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  1. Obviously not, since the Sith ships were based on Star Forge technology while the Republic ships were not (in that particular battle). That does not exclude the possibility of the Republic having other capital ships or prototypes of different designs, though. The Leviathan was obviously a unique ship if it was a Republic ship as the databank and Carth indicates, so it's not surprising you wouldn't see a whole bunch of ships like it in the Republic fleet. No, but there are ships with a variety of armor, size, speed, firepower and various additional equipment and functions. Just because something is more advanced than something else, it doesn't automatically mean that it'll replace the old technology as long as it still has a niche to fill. That still does not say anything about the ships. Just because they can produce good stuff, it doesn't mean they always will, and just because some technology is advanced, it doesn't mean all of it is. The Star Forge is not magical, it abides the same laws of cost-efficiency as everything else, it's just a cost of a different type. You don't use a shotgun to kill a fly. Judging from the story in KotOR1, the people who built the Star Forge had no need to develop weapons as there were no enemies who opposed them. All military development is a result of previous military development, it's as simple as that. Take crossbows, for example. Bows were working just fine until the heavy cavalry started using platemail. Bows were made stronger, armor made thicker and eventually the crossbow was invented (a weapon so efficienct that it was declared inhumane by the pope, just in case you're interested). If no one had started wearing armor, we might not even have had anything more advanced in our arsenal than bows and melee weapons. If there is no need to develop it, you won't. Doing so would just be a waste of time and resources. Even assuming that is true (and we're still ignoring the interdiction technology), one alien ship + one former republic ship is still better than just one alien ship.
  2. I don't remember seeing ships detailed enough to tell whether they were identical to the Leviathan in the cutscenes. Any pictures?
  3. Who said it was common? It could've been an experimental interdictor prototype. In fact, now that I think about it, I haven't heard of another interdictor ship in the republic fleet, meaning that the Leviathan would almost certainly be of a different design. We have fully automatic rifles and machine guns today. Yet soldiers are still issued pistols and even knives. Heck, there are a wide array of assault rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, pistols and knives. Why? Because all weapon-types and designs may not be the most suitable one for every situation. Furthermore, we have no way of telling exactly how good the Star Forge technology was. We know it could produce a lot of ships, not the quality of the ships. And that still doesn't address the interdictor technology issue. I believe it's also quite clear that the fleet at the Star Forge was not the entire Sith fleet, only a garrison. As such, why would former republic ships be stationed there in the first place? It'd make more sense if the defense force consisted of ships that can easily be repaired and replaced by the Star Forge if the need should arise.
  4. You're telling me that, for example, a hut and a human can breed? ... Oh God, now there's a mental image I could've lived without.
  5. From memory and in no particular order (so it might not be correct): 20 sith participated in the ritual. Gizka is the least suitable. "I always lie" is not a paradox. Passion-> Strength -> Power -> Victory. Freedon Nadd is not burried on Korriban.
  6. The new ships, yes. However, Revan still had republic ships left from the Mandalorian wars unless he got rid of them. What? It makes perfect sense to me. Saul with his Leviathan fought in the Mandalorian wars like most of the republic did. When the Mandalorians had been defeated and Revan, Malak and a good portion of the republic forces had defected and become the sith, why couldn't Saul have defected as well? Or they kept the old ships. Just because there's a new design, it doesn't mean that it's better and that everyone will use it. Even apart from the fact that the Star Forge ships might not have been ideal in every situation (firepower, speed, manouverability etc. rarely mix in one single ship), the Leviathan still supposedly had its interdictor technology (i.e. pulling a ship out of hyperspace), which I don't remember hearing the Star Forge ships having. That alone would've made the ship worth keeping, and top-tier capital ships shouldn't be thrown away in any case.
  7. And have the male players complain about how they can't rape one of the female crew members? No thank you... (PS. Just in case, this being an Internet forum and all, don't take the above too seriously...)
  8. Hmm, I always thought that the Leviathan was a republic-made ship that Saul remained in command of after Revan and Malak defected. Guess I could be wrong, though.
  9. Er, sort of. I'll be repeating myself here, but it's better than more confusion. I want each game to have a satisfying ending (and by satisfying, I don't mean the classic happily ever after that I said. Personally, I prefer the bitter-sweet endings). KotOR1 had one of those. The story was over and you were could just imagine what happened next if you wanted to (i.e. Revan and Bastila had a son named Pete, just for the heck of it). In KotOR2, you were basically told that Revan went and did something else and gave him or her a new plot. That negates the ending from KotOR, making me want a new ending for it (i.e. for Revan). I don't think a satisfying ending to Revan's story is possible as long as you're able to customize Revan. There's gender, alignment, face and voice to take into account. Combined, that basically means that you'll never get to see or hear Revan, as well as ensuring that it would take some very creative writing to make all gender/alignment combinations work (if it's even possible to do that without making Revan insignificant, which in turn would ruin the point of having him/her in the game in the first place). That's why I think it'd be better to, in retrospect, just tell people that Revan was a LS male (my preference for various reasons, but it's just an example) and write a story based on that. So yes, I'd rather have the sequel tell me that the way I played the first game was not the "correct" way. It's either that or write a story not involving Revan at all. Well, and of course writing a story that does involve Revan but doesn't really go anywhere (the KotOR2 way, which does more harm than good in my opinion). It was thoughtful of Obisidan to let people choose Revan's nature, I just don't think it was worth the extra trouble and unresolved plot that was (unnecessarily) introduced. I have no problem with a completely new storyline, but only as long as the current one is completed first. If Obsidian does not intend to complete Revan's story, then they shouldn't have sent him/her out to "explore the myserious beyond". That's the part that bothers me. I can forget a resolved story, not a still ongoing one. No, not at all. I have absolutely no problem with players being able to choose gender and alignment for their characters, I just feel that the choice shouldn't be a limiting factor in the sequel (which is the case now, which could've been avoided by simply not making Revan an important character in *another* story). Edit: And now I realize that I might've misunderstood that last quote. If I did, this would be the correct reply: No, I don't expect to see Revan as the PC, or even a NPC in the party. All I want is a resolved story, in whatever way the designer decides to do it. That said, I wouldn't really mind seeing Revan as the PC or a member of the party, but it's not exactly my primary concern.
  10. Oh, the post wasn't really directed at you. Especially not the part you quoted. It was more of a general complaint directed at no one in particular. I don't know what your motivation is, nor does it really matter. As for my inconsistency, I can assure you that's not the case. I like Revan and I want his/her story to be resolved. It was, more or less, after KotOR. Either you live happily ever after or you rule the galaxy. That's fine, and if KotOR2 had told me that KotOR1 ended with a female Revan ruling the galaxy, I'd accept it without blinking. The thing is, KotOR2 didn't do that. It sent Revan out into some generic place, not only giving Revan a completely new story to deal with, but also negated any closure you had from the first game. That's the problem, really. I want either Revan's story to be over with, or I want to deal with it. I don't want some subtle hints here and there that doesn't really mean anything, I want a happily ever after/rule the galaxy ending for Revan. Allowing people to customize Revan would've been fine if they hadn't gotten him/her involved in another plot, but they did. I strongly suspect this will never be resolved as long as Revan is customizable as there will be a whole bunch of options you have to take into consideration (even more so if people expect to be able to customize the exile as well), at least not in a satisfactory manner (i.e. you will never hear or see Revan in the game, except possibly as a corpse face down with a hood). However, whether this story is resolved as a DS/LS male/female Revan or not I don't care about. Sure, I think LS male when I hear Revan, but that's just me. The important thing is that it *is* resolved and the Revan character can finally rest. Whatever combo is best for the story, just pick that one (regardless of how many want a female hero just because it'd be a female hero or whatever) and write an ending for Revan that actually won't leave me thinking "what the hell?". Bottom line; if you don't want Revan involved in the game, then for the love of God, don't involve Revan. Had they just left Revan out of it, everyone could think Revan was whatever gender they wanted and everything would be just dandy. But that's not possible anymore, and I think it'd be the lesser of two evils to stamp a gender/alignment on Revan and just resolve that plot once and for all. I'd certainly be happier with a Revan of a different alignment/gender than what I imagined that actually played a role in history than a customizable Revan that really didn't do squat and then just vanished afterwards.
  11. That's not how I saw it. The only thing the exile didn't know was how he was cut off from the force (and he thought he knew that until he was told he was wrong). For me, the game just filled me in on stuff that my character already knew, making the whole experience rather awkward and making the exile just float along in the story for no particular reason other than that someone told him to go here and there and do this or that. From what I recall, she was as sith as they get (despite the fact that she didn't like sith any more than jedi). The force is connected to everything in the universe. If I understood it correctly, to kill the force would mean most things would die and only those strong enough (like the exile) would survive. Sacrificing countless lives because you're not happy with being controlled by a destiny is pretty evil if you ask me...
  12. Actually, I agree with that. I mean, that you were Revan in the first game was quite obvious, but I only strongly suspected it. In KotOR2, I more or less knew Kreia would turn evil when I left Telos. By the time the twist came, in KotOR1 I went "hmm". In KotOR2, I went "about bloody time".
  13. To my knowledge, Bioware decided that they didn't have time for KotOR2 within the timeframe LA wanted, so they recommended Obsidian for the job.
  14. Well, it's not an unsound design. Triangular ships will help when manouvering, as well as giving maximal firepower forwards. A bridge sticking up will provide a good view of the hull and enemy ships.
  15. So make it a DS female then. I'd prefer a LS male for various reasons (that it's a stereotype is not one of them) but I really don't give a damn one way or the other. I'd rather have a good story than satisfy a bunch of misplaced cries for equality or whatever is the agenda for the day, and I believe the best and easiest way to do it is to simply tell people who and what Revan was and let them deal with it. The funny thing is, I don't think this would've been an issue if Obisidan had just done that in the first place. I think it was a mistake, and a big one, that they didn't, which was then amplified by the whole plot they built up around Revan, making him/her an important character for the next story. Seriously, aren't there better things to spend your time on that complaining about inequality in a game? (You know, such as inequality that actually matters.)
  16. Both the Leviathan and Ravager are former republic ships, though.
  17. SDs are capital ships. The Ravager is a capital ship. How much difference do you expect to see in their function?
  18. Well, it's not a Star Destroyer. The first Star Destroyer (Victory-class, VSD) was designed and constructed around the time of the clone wars. I suppose whoever designed the Ravager could've been inspired by the SDs in the movies.
  19. No more than what they'd lose by letting people customize a Revan that will never actually play a role in the game. That would be really stupid considering TSL just gave him/her another plot to play out and I'm gonna be really disappointed if Revan turns out the way (s)he did in TSL (i.e. that (s)he really did nothing of any significance in the first game and will be doomed to continue doing nothing in any sequels because anything other than an insignificant role will be hard to implement with a Revan without a set gender and alignment). Given the whole "Revan went to fight the unknown enemy" thing that the game mentions several times, I expect to see some closure on that. I believe the only way to get a satisfactory closure on it is the simply make Revan a gender/alignment and stick with it. I can almost guarantee that you'll never see or hear Revan as long as (s)he is customizable (God forbid people will be upset by Revan having another face and voice than they imagined). But perhaps that's just me. Perhaps other people are perfectly fine with Revan showing up as a generic corpse face down with a hood somewhere (which is more or less what I expect if Revan play a role in the next game and still is customizable).
  20. I remember reading somewhere that they used to have eyes, and they sort of evolved force sight that replace normal eyesight. At the time of KotOR (i.e. 4000 years or so before the movies), the Miraluka still had eyes, they were just not functional (sort of like bats). I'm no expert, though. Just something I read somewhere, and it's not a big leap of faith. If nothing else, Obsidian could've suggested it to LA and LA could've made it so, problem solved.
  21. LS male for me. Male because a Revan/Bastila relationship seems more interesting than a Revan/Carth relationship. LS because I think it'd fit the TSL story better, and I'd rather have Bastila and Revan as a lovers than master/apprentice. That said, I'm not gonna go up in flames if Revan ends up as a DS and/or female character.
  22. Was, perhaps, but TSL made sure that Revan still had a part to play (or at least that's what I felt like). Now I'm gonna be really disappointed if Revan doesn't play a role in the next game, or show up as a generic corpse somewhere. Furthermore, as for the gender/alignment choice, I'd rather have Obisidan just say how the last game ended. Even if I see Revan as a LS male, I wouldn't have complained if they said Revan was a DS female. I can deal with it, and the disappointment of having the story negate my ending would be less than the disappointment I experienced here, that the feeling of accomplishment I had from KotOR was utterly ruined by KotOR2 and that I was convinced I'd never hear from Revan again (and I'm not talking about another game with Revan either, a happily ever after would've been fine, but instead I got some kind of cliffhanger where Revan will basically be screwed no matter what).
  23. That's actually the HK-50 unit that followed you from the republic ship.
  24. Is there anything to actually prevent dark jedi/sith from loving eachother? Love is certainly about passion, and strong emotions is what fuels the dark side.
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