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  1. I think the droid is rigged to explode. What concerns the ending, yes its just plain bad.
  2. The main reason why I felt dissapointed with K2 is probably because I was expecting something at least nearly as awesome as Torment. :cool: The worst part that K2 actually resembles PS:T but in a bad way.
  3. Some of the dark side faces were pretty bad. I choose that blad chinese with the goatee and I never EVEN develop one vein. I just got very very pale. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> whew thanks man maybe I'll give it another run than (but Atton still looks disturbing)
  4. The only character in the films that looks nearly as hidious is the emperor. Even Darth Vader without his mask looks much better than my character in KOTOR2. Count Duka actually looks normal, he isn't a particularly handsome man but he hasn't a SKIN SICKNESS. The game gives you choice between dark and light side of the force, so both should be equally rewarding for the player depending on his or her personal preference. And if I play DS I feel SORRY for they guy!!! Like "oh come on man, don't die now, just drag on till the end of the game and than go to the hospital and get cured" <---
  5. Another thing - the faces !!!! How did they come up with this scaled monstrocity ??? I'd take KOTOR1 "heroin junkie" dark side face any time. I actually made my character wearing mask for half of the game even though I had better headgear, just because I couldn't bear his looks. I fealt like clicking on medpack button continuosly until he gets cured of his skin cancer or whatever it is. The first time I played this game I played DS and I can't make myself to play it again because of how dissapointed I felt about the ending, and how disgusted I felt with their looks.
  6. Yes, it just falls through the floor....a bit
  7. Korriban. The only planet that didn't have those annoying people and their tedious tasks
  8. Well, yes, but it was interesting! For me at least, or maybe I just liked why he is doing what he's doing. At least it was refreshing compared to moral dilemmas (handmaiden), pointless babbling about the "truely despicable terrible things" (Visas).
  9. He is the sexiest droid alive Maybe its just contrast with other characters, who tend whine and babble and hesitate too much.
  10. I liked G0-T0 a lot Actually I liked him more than...........Visas
  11. You should also talk to Kreya after some sparring sessions with Handmaiden, and Kreya will give some information on Handmaiden's parents, which would enable some dialogue.
  12. You should, Hanharr is deep In a low int high wis way. He and T-3 were the real suprises when it came to dialogue. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't know, I just wasn't interested in him. Basically he was like I told Atton "A beast to draw some laser fire", don't remember the exact words.
  13. I liked it for some reason None of these annoying people, with their little problems, distracting you from what needs to be done :ph34r:
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