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  1. And say what, exactly? As far as I can tell, there's dozens of theories about what actually happened. Wouldn't be a whole lot to say even before you've managed to filter out the things prone to changes (you'll see the entries on KotOR1 are rather slim because of the different possibilities).
  2. Just checking here, I don't really intend to start a discussion (though you're free to discuss if you want of course). Does anyone other than me find the exile rather... empty? I mean, Revan, even before I knew or suspected that you were Revan, felt like he had some sort of goal. Especially after you found out it was actually Revan. The exile never really gave me that feeling, (s)he simply seemed to, you know, float along in the story because (s)he had nothing better to do, with no real purpose. I can't really put my finger on why this is, but that's how it is for me. Now, I don't intend to have another Revan vs Exile debate, I'm merely asking if it's just my imagination or if anyone else feel like there's something missing here.
  3. I'm not a writer, never claimed to be, so I'll just describe the outline here. If anyone feel like expanding it, be my guest. Oh yeah, and ****SPOILERS**** (mild) if you haven't actually seen the real ending yet. This will be a LS ending, taking place after or perhaps during the fight with Traya in the core. Basically, Traya says you've grown strong, but it's not over yet. You need to become stronger still, strong enough to be able to sever others from the force the way you were severed from it. Many will die, but some will be strong enough to stay alive, and the force will be no more with no connections to any living being. Naturally, the exile, being the hero (s)he is, refuses to help. Traya says something along the lines that it's inevitable and that she will make it so (if the exile wishes to stay alive, Traya can create problems for him/her to solve, thus increasing the exile's power. The game mentions this a few times). The exile says (s)he will not let Traya do it and that she must be stopped. Traya reminds the exile of the bond they share and that if she dies, so will the exile. The exile either says something suitably heroic or nothing at all, and stab Traya with his/her lightsaber (despite the bond). As Traya dies, the exile collapses and dies as well. Blah blah, the friends find the exile, give a short speech about the adventure etc. Everyone rides into the sunset. The end. It can also be adapted to a dark side ending, though a bit tougher. Just make the exile refuse to help because (s)he wouldn't want to destroy the force as it's a source of power (a big part of dark side philosophy). Instead of killing Traya, do something to make sure she can't cause any trouble (trap her somewhere). As the exile leaves, Traya commit suicide, thus killing both her and the exile (she threatened that she would do that if the exile didn't show up at Malachor). Friends show up, says something along the lines of "oh well, wouldn't want someone like that run around anyway" (as you're obviously a DS character if you get this ending). It's not perfect, but I can live with that considering I just made it up in about 5 minutes. But it does take Kreia's goal into account (I never really understood how she hoped to destroy the force by having the exile killing her or Kreia killing him/her), the bond between Kreia and the exile, and does provide some sort of closure. I doubt everyone would like that kind of closure of course, but I'm a sucker for tragedy and bitter-sweet endings.
  4. I hope to God that Revan will be in the game, because I rather liked Revan (the exile I couldn't give a damn one way or the other, to be honest. It was a rather hollow personality if you ask me). However, I have no great hopes about it, at least not that Revan will play any great role, as Obsidian really screwed that up by letting the player pick an alignment/gender, thus making everyone expect it in KotOR3 as well. Shame, really. KotOR1 made me feel like I accomplished something. KotOR2 didn't, and as if that's not enough, it managed to destroy any feeling of accomplishment I had from KotOR1. I mean come on, regardless of what Revan did, it ends up the exact same. It's explained of course, but I found the explanations very strained and I didn't buy half of it.
  5. I'm guessing it's related to the G0-T0/remote cutscene on Malachor. G0-T0 mentions that he changed the remotes programming (resulting in it being unable to move when G0-T0 starts talking). I suppose that's what G0-T0 did when he destroyed the remote (obviously he put it together again afterwards). Just a guess, though, but it's the only somewhat reasonable explanation I can think of.
  6. I don't know what they are planning. Personally, I hope they'll include more philosophy and moral problems (there are next to no moral problems to be honest). I mean, the Telos situation pretty much sum up how black and white the morals is, despite Kreia's (and IMO welcome) attempts to create a bit of grey. On one side, you have the nature-loving Ithorians who care for all life etc. On the other, you have Czerka, as big, evil and faceless as big evil faceless corporations get. That's not a moral problem, it's merely an obvious choice. But is good always the same thing as right? Perhaps Czerka would be able to complete the restoration project faster and/or better than the Ithorians, albeit in a bit more shady ways. But the game doesn't offer that possibility, it's fairly clear that Czerka doesn't give a damn about Telos. In the same way, the game follow a zealous "it's the thought that counts" philosophy, that I quite frankly find rather silly. Even more so because a good thought does in almost every case result in a good result. That some guy got mugged and that Kreia complain about weakening others doesn't really convince me (though it's actually true to some extent). The first game suffered from the same problem, but it didn't bother me as much as moral philosophy wasn't a big part of the story as it is in KotOR2. It did however, contain one moral problem that I liked. Specifically, the trial at Manaan (sp?). Dig enough, and you'll find out that the guy is guilty. Should you turn him in, thereby hurting the republic but following the law, or lie, breaking the law but helping the republic? The trial was also a good example of a less linear and somewhat harder puzzle, compared to such puzzles as the murder on Onderon which was merely a matter of walking back and forth between the painfully obvious clues. In any case, back to the point of the quote (i.e. that it was a discussion for another time); I meant that who said what is not important. Nietzche's sister ruined a lot of his philosophy after his death by editing it (and it's generally agreed that she moved it more towards the lines of Nazism). But like I said, it doesn't matter who said it, as long as someone said it. We're discussing applied morals in the game, not where and who the morals are from.
  7. That be more of Nietzche's sister's modified version of it. It's more about someone not allowing themselves to be used rather than using others. But that's a discussion for another time.
  8. I highly doubt LA would pass on a chance to make more money easily.
  9. I'd say Nar Shadaa. You can get one part from Visas, one from the guy with the missing wife and one from the Hut's storage (can't remember the name). You'll also get Mira/Hanharr and G0-T0 fast if you go Nar Shaada first.
  10. Two low-quality pictures was not quite what I had in mind. No voice or anything. I like to get to know characters (hence why I play RPGs). I want to know how she looks, how she sounds, how she moves, what kind of underwear sh... er, scratch that last one.
  11. I'd like to see an older version of Luke Skywalker, for the sole reason that I want to see Mara (Jade) Skywalker. I'm no diehard SW fan, but that's the only person in SW that I don't have some sort of image of. I mean, I've seen the characters in the movies and in games, and I even read some comics, but I've never seen Mara Jade anywhere. It's sort of annoying for some reason I can't quite place.
  12. You people undress your characters on a regular basis or something?
  13. She looks like an "evil queen" character from Disney.
  14. Since when does the dark side turn people grey anyway? Except for Palpatine and (some) of the people in the KotOR games, I can't remember a single darksider that looked like that. It rather annoys me, I might add. If they want to change something, just change the eyes (windows of the soul blah blah). But leave the skin and hair alone. If it was that easy to tell if people were dark or light, things would be a lot easier for the jedi.
  15. In the Nar Shadaa docks area, the apartment complex, there is a room with two aliens. It's the first room you'll see when you enter the hallway. They'll say something like "you can't sneak up on us". Well, you can. Go into stealth mode and go eavesdrop on them. They'll talk about putting the hounds to sleep with juma juice (sp?). Right, well, go to the cantina in the entertainment area and ask the bartender about juma juice. I think it's 100 credits, but you can barter it down to half. Talk to the Twilek in the cantina and he'll let you (or one of your companions) dance for Vogga. That'll put him to sleep. Click on the water bowl. That should put the hounds to sleep as well. Then it's just a matter of opening the door and helping yourself.
  16. So you're telling me that either alignment in Star Wars work backwards, or the light/dark side has nothing to do with alignment?
  17. No, it does not depend. Your alignment is not a result of your actions, it's your actions that are a result of your alignment. The game does it the other way around because the latter would be hard to implement. But make no mistake, the dark/light meter represent your reputation more accurately than your alignment.
  18. Or type "giveitem hkpart05" in the console.
  19. ...which requires you to complete Onderon and Dantooine...
  20. Mira could be a minor (depends on how young she was during the Mandalorian war). If that is the case and there had been a possible romance, we'd never hear the end of it.
  21. How exactly did you come to that conclusion?
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