, girly, at times.
  12. You're probably right about the robe/mask thing. Regrettably. I don't think it's possible for Obsidian to give me an ending I'd be satisfied with with the robe/mask routine. At some point, they'll have to take a stand regarding Revan's gender and alignment, and if they plan on a worthwhile ending for Revan, that means they'll have to do a lot of work to produce 2-4 different stories. As for whether it's necessary or not, yes I think so. It wouldn't have been if Obsidian had not dragged Revan into the unknown regions, but they did for some reason and I'm not ready to let them get away with something like that.
  13. I agree with that, actually. The exile was just a hollow character to me, never really got attached to him/her. I did like some of the NPCs, though. I'm still interested in whatever story Mandalore (AKA you-know-who) may still have, and I was rather fond of Visas as well. As the other characters could potentially become jedi, I'd also like to know how they'll deal with rebuilding the order (if they did). And of course HK-47, but more because he provides me with some amusing comments than for a rich character. The exile really couldn't be saved, I think. It's a shame the other characters were not developed further, though. As for the rest, I can't say I agree with everything. Revan should play an important role, but I don't think (s)he is the only one with a story to tell. After the new Revan-plot TSL introduced, I do expect to see it resolved, however. I'm also quite unhappy about how TSL screwed over Revan and Bastila/Carth by more or less negating everything that happened in the first game. I don't expect to see Revan as a PC or even an NPC, though. But I will be unhappy if Revan is just ignored (or screwed over by some other twist) again.
  14. Yes, though I don't see why it matters. There's two people flaming here in like 4 posts as far as I can see. I would hardly call that a war. As for the rest of the post, if anything of that was directed at me, you've obviously missed my point by light-years.
  15. Oh, I'm sure they would. But they could've mentioned Revan without getting him/her involved in a new plot. He moved with Bastila to a house with a white fence on a planet somewhere, had 2.3 children and lived happily ever after. Or she went nuts, married a horse and went to live in a tree on a mountain somewhere. There, the story is still resolved (though I'd naturally expect the writers to come up with some better than the stuff I just made up in about 10 seconds).
  16. And that does what? Give me an unresolved plot with a Revan of a default gender instead? I don't care what the gender is, I care about the unresolved plot. And the only way that can be fixed is to resolve it, which in turn can only be done by including Revan in a sequel to KotOR2. Yeah, that's just great. "Revan ran away to some place you'll never see and died in some way you'll never know of without doing anything you'll ever hear about". I wonder if it's actually possible to write a worse ending to that story. No, they didn't. They caused a much bigger problem by doing something completely unnecessary like getting Revan involved in a new story. In fact, I can't readily think of a way they could've caused any more problems. They managed to paint themselves into a corner, and no matter what they do now, some people are going to be upset. That's a solution along the lines of cutting off your arm because your finger hurts.
  17. No, it's not. But if you're looking to writing a satisfying ending to the story Revan was given in TSL, I challenge you to do that with a fully customizable Revan. You can't show Revan in the game, have him or her say something and you must record dialogue and write a plot that is suitable for 4 different combinations of gender and alignment. All that, and still make Revan play an actual role in the game. Revan was, relatively speaking, barely mentioned at all in TSL and I felt the writing to get around the custom Revan was rather strained more than once (mostly due to alignment). Imagine doing that for a character that's not just a short cameo without writing 2-4 completely different games. And that doesn't even take the exile into account. Personally, I feel the exile could be more or less ignored (in fact, I think (s)he should've died in TSL just so this "wound in the force" could've been resolved. Seems to me like the problem is just as big as it was when TSL started). However, I think I'm in a minority there, so I wouldn't be surprised if people want the a customizable exile to show up as well. Now you try writing a game based on 16 possible stories and tell me how it goes.
  18. Endless? That's not entierly true, first of all. Stars will burn out eventually, even more so if you steal matter from it to build ships. If you don't steal matter, your limit is the raw material you can find. Either way, the source is limited. Second, it's irrelevant how long the Star Forge can remain operational. What is releveant is how fast it operates. You're claiming that all ships of any other design would be replaced by Star Forge ships because they are better. Whether this is true or not, which you're yet to prove, that would still mean the Star Forge would have to produce enough ships to make the limiting factor people to crew them (unlikely). Anything else would mean that the old ships would still be used, as one strong and one weak ship is always better than one strong. If this is true, then the Republic would've fallen within months, battle meditation or not. As it is, it'll fall *eventually*. That's a given, assuming the Star Forge can remain operation for as long as it's needed and produce ships fast enough to keep the Republic at bay (which wouldn't actually require it to be that efficient). The Sith would win by attrition even if they couldn't gather a fleet strong enough to defeat the Republic in battle. It's a very common military strategy, actually. Not the fault of it, no, but technology could've prevented it. They never would've been able to board Revan's ship if it had been in the middle of a fleet of other ships. Had Revan had an endless supply of ships, there would be no reason for him/her to expose him-/herself like that. Fine, if you want to kill an unarmoured man, do you use an assault rifle or a pistol (Keep in mind that you'd have to go through the process of researching, building and financing the assault rifle)? That said, yes, it is the same thing if used it in this simplified scenario, as we assume that both the rolled up paper and the shotgun was developed specifically to kill flies. That's more or less the scenario that the builders of the Star Forge would've had, except on a much bigger scale. You have weapons that kill things and weapons that kill things more efficiently. How they do it is irrelevant.
  19. Hah, if you had read some of Plooby's other posts about Bao-Dur, you'd hardly be shocked by that one.
  20. That's utterly false. The fact that the Republic was alive and well long enough for Revan to be captured rather clearly implies that the Star Forge had some limitation. If if it didn't, the Republic would not have been intact long enough to capture Revan, and Revan certainly wouldn't have had time to destroy it before Malak had produced enough ships to finish the job. Because they don't need to. That's why you don't use a shotgun to kill a fly, despite the fact that shotguns are far more advanced than a rolled up paper. And just because your civilization is advanced, it doesn't mean you will have or use advanced weapon technology. The might've been warriors, but even warriors wouldn't use shotguns against a flies. If there are two ways to solve a problem and one is considerably more simple than the other, why should you ever pick the harder one? I can't recall anything like that, and I'm usually quite attentive to such things. Regardless, unless my impression of the force is all wrong, any such technology would depend on the user being able to use the force, which in turn would severely limit the use of such ships in the Jedi Civil War as a fairly small portion of those who participated were jedi.
  21. Yes, I know. However, it's more likely a matter of energy (haha, get it? Matter - energy. Oh forget it). A sun is basically made up of hydrogen and helium. Using a sun to produce material is not very efficient. You could however drop in iron, titanium etc. at the top and watch as a ship falls out the bottom, as the Star Forge use the energy from the sun to construct the ship. Transporting material and actually producing the ships will take time and resources (or at least *something* did as Revan didn't have an unlimited armada of ships). Not that complicated, really. No more so than anything else in Star Wars at least. If it's just energy, the fusion in the sun result it heat and radiation which you can absorb, convert to kinetic energy which you then convert to electricity. Same principle as a nuclear reactor, really. As for matieral, it's a bit more complicated, but that's basically what fusion does. You take two light atoms, fuse them into one that is heavier (such as 2 hydrogen atoms in the sun going through fusion to become one helium atom). Theoretically, you can use fusion to create anything out of anything, it'll just might require a lot of energy to do it (I believe iron is the critical point where you'll need to add extra energy into the system. You'll need to at previous stages as well, though, unless you can recycle 100% of the energy and if you ignore the initial energy boost you need to initiate the reaction) and you'll need some way to contain the massive amount of heat that the fusion reaction will create. Come to think of it, it is rather complicated. Well, regardless of what the Leviathan is, the Ravager can't be anything but a Republic ship. It pre-dates the Star Forge, so it's not from there. It participated in the battle at Malachor, so it's either a Republic ship or a Mandalorian ship. KotOR2 rather clearly implies that it's *not* a Mandalorian ship, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of options.
  22. The Star Forge must've had some limitation. If it didn't, Revan would've had it produce a fleet big enough to crush the republic, end of story. Either the Star Forge's resources are not as endless as you may think (it's not endless, I might add), or it couldn't produce ships very fast. In any case, you'll still end up with more people to crew ships than ships themselves, meaning it'd be stupid not to crew outdated ships as well as the newer ones (especially one such as the Leviathan that was top-tier republic technology by its own right, not to forget the interdiction capability). Not beyond a certain point. You develop weapons to counter an opponents developments. If your technology is the best, you don't need more unless there are other niches you may want to fill (and making better ships that fill the same function as a previous one is not an example of that). Basically, all you'll end up with if you do that is weapons that drains more resources for the same job. To use the shotgun and fly analogy from before; what is the most efficient thing to do if you want to kill flies? Roll up a million newspapers or make one shotgun? Anything beyond a rolled up newspaper is just overkill and a waste of resources and efficiency. As for revolts, you have to remember that more advanced technology does not always give you an advantage. The people revolting will have access to the same technology as you do. If they don't, all you need is technology that is good enough and the republic technology is more than capable of dealing with revolts from entire planets.
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