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  1. Hmm, in that case, I'd say this is one of those places where the lack of a plot is painfully obvious. I mean, not that I don't enjoy the deep and emotional three-word discussions I have with him after every planet, but maybe he could occasionally say four or even five words. They could at least implement a dialogue tree like Visas, where there is some stuff to talk about, even if you've pretty much drained those possibilities in the first 5 minutes after meeting her.
  2. Can't say I've gotten anything out of him. For the most part, our discussions go like this: "Yes, general?" "Nevermind." That holds true for most of the game, except for the lightsaber quest.
  3. Oh yeah, him. More than once did I wish there was a dialogue option to give him some cold remedy.
  4. Ah, yes. The two-wrongs-make-a-right theorem. Like I said, I'm not very fond of either of you at this point, but between someone posting off-topic and someone posting an off-topic unprovoked flame, I don't have any great difficulty deciding which one I disagree least with. I'm not going to dig through every thread to count the offenses, but I do know someone started it here. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn about who started it or why, but who continues it. I'd happily take a jab at both or none in a thread dedicated to this issue, but right here and now, I'm talking about this thread and this thread only. But enough of this, now we are really getting off-topic, and I doubt anything I say can change anything. Feel free to continue arguing with me on this if you want, but I fear it'll be a pretty lonely discussion.
  5. I don't agree with either one of them, but NWK started this here. Like I said, I've read these boards a bit and I know the background. I don't care how ignorant Osiris is about anything, that's not a reason to flame. But that's not it either, no, it's that he came in here and made a post that is actually off-topic with the sole purpose of flaming. Osiris may or may not be ignorant, stupid or whatever you chose to call him (or her), but I fail to see how flaming will improve the situation. Someones ignorance can be corrected if you inform them of their error, whereas flaming will lead to nothing constructive whatsoever.
  6. Well, yeah, I have to admit that Bastila is a bit too female, if you know what I mean. That HK-47 sarcastic remark about "Oh master, I love you, but I hate what you stand for..." was quite accurate. They should've made her a bit more independant, rather than someone I'd normally call a bimbo. You could pretty much slap her around as much as you wanted and she'd still fall for you, if I remember correctly. But I have to admit that I was a little turned on by her, mostly due to Jennifer Hale's voice acting.
  7. Whoa, give it a break guys. Yes, it is rather silly to complain about things missing when it's your own fault you missed it, but running around and complaining about people when they do it is not much better. I've read a bit around here, and to be honest, I'm growing quite tired of your attitude, NWK.
  8. Well, there are two basic attributes to look at in an attack: Damage and Attack Rating (that's not the name in KotOR, but I don't remember the real name and it's close enough). AR is your chance to hit an enemy with an attack, damage is how much damage the hit does. Naturally, both values should be as high as possible. If I understood things correctly, for melee weapons, strength determines both AR and damage. I'm quite sure dexterity increases AR for ranged weapons, I'm not sure about damage. Anyway, Melee/Lightsaber finesse feats will make either strength or dexterity determine your AR. In effect, both these feats will only be worthwhile if your dexterity is higher than your strength. If it is, AR will be determined by dexterity instead of strength. If not, strength will still be used to determine AR. However, strength will always determine the damage. By the looks of it, you could ignore dexterity and only get strength, but you have to remember that dexterity have other advantages as well (AR for ranged weapons and your defense, for example).
  9. Hmm, I will add, however, that women are less likely to make good military leaders and similar. Unfortunately, I don't have any scientific proof (at hand) that men make better leaders, but I'm quite sure that is the case. Whether this is due to social or biological reasons is another matter of course, and not one I'm too keen on discussing right now.
  10. Might be because it was unheard of that women could be soldiers up until, what, 20 years ago? I'm sure there were plenty of women who would make just fine generals and military leaders, they just never had a chance to because of a tradition that came to being basically because male half-apes could swing bigger sticks than female half-apes. It's right when you let Atton out. He'll start talking about history, and you get to do so vague hints at gender and class (something like "I thought Revan saved the republic" and when Atton says "you know women" or similar, you can either agree or tell him that Revan was a man).
  11. I agree Revan should be a man, but for completely different reasons. Why? It's better for the story to pick a gender and stick with it. It worked in KotOR2, but only barely. Personally, I felt the issue was rather strained at times. That's not saying that Obsidian didn't do a good job, it's just that I think it'd be better if they had simply said Revan was a gender and a side. If there is a sequel to KotOR2, conneting that storyline to the two previous games will be even more difficult. By letting the player pick what Revan was now, they are basically painting themselves into a corner because they'll be expected to let the player do it in KotOR3 as well. Not to mention the exile, meaning even more combinations. Basically, what that means is that it'll require some *very* good writing to untangle, or that Revan/the exile will be mostly ignored. Like Revan was in this game, more or less. The latter will of course leave a lot of questions unanswered, and I wouldn't like that. So, why a male rather than a female? Well, it doesn't really matter I guess, but I simply thing the Bastilla/Revan relationship is more interesting than a Carth/Revan relationship. If Revan is evil, it's master/apprentice. If good, well, I'll leave that to your imagination. I don't really give a damn about what gender is more suitable for a sith lord, as far as I'm concerned, a woman can be just as strong-willed as a man. A man could possibly have a pure physical advantage, but that's pretty much it. I haven't decided whether I'd prefer a light or dark Revan yet, but I'm kinda leaning towards light because it's more familiar. Possible spoiler, read at your own risk if you haven't completed the game at least once:
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