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  1. I got a hologram of Carth (entitled "Admiral Carth") at the exit ramp of the Ebon Hawk as a result of trying to get T3 to play the message. He won't say or do anything, though. I also had Atton stand at the landing platform at Nar Shadaa, despite the fact that I also had him in my party. Now that one, I actually could talk to and he acted just like the "real" Atton. I tried getting screenshots, but all I got was the background. For some reason, the characters were not in it. Not sure what that was about.
  2. I have a hard time comparing C3PO, a suspiciously homosexual coward, to HK-47, a sarcastic assassin.
  3. I went with the Lord Almighty as well. He was the only one of the lot that didn't look like he had just graduated and I kinda suspect the exile is in his late 30's, if not more. I didn't really like the black faces and I just couldn't imagine an asian jedi for some reason.
  4. Out of interest, what exactly did LA contribute with? The name "Star Wars"?
  5. What I *wish* one of them would say? "Revan, is that really you?"
  6. Eh? The rifle wasn't that good. It had +5 attack and gave you all three ranks of sniper shot, but the damage was like 1-10 (unstoppable) or so if I remember correctly. The armor was very nice, though.
  7. Wasn't he a bigwig even in the first game? Like a hero or something? I don't think a promotion to admiral is that difficult to imagine. At least if Revan stayed light.
  8. Or you can use the console and type: "giveitem d_hk47_01" (rifle) "giveitem d_hk47_02" (armor) It might be 02 for the rifle and 01 for the armor, I'm not sure, but use both and you should get both.
  9. I fail to see how that is one of the "main" parts of communism. Regardless, if it was inteded as an insult (joke or not), I feel that I must inform you that using communism as an insult is somewhat silly. There is nothing wrong with communism, except that it doesn't really work given the human nature. People like to think that communism means oppression and despotism, when it's actually quite the opposite. Communism is in essence about everyone owning everything, whereas most of the so-called communist states today and in history are or were rather a form of extreme capitalism (the government owns everything). A true communist state will if anything be more democratic than anything we have today. I wouldn't say I'm a communist, I don't believe it'll work. It's a nice thought, though. As for my thoughts on this particular issue (the game), I've given up on trying to be fair a long time ago. Instead, I have, with a fair amount of success, focused on being equally unfair.
  10. More or less, yes. Some people paid for the Xbox game, others for the PC. It was fairly clear that both would be the same game, it'd be pretty unfair to change that later on just because some people are unhappy with it. Well unless you want to handle refunds and trade in Xbox version for the PC version.
  11. Yep. If there's any class that can't, I'm not aware of it.
  12. ? I got that too just by talking. Didn't even leave Nar Shadaa, just went back to the ship, went through the appropriate dialogue for each tier and got it overwith within a couple of minutes.
  13. I think you can get all you need from Mira just by talking to her. I'm not sure if persuade/charisma have an effect (I didn't notice it), but I just got it without any outside help. You might need one more point if persuade/charisma does affect it, though. I haven't managed to talk HK-47 into opening up, though. He required two or three influence points in-game as well before his speaker started broadcasting.
  14. I've gone through it three times, actually. I wasn't talking about the ending, I was talking about how people go nuts about a fairly innocent comment and jump to the conclusion that the people at Obsidian are horrible people just because they don't like the game. If they want to dislike the game, fine. I have some issues with it myself, actually. But I don't think that means they can take a comment and twist it so it'll fit their agenda, when it's actually quite possible that it means the exact opposite.
  15. I don't think you do, actually. Well, except if you want to hear both Hanharr and Mira as you obviously can't get both in the same game. I've mapped a few critical points, and I'm quite certain that you can get all the influence you need by talking to them and performing some actions at certain key points, if you play your cards right.
  16. I was thinking about that the other day, actually. I never saw those again either, though I stumbled across them when looking at my feats quite a while later.
  17. FYI, that post can easily be interpreted as the exact opposite. People see what they want to see, I guess...
  18. Well, Mandalore is a pretty bad example to be honest. I've barely managed to squeeze a bit of information out of that one (from this game alone, that is), and I have no idea how to get more. Canderous would at least tell you some fairly interesting stories if you asked him. I went easy on the spoilers. It doesn't really say anything, but just in case:
  19. Er, are we talking about the puzzle where you have three tries to rotate a segment of a bunch of letters/numbers to match a code below? I thought it was kinda easy, got it the first time (well, second actually, because I misunderstood the goal at first). The only puzzle I had any trouble with was the damn test at the sith academy. I kept getting three correct, and I always felt like I was certain about at least four of them. Took me a 5-10 minutes before I got that one done.
  20. I don't object to the concept, but I can't say I'm very happy about the implementation. It's just too random. I'd prefer some small quests like in the first game, or at least a more consistent effect from the other quests and actions in the game.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, I tend to post positive comments in the negative thread as well.
  22. Blizzard or Obsidian. Both have made some of the best games I've played (or in Obsidian's case, employ a lot of people from the company that made them).
  23. Er, I've played through the planet as a loyalist and rebel both, and I can't recall ever having to use Bao-Dur for anything. If the console didn't take care of it, the trusty lightsaber did.
  24. I'd argue that most people buy the games because they are Star Wars, not because they are any good. Sort of like how Uwe Boll is allowed to continue producing movies (see a couple of them and tell me that anyone could like them, I dare you).
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